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Etiquette Instructor

43 year old Pureblood
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played by Finn
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Deanna Benwick

Full Name: Deanna Leigh Benwick née Nott

Nickname(s): Dee & Anna by her husband, but she will [i]not[/i] permit anyone to call her by that ever again.

Birthdate: October 11, 1846

Age: 43

Occupation: Drama Queen

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Tinworth, Cornwall, England

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Rowan, Phoenix Feather, 8 1/6 inches, Bendy

Family: Husband - Archibald Benwick (1840-1867)

Daughter - Freya Selwyn née Benwick (1865)

Shithead Son-in-Law - Daniel Selwyn (1854)

Brother-in-Law - Charles Benwick (1843)

Brother - Cassian Nott (1827)

Sister-in-Law - Aurora Nott née Bellchant (1833)

Nephew - Warwick Nott (1856) and Family

Niece - Carina Bulstrode née Nott (1857)

Niece - Seraphina Nott (1864)

Nephew - Cassian Nott II (1874)

Various Unnamed Siblings

Sister - Martha Abbot née Nott (1842)

Brother-in-Law - William Abbott I (1834-1884)

Nephew - William Abbott II (1861)

Nephew - Gerald Abbott (1862)

Niece - Alice Abbot (1864) and Family

Deanna is of average height and weight for a woman of the time period. Her hair and eyes are a pleasant shade of dark brown. Her thick locks are curled, though she keeps them tamed in various, stylish updos. She likes to keep up with the latest fashions, though she does tend to favor blues and purples. Her eyebrows are usually raised with interest, happy to overhear any bit of gossip that might be floating around. She is right handed.
Lonely. Bored. Dramatic. Lover of Gardening and nosing into other people's business.
Ever since her husband's death, her sole focus had been on her daughter, Freya. Now that her child has been maliciously kept from her married, Deanna has turned to dramatics. While she is absolutely content with her perfect daughter, she does wish she had a second child with whom she could divide her time. No matter! She has become rather talented at faking illnesses and cooking up other imaginary calamities to lure her precious daughter back to her side. She's also quite adept at worming her way into other people's affairs.
1846 Preceded by quite a few siblings, Deanna is born as the last Nott sibling.

1850 First act of magic. She makes flowers bloom out of season. Her childhood is pleasant, yet unremarkable.

1858 Due to her fall birthday, Deanna starts Hogwarts a year later than most. She's sorted into Slytherin.

Hogwarts Years Deanna's goals in life are to marry well and to succeed in any endeavors she puts her mind to. This she achieves in her time at Hogwarts by serving as Herbology Club President, scoring high on her OWLs, and networking with many other female purebloods. If she weren't betrothed, she would have continued into her seventh year. She's not bitter. At all. Maybe a little.

1863 With five years of Hogwarts under her belt, she withdraws from school. Her family promises her to Archibald Benwick. Her courtship with him is rather short, and they are married within a year. Deanna isn't quite sure how much she enjoys him, but she does appreciate his company.

1865 Freya is born! All of her attention turns to raising her daughter, which she does, in her opinion, fabulously. She is constantly attempting to find the babe advantageous friendships, even before she's able to speak.

1867 Archibald abandons her dies. She retreats into mourning, as is proper, but she can't help but notice not much has changed. Though, she does miss the adult companionship.

1869-1876 Once her mourning is over, Deanna is back into the local social circles, nosing into other people's business. However, her child is her priority, and she arranges for the best tutors. She's determined that Freya will finish out all seven years of school if she so chooses.

1877 Freya goes away to school. SOB.

1877-1884 While her daughter is off at school, Deanna finds herself at a loss. Without much else to focus her attentions on, she turns to gardening, which she excels at. She also sends countless letters to the poor girl.

1884 Freya graduates. Deanna rejoices that perhaps she will have familial company once more, but that is soon dashed.

1885 Freya starts courting that demon. Daniel Selwyn.

1886 Fuck, they're married.

1887 An entire year passes without any contact with her daughter. She falls into a deep mourning, as if Freya had died. Trying to drag herself out of a deep depression, she fakes her first illness. It's a rather pathetic affair, really. Her next attempts will be better.

18888-1890 Her theatrics continue, growing more and more elaborate with each attempt. She needs to find some other hobby before she goes too far.

-She is quite the gossip.

-She is often sickly.

-She is a doting mother.

-She absolutely loathes her daughter's husband.
-All of her illnesses are fake.
Played By: Finn

Contact: Skype, Discord, or PM

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RE: Dismal Dinner - Etiquette Years 1 & 2 November 29, 2020 – 6:58 PM 4
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Dismal Dinner - Etiquette Years 1 & 2 OOC - The End » The Archives
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@Hesper Gamp, @Billie Farrow, @Yuri Podsnapper

Miss Gamp was a star pupil. Of course, she would need to be to represent purebloods respectfully. Her attempts at engaging a lesser peer in polite conversation didn't go unnoticed. "Five points to Slytherin, Miss Gamp. Observe, Miss Farrow and Mr. Podsnapper. See how she holds her knife perfectly and cuts with grace. You aren't to butcher your meat, merely slice it." Deanna smiled down at Hesper and awarded her with a fond, "Well done."

@Linnet Umbernauld

"Good effort, Miss Umbernauld. Five points to Slytherin," she commented with a smile. Her response to Miss Gamp had been polite, and she followed it up with an appropriate question of her own. Her general table manners were also deemed acceptable.

@Mateo Zavala

Glancing across the table, Deanna frowned, watching as food toppled from the boy's mouth, not yet catching on to the challenge that was brewing a few seats down. "I do not know what is so humorous, but it is unsightly to allow food to fall from your mouth like a common pig. Five points from Gryffindor for such a disgusting display."

@Anne Moony

From her pointed glance, it seemed Miss Moony had been attempting to assist a classmate with their cutting abilities. Her own skills were a bit better than most of the others around the table, so it was with a tilt of her head and slight reservation that she decided to award points. "You are doing well, Miss Moony, five points."

@James Fletcher

It was then that her gaze fixed on Jimmy whose mouth was full to bursting with potatoes. Deanna's eyes narrowed as she took in the Gryffindor, her arms slowly folding across her chest. "Mr. Fletcher," she spat out, sharply, her gaze leveling with his. "If your aim was to embarrass yourself, you have succeeded. I will not allow you to make a mockery of this lesson that your classmates are trying their best to succeed at. You will stand up and leave this hall, immediately. Ten points will be taken from Gryffindor, and I believe remedial etiquette lessons shall be in your future." She tapped her foot thrice before whirling on the students who were left.

@Greta Gillenwater and @Alina MacRae

Deanna's gaze drifted over Greta and Alina whom she thought were doing passable jobs, but they had seemed to be in conversation with Mr. Fletcher and therefore weren't awarded points this round.

@Andy Vainart

Once she spotted Andy, however, her expression softened. "Mr. Vainart, thank you for taking this lesson so seriously. Five points to Hufflepuff."

"We shall be moving on to our final course. Do try not to be an embarrassment to yourselves like Mr. Fletcher. There isn't a limit to remedial etiquette attendees." Whether Jimmy made his exit or not, Deanna tapped the table, making the dinner course disappear and make way for pudding. A variety of fruits, cakes, and trifle appeared on the table, as well as coffee, tea, and sweet wine.

Try not to screw up the dessert course! This thread will remain open until the end of December. At that time, I'll award/take away points again and then close the thread. Sorry, Jimmy!

Also, because I'm a dork, I made a seating chart based on where you said your character was in relation to the others.  It made my life a little easier for order of commentary.  haha.  I randomly assigned Annie and Crispin.

[Image: Seating.png]

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