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Gringotts Cursebreaker
Gringotts Cursebreaker

24 year old halfblood
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played by Bee
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Angie Swan

Full Name: Angie Maria Swan

Nickname(s): A, Ang

Birthdate: 17th June, 1866

Age: 24

Occupation: Gringotts Cursebreaker

Blood Status: halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumna 1884

Wand: 9" holly, phoenix feather, pliable

Eli Swan | [1866-1887] "brother" - Close friend, housemate and co-worker, Angie and Eli shared a flat in London and to prevent any unwanted suspicion, claimed they were siblings.
Marius Sinnet & Rebekah Asgaut | [vampires] adoptive parents - Angie was disowned after her graduation in 1884, she no longer speaks to her parents.
---Connor Sinnet, | [1882] “brother” - the product of an affair on Rebekah's half, Angie feels more for Connor than she would care to admit and sends him birthday and Christmas presents, despite her disconnection from her parents.
Slender with long lines and lean features, Angie has come into a few supple curves. Standing at an average five feet, three inches, she uses her height to her advantage in a lot of respects. Over time Angie’s physique has toned and hardened from the plush upper class life she lead, to the work she puts in cursebreaking. She is generally very fit and capable of holding her own, thanks to her occupation. Naturally a honey blonde, Angie is currently sporting rich brown locks, originally as part of a facade for an assignment, she’s found she actually enjoys being a brunette now. Scars from her work are easily visible on her body as is the wear on her skin from sunny and harsh climates. Her deep blue eyes remain the same, though often saddened these days and are quick to judge. Angie dresses very plainly, having forgone fancy ball gowns for bloomer suits. Practicality replaced lavishness, though she does still enjoy rich colors when she can. She is equally adept in wandwork with both hands, but writes with her right.
Intelligent; stubborn; confident; fiercely independent; incredibly selfless; quick-witted; good under pressure; observant; loyal; judgemental of people she doesn’t know; loving; deep-rooted fear of abandonment; hard-working; goal-oriented
[June 17th, 1866] | An abandoned child is found by a sole vampire, Marius Sinnet, in the wood surrounding his home. The little blonde babe cannot be more than a few days old. Perplexed, Marius takes the baby home to his wife and the pair decide to adopt her. She is named Solange Maria Sinnet and she becomes a truly doted upon child.

[Childhood] | Nicknamed Angie, the trio spend quite a bit of her childhood traveling and living lavishly. Angie never questions where the money comes from and she is very content to be spoiled. She displays her first sing of magic one winter [1871] by charming snowballs to build a snowman for her, saving her the work. She spends an incredible amount of her free time reading in her home’s library. Once the interest is sparked, she receives lots of books of her own to fill her room with. She is privately tutored at home before her Hogwarts letter arrives.

[School Year 1877-78] | Angie very confidently heads off to Hogwarts with her trunk in tow. While well-read for an 11 year old, she is not overly versed in practical magic. Reading about it only gets a girl so far after all! She is quickly sorted into Ravenclaw, which she finds to be the perfect place. Once the school year concludes, Angie rushes home to tell her parents all about her year. She is treated with new books for her subjects so she can start reading up.

[School Year 1878-79] | Second year proves to be as easy as first academically. Socially Angie struggles a little. She has a hard time relating to people her age (and humans). Fortunately she has  roommates with whom she gets along well enough with. Marianne and Souri prove to be the most patient with her in her fledgeling social skills. She often comes across as cold and impersonal to people at first meeting, which usually leaves them with a bad taste in their mouths.

[School Year 1879-80] | Excited to add new classes Angie chooses to add Arithmancy and Ancient Runes to her timetable. Both are utterly fascinating and she wouldn’t have every imagined she’d have enjoyed them so much! Of course she loves everything to do with history anyway, as she considering her parents and how long they’ve lived.

[School Year 1880-81] | This year as she has more and more experiences in the “human world” Angie is starting to rethink her plans to eventually ask her father to turn her into a vampire. Angie had always kind of assumed that she would inevitably, after school, become like her parents, though she is terrified to ask either one of them in regards to the matter. She’s starting to hesitate however, the more she gets to know her roommates and classmates.

[School Year 1881-82] | Fifth year brings around a permanent shift in Angie’s life, though she is entirely unaware of what is to come when she returns for her OWLs. In February, Angie learns she is to be a big sister. From her limited understanding of how all of that works (outside of skimming a book about it) she is under the impression that vampires do not conceive children anymore. Her mother brings her world slowly crashing down as Angie learns that  her mother could have a child, if the father was human meaning her mother had not been faithful to her father. This news does not sit well with Angie and while she is not only upset about being replaced, she is thoroughly displeased with that notion as she has always been a daddy’s girl. Connor arrives in early August and flips her carefully crafted world upside down. Needless to say she is not please.

[School Year 1882-83] | For sixth year Angie decides only to drop History of Magic, despite her love for the subject, and Astronomy. She figures she can read up on history in her spare time and Astronomy, while fascinating, does nothing for her either. Thankful to be back at school and away from her family, Angie has never been more appreciative of a full night’s sleep. The girl who once missed her parents enough to write nearly every day, no longer gave them much thought in her day-to-day experiences. Instead she was focusing on school and how best to find herself employment upon its completion.

She finds herself unwittingly opening up to more than just her close girlfriends. Somehow she’s managed to make friend with both Cassius Lestrange and Eli Swan with little effort on her part, which is astonishing. Like the silly school girl never wanted to be, Angie develops a little crush on Eli. He in turn displays an interest in cursebreaking as a possible occupation post-graduation and Angie scrambles to read up on the job, finding the idea of it quite pleasing.

That little issues culminates in the form of an “awakening potion” that was actually Cash’s emergency bourbon, resulting in a very drunk Angie and Eli in the common room late one night working on homework. In her drunken stupor, Angie ends up kissing Eli right as Cash walks into the common room. Everything comes to an abrupt end right there as both boys up and leave her alone in the common room thinking she’d gone and ruined her new friendships. Angie has what is one hell of a hangover the next day and she is not pleased, on top of everything else.

A duel gone wrong and a quidditch injury later, what was once an awkward situation seems smoothed over. Angie’s decided she would much rather have the boys as friends than not have them at all and so she took all of her newfound feelings and bottled them up. She doesn’t realize just how key that talent will become in her life until she learns some rather personal facts about Eli and Cash, of which she’s sworn to secrecy and heartbroken over. Nevertheless she picks up the pieces of her shattered heart and promises to keep their secret.

Just when everything seems to be smoothing itself out, the Winter of Co-Dependency begins when Eli magically vanished on New Years Eve and does not return to school at the end of winter break. Angie and Cash frantically try every person they can think of to help while simultaneously taking turns having breakdowns. Eventually Cash manages to find Eli in Singapore of all places. Enlisting the help of Cash’s older brother they manage to bring Eli home. He’s home; but he’s not the same. They come to find out Cash’s cousin was the one to take Eli away and he obliviated him, so Eli doesn’t remember them. Angie tries to focus on the positive, that he’s safe and sound, but it’s hard, especially because it puts Eli and Cash at odds. Angie is desperate to help them, but can’t do it for them, so she watches everything kind of crash and burn from the sidelines.

Meanwhile, Cash’s cat is accidentally killed, which while it sad for Cash, Angie is devastated; Aelius was a grumpy asshole, but she always liked Angie and the pair did well together. Cash ends up buying Angie a kitten for her birthday, to be named Cora. Eli gets an apprenticeship at Gringotts for the summer and Angie spends her last summer at home, Cora as her only company and it’s kind of miserable, but she survives. Angie has been saving every scrap of allowance she’s been getting to keep herself afloat after graduation, hopefully it would be enough.

[School Year 1883-84] | Angie packs up everything she wants from her home for one final time. With nice dresses she plans to sell for extra money and anything she could think of needing from her childhood home (mostly books and sentimental pieces) as this was the last time she planned to be there. She basically busts her ass in academics and savors every moment she can with her friends. Come the end of the year everything would change and it was both terrifying and exhilarating to think about.

There are some Halloween shenanigans involving cursed coins and a short spell as pirates, but its more for fun than anything else. Things get more practical and serious when Eli and Angie decide that after graduation, upon entering their cursebreaking adventures, she will change her last name to Swan and they’ll masquerade as siblings so they can live together in London. Leaving school was hard, harder than she wanted to admit; it was where she’d grown up, eventually found friends, found something worth doing with her life, it was a constant thing in her life she could depend on. Everything after was a mystery, an adventure and she honest couldn’t wait, but she was still saddened by the ending of her school chapter in life.

Graduation was bittersweet, and Angie had no plans to attend the Coming Out Ball, so she and Eli left beforehand to start their new adventure. The start of her r new apprenticeship with Gringotts was delayed by PLAGUE FIRE DOOM, but eventually she got out and did a couple short trips before she was gone for a few weeks in Siberia. It wasn’t as cold as it could have been but it was cold. It was worth it though and she came home in October, to her flat with Eli, things were interesting, but none of her business.

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Ancient Runes E O
Arithmancy O O
Astronomy E --
Charms E E
Defence Against the Dark Arts E E
Herbology E E
History of Magic A --
Potions O E
Transfiguration E E

[1885] | Angie and Eli procure a pair of puppies to be named Andy and Pia. Eli winds up getting cursed into being an old man. To battle that he seeks out a potioneer to hellp. It gets fixed, but he ends up having to test new potions to repay the debt and it’s been having some crazy side effects. The last one, though Angie had no idea how or why, left her in a place she’d never thought she’d be. Eli, for whatever reason, was suddenly attracted to women. It was bizarre and weird, after all the years she’d known him, known about him, that had never, ever been a possibility. Suddenly every carefully contained feeling she’d ever had for him was strewn about the table when he confessed this turn of events to her.

This is when the proverbial shit hit the fan and things pretty much went overboard and fast. Eli insists he’s the same- just with the one little difference, Angie isn’t convinced and she tries in vain to keep the hope at bay. They tentatively enter some kind of romantic limbo that gets physically intimate pretty fast. Against her better judgement, things seem to even out in a relationship of sorts- though Angie cannot get past what this would do to Cash. It’s a new normal she likes, even if she feels incredibly guilty about it. The next few months are spent on and off assignment, though she slowly starts to notice how everything is slipping toward the old normal. Against every hope, every crazed thought in the beginning that this might work out (it was so good while it lasted) whatever it was that had changed Eli slowly fades away, leaving him back to his normal.

[1886] | A strained conversation and a lot of heartbreak later, Angie up and leaves. It’s too much for her to handle, having to fall in love and be rejected all over again by the same man, her best friend.  A long assignment in Egypt comes up and she takes it. Nine months she’s gone. Her internship over, a full-fledged cursebreaker returns, tan, toned and independent as hell. Leaving at her lowest point left her nowhere to go but up. She finds herself, professionally, personally and she even has enough confidence in herself to find herself a nice little fling with an adjunct cursebreaker named Ben Crouch. It’s beautiful. She loves the freedom, the independence, how casual everything can be. Egypt was the best thing to happen to her.

[1887] | This year starts off with a bang. Angie is hit by a stray, prank arrow that induced some crazy love-potion side effects. The spell is so strong she ends up in Paris, sleeping with Brutus Fucking Kettleburn of all people. Cash and Eli come to find her, it’s a huge, embarrassing mess and god damn does she hate herself for it. There is a brief discussion with Eli about what would happen if she were pregnant with the Spaw of Idiocy and though Angie knew what she would do in the event, it’s nice to know Eli would see her through whatever decision. Thankfully there’s not babies in their future.

Her world comes to a complete stop on May 26th. Just a day after Cash’s birthday. He and Eli had been trying to celebrate, to get away and be alone- but they were followed. Cash’s father had found them and simply  murdered Eli right there on the spot. Watching Cash go through everything, the whole thing was heartbreaking. She’s heartbroken over losing her best friend; Eli was everything to her, despite everything they’d been through, she had always stood by the fact that she wanted him in her life somehow, as a friend, rather than not at all. It was why she’d been able to lock it all away twice and hold onto him. It was why she and Cash were so codependent, why they shared a brain. Being in love with the same person for all the same reasons would do that. Everything is all wrong, something is missing. The world itself seems empty without Eli. She goes on assignment for a few months to help clear her heard, all the while worrying about Cash. Something's very wrong with him, his family, crazy as they are, has added to the pain somehow, but Angie cannot figure out how.

Spending the rest of the year picking up the pieces, she has little to do but force herself to move on. Her friend Souri moves in with her at the end of June, though Angie has to rehome the pups and it nearly kills her to do it. Thankfully having Souri in the flat means Angie doesn’t have to move, just change rooms. She takes over Eli’s room and finds comfort in being surrounded by his things. It’s been a miserable year and she is very ready for 1888.

[1888-1891] | Angie has spent much of the last three years on and off assignments that take her all over the world. She technically works for Gringotts and the majority of her contracts come from there, but she has been known to take on personal or other professional pursuits if the adventure is interesting enough. When in London she has a small rented flat she shares with a roommate, who stays in London and takes care of her cat.
» She was once upper class and not very personable, but that's all diffused after graduation and her new career.
» Angie was disowned by her parents after graduation for choosing to pursue a lifestyle unbecoming of the upper class, especially if you went to school with her.

» Angie's real last name is Sinnet, though she changed it after graduating to make her living arrangement easier.

» That she and Cash are still close friends after school as her status drop made it hard for them to keep a public friendship, they are still very close.

» Angie and Eli lived together under the guise of siblings but were in fact not. Anyone from their past was kept woefully ignorant to that fact and anyone new in their lives would have been introduced that way.

» It's definitely not known that she had an on again, off again, friends with benefits situation with Ben Crouch.

Played By: Bee

Contact: PM Elsie Beauregard

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