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Cathouse Madam and Business Woman
Cathouse Madam and Business Woman

32 year old Half Blood
4ft 9in   ❤   Complicated
played by Dante
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Rose Hart

Full Name: Catherine Margarete Castellan Nee Temple - known as Rose Hart

Nickname(s): 'Long Rose'

Birthdate: 12 April 1857

Age: 32

Occupation: Cathouse Madam and Business Woman

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Illvermorny, Thunderbird

Wand: Rowan wood, Fox fur, 9inches, whippy

Family: Johnathon Temple - Father Catherine Temple - Mother -deceased Francis Castellan - Husband - possibly deceased Agnes Castellan- Daughters - deceased
Very short, incredibly diminutive - like 4ft 9in short – its where her ironic nickname came from.  She is slim figured but curvaceous in all the right places (i.e boobs and hips).  She however, carries herself with an authorative air and a sensuous aspect.  Rose has long blonde hair, blue eyes and uses her right hand.  She wears bold, ostentatious and  bright garments. 
Survivor ~ Strong willed ~ Resiliant ~ Protective ~ Mother Hen ~ Wordly
She genuinly isn't sure if her 'husband' is dead or alive  -she hopes for the former.
Catherine Margaret Castellan was born to Johnathon and Catherine Temple on a wet April morning in Baltimore, their only daughter of a rich merchant, Catherine could have otherwise expected to live a pleasant and charmed life.  She showed magic and was duly dispatched to Illvermorny where she was sorted into thunderbird.  It is here she meets Francis Castellan, the son of a butcher and two years older than her.  He is a boy in her own house with whom she is quickly enamoured.  This childish affection blossoms over the years into a real love (at least she thinks it is).  As soon as he leaves school the pair ‘elope’.  He becomes a healer, and she his loving wife, although the marriage is never official, they simple tell everyone they are married and start shacking up.  However, disownment from her family and the loss of her creature comforts isn’t all it was cracked up to be and Catherine is soon miserable, broke and pregnant.  To add to her misery, her husband is sleeping with ever trollop in town, as well as half of his patients.  When she miscarries late in pregnancy it’s the straw that breaks the camels back.  She buries her daughter, sells everything she and her husband own together to people with less than stellar reputations and so they don't ask too many questions of the woman who is selling her 'fathers' medical equipment. She takes every penny the sale generates and she buys her way onto the first portkey to England. There she uses the money to open a ‘Music Hall’ – in the first instance she meant for it to be a legit music room, but she couldn’t afford very good wages for the musicians so they were  not very good and many ‘privately entertained’ patrons to make a little extra -the rest as they say is history.  The building has residential rooms to rent, usually for dissolute young men who spend their days drinking with the girls.  The girls who work for her are expected to at least pretend to sing or dance (skill is irrelevant) but most do want to work in more legitimate performing venues, although all make their real money with their other skills.  To maintain the façade the girls are referred to as the ‘corp de musique’ as though they are a ballet troupe, and one girl is referred to as the prima donna, usually whoever is least terrible at singing, or whoever makes the most money.  They are provided with room, board, and protection, which they wouldn’t have on the streets.  Rose is notoriously protective of her girls and is very quick with curses for anyone who violates the protection of her business.  The hall employs exclusively magical performers, but does have an entrance in both wizarding and magical London.  Magic is forbidden on the floor but the drinks served to muggle patrons are slightly laced with a mild aphrodisiac, and all of the cheaper drinks are similarly laced.  Magical patrons know this, and it is on the menu as such, their choice is to spend a lot and not buy the aphrodisiac, or cheap out and spend more on the girls because they fancy themselves in love.  The club is one of Londons worst kept secrets, everyone knows what it is, but no one is crude enough to acknowledge it, at least not openly.  Lots of young men will spend bawdy evenings here drinking, playing cards, and listening to terrible music in the company of beautiful women – what they choose to do in the privacy of the girls bedrooms and how they compensate them….well that’s none of anyone business.  Rose, herself, has never slept with a man for money, she is rather proud of that – and weirdly snobby about it.
She is known as 'Long' Rose
She is a widow
She is American
She runs the 'True Hart' music hall in London with access to muggle and magical streets
Her music hall is a cover for the prostitution that occurs inside her hall
Rose isn't her real name, but you've no idea what is.
She was never actually married
Her husband may, or may not be dead.
Her family were upper class and respectable
She is secretly very flattered when the patrons try to seduce her.
Played By: Dante

Contact: Leapidra on Skype

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