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Dunstan Ruskin
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Played by Willow
Third Year
14 year old Half-vampire
ft. in.
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Full Name: Dunstan King Ruskin

Nickname(s): Dun

Birthdate: June, 14, 1876

Age: 14


Occupation: Third Year

Blood Status: Halfblood (half-vampire)

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cypress, 11¾", supple, unicorn mane hair

Paternal Grandparents: Ellsworth Ruskin [x], Rose Ruskin
Parents: Martin Ruskin, Lisa Fairbairn
Sisters: Acacia Ruskin [x], Chrysanta Ruskin [x], Orinda Ruskin [x]
 hair eyes

Dun is a good-looking boy with flyaway dark brown hair and midnight blue eyes. For his age he is both tall and graceful. He is right-handed and tends to wear dark colours, which inadvertently draw attention to the unblemished pale hue of his skin. Dunstan's canine teeth are alarmingly sharp; this is not always noticed, but it's hard to overlook once you do.

Despite his family apparently seeing him die in 1887, Dunstan is very much a living, breathing young teenager.

Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Weight: 112 lbs.
Physique: Trim
Play-By: Gabriel Bateman
Dunstan King was born the youngest child and only boy to the London Ruskins, a handsome family that would've been quite respectable if it weren't mothered by a vampire. Although Martin and Lisa cherished a loving marriage, her vampiric instincts left him near-dead during a disagreement that got out of hand; and so she fled into the night, all for the bittersweet safety of her family. Martin promptly moved with the children to Hogsmeade, and Dunstan knew no mother as he grew.

But his childhood was otherwise a bright one, his natural inclination towards selflessness making him a well-liked boy... despite the cut of his canines and his taste for blue steak.

The blaze of excitement in Dunstan's heart grew as his time at Hogwarts neared — but it wasn't to be. In 1887, the Hogwarts Board of Governers banned part-humans from the school; including the half-vampire Ruskin children.

The disappointment felt like a douse of ice water, for a time extinguishing his warm spirit. But his family did their utmost to console young Dunstan, from an 11th birthday party complete with levitating cake, to a trip to the Wizarding World Market in London. That particular attempt at cheering him up ended with vicious flying tigers set loose on the unsuspecting masses. Dunstan's sisters had to practically drag the little lad away to prevent him staying behind to rescue the wounded. Sometimes he still regrets not staying behind, and wonders what would've happened if he had.

1888 would — mercifully — be a kinder year than the last. January saw Hogwarts' controversial "halfbreed ban" lifted, and Dunstan prepared to join in the autumn; albeit one year older than many of his classmates. He followed his eldest sister into Ravenclaw and quickly settled into his delayed new life of wizarding academia.

From time to time, one topic will weigh on his mind: his mother. Dun knows she once endeavored to return to the family... and he also knows she has since died. But Lisa Fairbairn was a stranger to him and he has not yet confronted how he feels about her absence, efforts, and dear departure. His father is now set to marry a young widow named Naomi Hertz. While Dun knows this major life change will distance him from his childhood, he feels it is more important to focus on the joy Naomi will bring to Martin's days.

There is another topic of significant note in this boy's life. It doesn't weigh on his mind, but it will when he finds out. That summer at the Wizarding World Market, that day of wild beasts and bloody chaos... his family remembers him dying that day.

Dunstan remembers no such thing.

14/06/76Born in London, the youngest of four, to Martin and Lisa Ruskin.
Late 1876Lisa leaves the family on account of dangerous vampiric behaviour.
Mid 1877The Ruskins move to Hogsmeade.
30/05/87The Hogwarts Board of Governers bans part-humans from the school, including the half-vampire Ruskins. Dunstan is unable to start his first year.
09/07/87The Ruskin children narrowly avoid peril at a chaotic Wizarding World Market.
16/02/88Lisa, Dunstan's mother, dies.
01/09/88With the "halfbreed ban" lifted, Dunstan starts Hogwarts a year late and is sorted into Ravenclaw.
Mid 1889Martin, his father, announces a courtship with Naomi Hertz.
28/02/90[x] Dunstan discovers he has been living in a different timeline to his family, who witnessed his apparent death at the Wizarding World Market in 1887.
Gentlemanly and valiant, Dunstan is a White Knight in the making. He lends strength to the weak, guarding the vulnerable and using his privileges to further the noble efforts of others. This mature youth was hard to Sort, though ultimately the wisdom behind his altruism placed him in Ravenclaw. Regardless, he is not among the most booksmart of his peers, nor the most creative. His strengths lie in gallantry, modesty, and extending a supportive hand.

Voice: Soft, cool.
Accent: English
Death: Having originally died in 1887, Dunstan's continued existence is a consequence of an accident with a Time-Turner.
O.W.L classes: Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes.

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