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Eloquence Higgs
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Played by Willow
20 year old Halfblood
ft. in.
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Full Name: Eloquence Eve Higgs

Nickname(s): Loq

Birthdate: July 7, 1869

Age: 20


Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hampstead Heath, London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor alumna

Wand: Cedar, 10¾, nice and firm, dragon heartstring

Parents: Gulliver Higgs, Theodora Higgs
Brothers: Hector Higgs, Morris Higgs, Quentin Higgs, Nelson Higgs [x]
 hair eyes

A soft, slim girl, unremarkable in height and grace but lucky in her looks, with a radiant smile, long lashes, and large eyes the colour of sable. Her voice is as warm and friendly as a cuddle from a labrador. Wavy brown locks tumble to her shoulders, pretty but unsuited to the latest styles; but her wardrobe is very modern and fair, moving with the times and always fitting in with her friends. Having said that, Loq has been known to select clothing that is more practical than not, so she can gather up her skirts and dash hither and yon. She writes, spellcasts and thinks with her right hand, ever musing like a Great Detective.

Height: 5 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 131 lbs.
Physique: Well upholstered
Play-By: Angel Coulby
Third born to a muggleborn Ministry official and an accomplished young witch, Eloquence Higgs was a little detective from very early on, enraptured by gossip and delighted by spooks. This is still how she distinguishes herself from her siblings — though everyone else does so by noting that she's the only girl. It doesn't bother Loq that family and friends alike refer to the Higgs children as "the boys", and she's the only one who gets on splendidly with all the brothers anyway; especially her twin, Morris, and the youngest, Nelson. The latter is both a rascal and a mute, and thus Loq finds herself protective of him.

Regardless, Loq adopted a group of fast friends the day she was sorted into Gryffindor, and she considers them her sisters. They call themselves the Gillyweeds! And, to this day, this group of childhood companions meets at least once a week for tea and tales and chuckles over biscuits.

Now a twenty year-old debutante, Eloquence's mother has deemed it vital that she get her brazen curiosities under control and focus on securing a husband.

07/07/69Born alongside her twin, Morris, in Hampstead Heath, London, the second and third children of Gulliver and Theodora Higgs.
xx/xx/72Acquires a baby brother, Quentin.
02/08/74Acquires a new baby brother, Nelson.
01/09/80Starts at Hogwarts, sorted into Gryffindor. Quickly establishes a group of lifelong friends. They call themselves the Gillyweeds.
31/05/87Graduates Hogwarts.
15/07/87Debuts in society with her very own coming out ball.
Socially savvy and courageous but careful, funny and clever, loyal to a fault. Loq thinks in mystery novels and keeps the juiciest journal you can imagine — she always has her eyes peeled for the next great story, and finds them in the most unlikely places.

Patronus: Meerkat.
Amortentia: Trumpet lilies, old parchment, jasmine tea.
Boggart: Vampire.

Voice: Warm, keen.
Accent: Queen's English.
Languages: English and French.
Friendships: Loq has a group of chums called the Gillyweeds, comprised of Octavia Fawley [x], Ginevra Blackwood [x], Rosamund Bones [x], Clarissa Cosgrove [x], Hope Crawford [x] and Natsuko Mountbatton [x].

[Image: loq-sig.jpg]
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