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Charlotte Beauregard

Full Name: Charlotte Jane Beauregard

Nickname(s): Lottie

Birthdate: 23rd May 1871

Age: 19

Occupation: Debutante for now

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Willow St., North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumna

Wand: Beechwood, 11 1/3", Unicorn Tail Hair, Sturdy

Vincent Beauregard, Father (b. 1834)
Stella Beauregard (née Walsh), Mother (b. 1838)
Bentley Beauregard, Brother (1861-1883)
Adella Calendar(née Beauregard), Sister (b. 1863)
---- Philip Calendar, Brother-in-law (b. 1847)
Elsie Beauregard, Sister (b. 1866)
Harvey Beauregard, Brother (b. 1867)
Owen Beauregard, Twin Brother (b. 1871)

Charles Beauregard, Uncle (b. 18XX)
Edna Beauregard (née Quigley), Aunt (b. 18XX)
Lucinda Cavanaugh (née Beauregard), 1st Cousin (b. 1863); and family
Sebastian Beauregard, 1st Cousin (b. 1866)
Phoebe Beauregard, 1st Cousin (b. 1868)

Maurice Beauregard, Uncle (b. 18XX)
Alice Beauregard (née Endicott), Aunt (b. 18XX)
Chester Beauregard, 1st Cousin (b. 1861)
Theodore Beauregard, 1st Cousin (b. 1864/65)
Emmett Beauregard, 1st Cousin (b. 1868)
Leah Beauregard, 1st Cousin (b. 1872)

-- Stands at a modest 5'3".
-- Has clear, pale skin and blue eyes.
-- Her dark brunette hair is thick and wavy, reaching to the middle of her back, though often she wears it up or in a braid of some sort.
-- Has what would be referred to as a "soft" figure, which is neither too thin nor too plump, with soft curves and ample bosom.
-- Has a good eye for fashion, though her frugal nature ensures that she is not the materialistic sort, but rather well-dressed within her family's means.

Gemini. Introverted, but certainly not shy; rather enjoys socializing and is a good conversationalist, she just simply needs a little downtime afterward. Supportive. Reliable. Patient. Observant. Imaginative. Pragmatic. Frugal. Has a good memory and a head for numbers. Intelligent. Loyal. Hardworking. A warm individual. Proper; believes that rules exist for a reason, and she abides by them in everything she does. Reserved; slow to reveal her true emotions and opinions to those she isn't familiar with, rather open to those she does. Energetic. Cheerful. A love of learning. A bit of a perfectionist, though she is always toughest on herself the most.
-- Pinterest board.
-- Lottie was a Ravenclaw Prefect from 1886-1889 until she graduated.
-- Has a British Longhair cat named Kitty, often referred to as "Miss Kitty".
-- A good grasp of sums and figures; dabbles in Arithmancy and does her own research on the side. -- An avid reader, though she tends to read more non-fiction literature than fiction. She also keeps a diary, though does not write in it religiously.
-- Like many ladies of her station, she is well-versed in the womanly arts - including being fluent in spoken and written French.
-- She has an active social life and is involved in a variety of charities.

Ancient RunesEE
Ancient StudiesOE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsE---
History of MagicEE
SPRING OF 1871 | After a particularly trying pregnancy, Charlotte Jane and Owen ------ were born on a rainy spring day in Liverpool, England to Stella and Vincent as the final children to the already large Beauregard brood. Where her twin brother was a loud and active baby, Lottie was of a more subdued temperament, curious of her surroundings and content to merely observe.

SUMMER OF 1872 | Though Lottie - a pet name that was given to her and stuck - was too young to remember any of it, Shay Ross is welcomed into the family after his biological muggle parents disowned him for being magical. Her time with the new addition was cut short as he left for Hogwarts at the end of that summer, getting sorted into Gryffindor.

FALL OF 1873 | Bentley leaves for school at the beginning of September, joining Shay in Gryffindor.

FALL OF 1874 | Adella is the third of the children to depart for school where she was sorted into Hufflepuff. This was also the year that her father had taken up a more involved role in his company and begins traveling more often for work.

SUMMER OF 1877 | Lottie was six when the family made the move from Liverpool to Hogsmeade. She was sad to leave the only home she'd ever known, though adjusted to the new house and the town soon enough - particularly after making friends with a few girls her age in the neighborhood.

Elsie leaves for school at the end of that summer, an absence she felt keenly, though the twins began their pre-Hogwarts education not too long after which provided a nice distraction. She proved to be an apt pupil with a penchant for learning, and took her studies seriously.

YEAR OF 1878 | As Shay graduates from Hogwarts, Harvey enters it, getting sorted into Hufflepuff alongside Adella. Not long after graduation, Shay joins the Auror-in-training program at the Ministry, and moves to London.

SUMMER OF 1879 | Bentley graduates and begins an apprenticeship with a local craftsman on High Street. That same summer, at the age of eight, Lottie displays her first act of magic by summoning a book off a shelf in her bedroom when she was ill and wanted to read.

SUMMER OF 1880 | More graduations! Adella and cousin Lucinda both made their debuts into society and attended the Season. Lottie had watched it all from afar with fascinated eyes, witnessing the fine dresses her sister wore and listening when she regaled them with stories of her various social engagements, daydreaming about the time when one day she would be able to do so herself.

WINTER OF 1881 | Used to her family's penchant for helping others, Lottie was largely unfazed when Bentley's sick friend, Winnie, is invited to stay at the house while she recovers. Although she was young, she was also an observant child, and Lottie could tell that her brother was very fond of Winnie - an observation further proved when they announced their engagement in February of the next year.

SUMMER OF 1882 | The Ministry announces the Hogsmeade Trail Expedition, a scheme created to discover new land for expansion, and Bentley was one of many to be drafted for it. This seemed to have caused trouble within his and Winnie's relationship, and the engagement was soon called off, with Bentley and Adella leaving for America soon afterward. While a little dismayed that there wouldn't be a wedding and already missing her eldest siblings, it was hard to stay sad with the exciting prospect of Hogwarts looming ever closer.

FIRST YEAR (1882 - 1883) | It was finally the twins' turn to leave for Hogwarts. While everyone had taken bets that Owen would be suitably sorted into Gryffindor (and he was), Lottie was a little hard to place. After Elsie, the dubbed bookworm in the family, had surprised everyone by being sorted into Gryffindor rather than Ravenclaw as was expected, bets for Lottie had ranged pretty much between all four houses with no telling what the outcome would be. Until the Sorting Ceremony, that was, and Lottie had ended up joining the house of blue and bronze - the first of the Beauregard children to do so.

Though being sorted into Ravenclaw wasn't an odd placement - in fact, Lottie would later come to conclude that she wouldn't have wanted to be placed elsewhere anyway - she still felt a little like the odd one out of her siblings and cousins who were all mostly Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, so the first few weeks of school had been a little lonely. As the year progressed, however, and she had gained her bearings by making new friends and getting accustomed to her classes, things got a little easier for the then-first year.

SUMMER OF 1883 | Adella comes home permanently after spending a year in Boston with their brother, and - much to Lottie's delight - begins working as a seamstress at the famed House of Lytton.

SECOND YEAR (1883 - 1884) | Lottie experiences her first big loss in life with the unexpected death of her brother Bentley, who died attempting to save someone in an apartment fire. With their nine-year age difference, she and Bentley naturally hadn't been very close, but she had certainly looked up to him as her big brother and grieved for the loss of his presence in her life. But life continued on for the Beauregards, despite mourning one of their own, and Elsie graduated and debuted at the end of the school year, though Lottie wasn't surprised when she opted to work Whizzhard Books instead of attend the Season. Not just out of personal preference, but being in mourning threw a damper on things too.

SUMMER OF 1884 | Possibly the worst summer in Hogsmeade to date. Between the Laughing Plague and the Fiendfyre fiasco, everyone was affected to some degree or other, including the Beauregards whose entire household - barring Owen - had contracted the plague. Fortunately, everyone recovered - after losing Bentley, this was a relief to everyone - and Lottie had never more looked forward to going back to school, for things to go back to normal.

THIRD YEAR (1884 - 1885) | The start of school had been welcome reprieve after the events of the summer, and Lottie had thrown herself into her studies and school activities with a vigor that year - adding two new classes in Ancient Runes and Ancient Studies, and a club in Art.

SUMMER OF 1885 | Adella gets engaged to Mr. Philip Calendar; Lottie couldn't be more thrilled for her!

FOURTH YEAR (1885 - 1886) | With Harvey having graduated the summer before and working for Mr. Thom Pettigrew as his Personal Assistant, she and Owen were now the only two children of Stella and Vincent left at Hogwarts. Other than Lottie offering to tutor students in the years below her, nothing of much interest happens this year.

SUMMER OF 1886 | May of that summer saw Adella go from being Miss Beauregard to Mrs. Calendar in a small, but lovely affair.

FIFTH YEAR (1886 - 1887) | Lottie was surprised and honored when she was made a Prefect for Ravenclaw that year. She took her new position seriously, though she made sure that it also wouldn't interfere with her studies either, dropping Book Club as a result. She could easily read on her own time. OWLs took place at the end of the year, and Lottie did as well as could be expected.

SIXTH YEAR (1887 - 1888) | Lottie begins her NEWT studies. Although she doesn't quite know what her education will be used for, she still chose her courses carefully, firmly believing that a well-rounded education was a woman's greatest asset - no matter her goals in life. She continued with Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies, Astronomy, Charms, History of Magic, and Transfiguration.

SEVENTH YEAR (1888 - 1889) | Her seventh and final year of Hogwarts was a rather bittersweet experience. She'd learned and grown so much within those castle walls that it seemed unfathomable that she would have to leave it behind, but leave it behind she had to, and Lottie graduated and debuted into society at the end of May to begin her adult life.

SUMMER 1889 - PRESENT It was strange to finally be a part of the Season rather than watching on from afar as she has been for all these years, but she finds that she's well-suited to it. She enjoys the parties and the balls and the various social engagements that come with being a debutante, but the end of the Season had yielded no potential matches. Which suited Lottie just fine for the moment, for she still felt too young to marry despite being considered an "adult", and with little to distract her now, she began to take up her old hobby of writing. Between school, a social life, and prefect duties, her little hobby had fallen by the wayside in recent years, and she took the opportunity in her spare time to pick it back up again.

In January, unbeknownst to anyone else, she plucked up the courage to submit some poetry she'd written to be published in the Daily Prophet under the pen name "Jane"; it had received some receptive responses, and she's been continuing to submit her writings ever since. Writing, along with her involvement in various charities, has been her life for the past few months, though she's definitely looking forward for the new Season to begin.

-- The Beauregard sisters have been under scrutiny since a rumor spread around claiming that they weren't as "innocent as they appeared to be"; particularly Lottie's elder sister, Elsie, who turned down an offer of courtship from a gentleman of good standing.
Played By: Miri

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