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5 ft. 2 in.   ❤   Engaged
played by Kit
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Pandora Malfoy

Full Name: Pandora Cressida Malfoy

Nickname(s): Dora, Dory

Birthdate: March 20th 1870

Age: 20

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 12", kelpie hair, apple wood

Family: Percival Malfoy, father
Calypso Malfoy nee ___, mother
had siblings that did not live beyond infancy
Pandora stands at an average height of 5 feet, 2 inches and has a slender build. She only ever wears the current fashion and would never been seen wearing something out of season. She has bright blue eyes and long, blonde hair though it is usually kept up in a stylish up do. She is right handed.
Amortentia: Forest air, Lilacs, a hint of Finns cologne
Patronus: Magpie
Boggart: Finn either sick or dead.
Star Sign: Pisces
1870: Pandora is born and would eventually prove to be the only living child and daughter of Percival and Calypso Malfoy.

1875: Pandora shows her first signs of magic.

1877: Pandoras family is among those that shift to Hogsmeade in the aftermath of the muggles having found out about magic.

1881: The Minister of Magic is discovered to be behind the murder and disappearances of muggleborns. Pandora's father acts like it was a personal betrayal, especially when an eighteen year old takes his place as Minister. More importantly, in Pandoras opinion, Pandora starts her Hogwarts education and is sorted into Slytherin.

1883: The female ban on Quidditch players is abolished. Pandora does not play nor does she consider it to be wholly ladylike but she does enjoy spectating, however, and is happily in support of any girl that chooses to do so.

1884: Chastity cuffs are introduced and Pandoras parents are entirely offended by the implication that teenagers think about sex, let alone have it. Pandora is not having sex but she does have an intense crush who ends up dying in the plague.

1885: Pandora is chosen to be prefect much to her delight and parents pride. The first Coming Out Ball that she would have been allowed to attend is cancelled due to six Azkaban convicts escaping. She is not pleased about this fact.

1887: Pandora experiences her first love - and after the World Market disaster, her first heartbeak. Her beau dies in the mayhem.

1888: Pandora graduates from Hogwarts and debuts. She is successful in obtaining a courtship within her first season - with a halfblood. There was a dispute over the mans blood status but Pandora was resolute and ended up getting her way especially since her mother was on her side.

1889: Pandora is engaged soon into the new year. Being courted was one thing but being engaged feels like quite another. Pandora feels like she is betraying her first love and subconsciously keeps finding new 'problems' with the wedding that must be fixed before it can go on. It also does not help that in both her experiences in caring for another romantically - they died. She has it in her head that Finn will die too and has convinced herself that he will drop dead on their wedding day.

1890: Pandora finally agrees on a wedding date for the summer and feels like it is coming on entirely too fast.

Played By: Kit

Contact: PM, Discord

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