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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
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Friendless Night
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Played by Kit
Hey big spender, spend a little time with me
Rent Boy
19 year old Halfblood
Rent Boy
5 ft. 3 in.
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Full Name: Friendless Night

Nickname(s): Gives multiple aliases but tends to go by Endy with friends

Birthdate: November 6, 1872

Age: 19

Gender: Male but it is often hard for people to tell what his true gender is as he is very adrogynous in appearance.

Occupation: Rent Boy

Blood Status: Halfblood, it is presumed. No one actually knows for sure but considering he was dropped at a wizarding orphanage, they were definitely at least magical and not muggles.

Residence: Hogsmeade Slums

Hogwarts House: Unknown - did not attend

Wand: 11", cypress, merfolk hair - a wand that he stole, it does not work well for him but hey, it's a wand

Family: He does not know who and where they are, if they are even still living.
General | Friendless has red hair that tends to be a mass of long curls and green-grey eyes. He stands at five feet, three inches and has a slender build thanks to a lifetime of malnourishment. His wand hand is his right hand. He is adrogynous in appearance and has delicate, soft features to the point that it is difficult for most to discern his gender and he is sometimes confused for a female much to his chagrin.

Expressions | He tends to have an impish smile and generally has a playful vibe to him, no matter what he is doing. He has an excellent poker face and can easily switch from the vibe of innocent young feyling to seducer in the blink of an eye.

Deportment | Endy carries himself with confidence. He is also very skilled at being stealthy. One could say that he is practically catlike.

Fashion | His clothing tends to be whatever he can get his hands on though he does his best to make sure whatever he is wearing accentuates all of his best features. Endy loves jewelry and shiny things. As well as silks and luxurious fabrics. He especially loves emeralds. Were he a richer man, he would very much show these preferences in his fashion choices.

Accessories | Emerald earrings that were gifted to him by a favorite lover. He does not wear them too often for fear of having them taken from him.

Scent | Rainwater and lavender thanks to pocketed perfumes.

Distinguishing Characteristics | He has a scar on his back and left thigh from the attack on him by a werewolf.

Face Claim | Oliver Hayes
1872: Friendless is born on a cold November 6th and is promptly left on the doorsteps of a wizarding orphanage. He was left without a name or any word at all which almost gave him the name of Nameless. Instead, it became Friendless as the matron was sure that a baby with such red hair could never have friends due to her own distate and superstitions about the hair color. He was given the surname Night for the brilliantly creative fact that he was discovered and brought in at night.

1876: Friendless shows his first signs of magic so he supposes that at least he isn't a squib. Most of his time is spent doing countless errands and chores for the matron of the orphanage.

1877: Muggles discover magic and there are riots. It's rather terrifying and the matron keeps all the children in lockdown until the danger has passed and everything is set to rights. She briefly considers moving her operation to Hogsmeade but decides that the effort isn't worth it - especially for a bunch of kids no one wanted anyway.

1880: Friendless is put into work in the orphanages sewing room which services a large clothing company. Yep, it's a sweat shop.

1883: Friendless and a group of the orphanages kids are given the privelage of attending the Quidditch World Cups games - on the caveat that they discreetly pickpocket spectators. Endy finds himself quite adept at thievery.

1884: Endy is among a group of kids that were sent to the carnival and subsequently ends up trapped within the quarantine. Not that he knows it at the time but his Hogwarts letter comes that July but when the time for school arrives after the lifting of the quarantine, it is decided that he will not go since he has no funds for even the most basic of supplies, according to the orphanage matron.

1886: Endy runs away from the orphanage and manages to make his way back to Hogsmeade where he ekes out a living for himself through various odd jobs as well as petty crime.

1888: Friendless is offered money for certain intimate services. He declines at first but this isn't the first time the request comes. Eventually, he warms up to the idea. Over a period of a few months, Endy "loses his virginity" many times over when he realizes that people will pay quite a bit to be the one to take it. Endy decides this is a very lucrative and sometimes pleasurable way to make a living so keeps at it.

1889: Endy and a slumrat friend take part in the Pumpkin Regatta but barely make it off the shore because neither are particularly good at rowing a boat, much less a pumpkin.

1890: Endy's life is currently a mixture of debauchery, trying to survive and making the most out of what life has handed to him as he can.

December 26, 1890: Endy is attacked by a werewolf and becomes one.

Resourceful. Seductive. Charming. Passionate. Temperamental. Materialistic. Has a talent for acting.
- Friendless sleeps with any gender that will pay but has never really taken the time to consider what his own personal preferences are.
- Endy loves jewelry and shiny things. As well as silks and luxurious fabrics. He especially loves emeralds.
- Endy can neither read nor write but he picks up things enough to sound like he is well-read which enables him to fake sharing interests with whichever client he is charming at the time.
endy's gender is hard to discern from voice and appearance alone

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