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Emilia Moony
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Played by Beanie
"The house was much as he had left it: cozy and orderly with an air of something fractured. It was home and yet it wasn't—by his choice or by Emilia's or by both, he could not rightly say. " - Christopher Moony, Noël
40 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 1 in.
❤   Complicated
Full Name: Emilia Janet Moony, nee Federline

Nickname(s): EJ

Birthdate: July 19th 1853

Age: 40

Gender: Female, perceived as female

Occupation: Unspeakable

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: A rowhouse in Pennyworth, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Ash, 9", unicorn tail hair, firm

Family: Christopher "Kit" Moony | Husband | 1850
  Edison Moony | Son | 1875
  Anne Moony | Daughter | 1878

Aidan Federline | Father | 1820-1880
Erin Federline | Mother | 1823-1877
Nola Mackay nee Federline | Sister | 1843-1884 and family
Rory Federline | Brother | 1847 and family
Brennan Federline | Brother | 1850 and family
Emilia is average in height, standing at 5'1". Her hair is a soft brown in color and wavy, and her build is average but solid. Her wand hand is her left. Her smiles are soft and her eyes are gray, and her clothes are comfortable and class-appropriate. She mostly wears neutral colors.
1853: EJ is born, the youngest of the Federline children. Her father has a Quidditch background and later worked in constructing Quidditch equipment, placing the family at the 'top' of the working class and allowing all Federline children to achieve at least a few years of schooling.
1857-1863: Emilia demonstrates magical abilities in some relatively typical way. Her elder siblings go off to and leave school in some pattern, and eventually Nola leaves Ireland with her husband and gives birth to a daughter. EJ is generally too young to have an opinion about this. Shortly after her niece is born, the Federlines at home (Aidan, Erin, EJ, and Brennan) relocate to Scotland for improved Quidditch-marketing opportunities. Rory remains in Ireland and marries.
1864-1871: Emilia goes to school, where she is swiftly sorted into Ravenclaw. Her family's continued income and her own quick-wits allow her to stay in school; she earns a partial scholarship. After achieving seven OWLs, she lobbies to continue to achieve her NEWTs, determined to work in the Ministry when she graduates.
Which she does. Emilia spends a few years in the Department of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes.
1871-1874: And then she meets Kit Moony, an auror in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. He's her other half and they balance each other out, and marrying him in 1874 and moving to Oxford is one of the easiest decisions she's ever made. (In 1873, when she turns twenty-one, Emilia interviews for and joins the Department of Mysteries.)
1875: Edison "Ned" Moony is born.
1878: Anne is born.
1886: The family moves to Pennyworth, in Hogsmeade.
1888-Present: Kit is kidnapped and missing for the next eight months; Emilia is never entirely sure whether he's alive or dead, and spends a great deal of her free time trying to stare down the auror's office until they give her more information. When he comes back he is not at all the same, and things finally explode when Kit physically attacks her and breaks three of her ribs. Rather than go to the hospital to have them dealt with and risk scrutiny, Emilia is instead healed by a friend who works in Hogsmeade Hospital.
Kit moves out a few days later. Emilia did not ask him to leave, but has not asked him to return.
Which brings her to the present. Holding things together for her children, and decidedly unsure what to do about her husband.
Pragmatic and reserved. Witty once she's comfortable. Consistent. Deeply curious.

Despite her measured qualities, EJ is not the most patient person in the world, especially with incompetence. After a long time in the DoM, she is more patient with purism than she would like to be.
  • A talented witch and astronomer, nearly twenty years in the Department of Mysteries has also granted Emilia with a large wealth of knowledge on unusual, sometimes-horrifying spellwork.

  • Patronus: Nebelung Cat.
  • Amortentia: Laundry soap, lavender, Kit's perfume
  • Boggart: Emilia has a strong feeling it's Kit dead or in a fugue state, but has not checked recently.


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