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Prostitute & Burlesque Performer

417 year old Vampire
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Full Name: Lorelei (born Lorelei Witting, now only goes by her first name)


Birthdate: 2nd of June, 1473

Age: 417

Occupation: Prostitute, thief, burlesque performer

Blood Status: Vampire, born half-blood witch

Residence: No permanent residence, but can usually be found in the Forbidden Forest or the outskirts of smaller towns and villages or in the slums

Hogwarts House: N/A

Wand: N/A

× Parents (names unknown, dead)
× Kazimir (not blood related, but caretaker after her parents' deaths and former mentor)
Lorelei is of a pale, greyish complexion which has an ever so slight blue tinge upon closer inspection. She has long, white hair that reaches down to roughly half of her back. In terms of clothing, she is mostly wearing fancy dresses that she manages to steal from upper class travelers or inhabitants of the smaller towns and villages she frequents. When out in the sunlight, shealways carries a parasol with her, so as to protect herself from the sunlight. She often uses make-up to try and cover up her corpselike appearance.
× Intelligent,
× cunning,
× vain,
× egoistical
× Speaks with a strong Austrian accent
× Expert knowledge of magical history and theory
× Registered with the Ministry, occasionally uses their blood bank
Lorelei was born Lorelei Witting in the city of Graz, then part of the Duchy of Styria in the Holy Roman Empire, but part of Austria-Hungary in the present day. She was the only daughter of a muggle father and a pureblooded witch mother. In 1487, when Lorelei was 14 years old, the [i]Malleus Maleficarum[/i] was published in Europe, thrusting the entire continent into a witch hunting frenzy. Lorelei's mother was exposed as a witch and sentenced to death shortly thereafter. Her father, who had no idea about his wife's magical powers, was disgusted with the idea of having been married and having produced offspring with a witch and left Lorelei to die in a forest. Lorelei, never having received any magical training of any kind, was not even aware of her magical powers, as she had never seen her mother use hers either. As Lorelei wandered the woods, sure of the fact her fate had been sealed and expecting certain death, she was approached by a strange man who offered to take her under his wing and teach her to understand and use her magical powers. That man turned out to be Kazimir, a centuries-old vampire who lived as a recluse in the Alps, leaving his abode only to hunt unsuspecting humans for feeding. Kazimir first trained her in the magical arts and, after a few years, transformed her into a vampire when she was about 20 years old. He also taught her all about life as a vampire and the do's and don'ts of being a member of their species. While under Kazimir's wing, Lorelei learned the truth about why her mother had been murdered and began harboring a deep hate for mugglekind for it's crimes upon wizardkind. After a few years, Kazimir let go of Lorelei as quickly as he took her in, leaving her to fend for herself. Consequentially, she began to resent him. Lorelei had, by then, grown into quite an attractive woman and resorted to prostitution to both keep herself afloat in terms of finances and have a steady influx of prey she could drain after they had paid her. She did pretty well for herself, but, unfortunately, the killings and subsequent drained corpses had become suspicious and a local gang of vampire hunters began closing in on her, forcing her to leave Austria-Hungary. Ever since, Lorelei had been traveling the world, never staying in one place for too long and thus having seen much of the known world. For the past few years, though, she has remained in Britain, due to it's cloudy climate and it's strong wizarding and vampire communities.
× Lorelei is a vampire
× Her mother was killed during the Medieval European witch hunts
× Lorelei is from Austria-Hungary
× She works as a prostitute and burlesque dancer
× She was a half-blooded witch before she became a vampire
× Lorelei steals often
× She used to drink the blood of her clients, but stopped after she realised it would point vampire hunters to her
× She was disowned and left for dead as a child, then adopted by the man who would teach her all she knows about magic and turn her into a vampire before disowning her
× She secretly misses him
× Her full name (Lorelei Witting); she hasn't used it for centuries
Played By: David

Contact: PMs, Discord (BurningBridges#7040)

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