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Fourth Year

15 year old Half-Vampire
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played by Bree
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Orinda Ruskin

Full Name: Orinda Lady Ruskin


Birthdate: March 17th, 1874

Age: 15

Occupation: Fourth Year (#halfbreedban)

Blood Status: Half-vampire

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Elm, 10 inches, Phoenix feather, Springy

Martin Ruskin, Father [1841]
Lisa Fairbairn, Mother [1684-1888]
Acacia Ruskin, Sister [1871]
Chrysanta Ruskin, Sister [1872]
Dunstan Ruskin, Brother [1876-1887]
With many of the traditional "English rose" features, Orinda would otherwise be considered a pretty girl if not for the unfortunate—and numerous—qualities she inherited from her vampire mother. She has a sharp jawline, a rounded nose and wide, blue eyes, but her complexion is, frankly, ghastly. She lacks the same peachy undertone that many of her peers do, and at her lowest point tried to put rouge on her cheeks to "liven herself up"—literally.

Apart from her pasty-looking skin, her second least-favorite feature is her teeth. While not obnoxiously large, her canines are noticeable enough to where she's trained herself to smile with her mouth closed to avoid unwanted commentary (which is annoying, because her other teeth are perfectly nice and straight!).

Having now come to terms with her differences, Orinda does her best to avoid colors and patterns that will further wash her out. That means avoiding pink altogether as to not clash with her orange hair, and choosing neutrals over bold patterns like plaids. Her favorite colors thus far have been blues and autumn hues. She is fortunate to stand at the average height of five feet, two inches tall, and is pleased with her developing figure. She is left-handed.

Bold. Individualistic. Doesn't allow society's prejudices to impact how she interacts with others. Flair for dramatics. Dismissive of any attempts to "protect" her from the world. Friendly. Musically-inclined. Outdoorsy. Chronically tardy. Smart, yet struggles with time management and study skills. Eager to explore, but resistant to change (which makes a lot of things hard from her). Has an "act then think" approach to things. Very decisive and stubborn when she's made up her mind.
1874 | Orinda is born. The only thing sadder than the thin patch of orange hair on her head is the fact that she is born a half-vampire, and thus doomed to a lifetime of judgment and identity crises. Luckily, her parents are married and in love and don't seem to mind much.

1876 | Dunstan is born. Orinda is too young to have much involvement in his upbringing, but regularly wonders why he refuses to get up and walk like the rest of them. She does not verbalize her concerns, though, because she suddenly has a bigger problem to deal with: her mother abandons the family.

1877 | Orinda, along with her father and three siblings, take up residence in the newly-established village of Hogsmeade. She does not take the move nicely, especially seeing that her bedroom walls are no longer the same color as they once were. She does not speak to her father for a full thirty minutes to prove her point, but is coerced into talking by a bowl of stew.

1880 | Once Orinda realizes that her Acacia was given the middle name "Queen" and Chrysanta the middle name "Princess", she has a bone to pick with her father about her own middle name and how it might affect her in the long run (hint: it won't).

1881 | Orinda had long resolved to hold in her temper, but she cannot help the meltdown that occurs when her older sisters try to bully her into following their advice. She proclaims that she is "a big girl now" and that she does not have to listen to them. Her sisters, to simply put it, are not pleased with her sudden burst of reckless independence.

1882 | Following an argument with Acacia, she does not wish her goodbye when she boards the Hogwarts Express for the first time. She then proceeds to cry for the next three hours because she did not get one last hug, and sends at least five letters on the first day without waiting for replies.

1883 | Although she and her sisters frequently bicker over meaningless things, Orinda feels truly betrayed the day they go off to Hogwarts together and leave her at home with Dunstan. (On the bright side, she does have free reign of the dresses and accessories they left at home.)

1885 | Orinda goes off to Hogwarts and to everyone's shock except her own, she is sorted into Hufflepuff. She quickly discovers that she loves the subject material of her classes but hates the homework, and struggles to get good grades during her first year.

1886 | Her lowest point comes when her mother returns into their life. An internal battle ensues: does she forgive her mother and welcome her influence, or does she hold a grudge and protect her reputation? It proves to be a decision her father makes for her, and her mother is denied the chance to play an active role in her children's life. During this time, Orinda becomes all too aware of her non-human heritage and tries to overcompensate for it by trying to liven herself up with—Merlin forbid—makeup. It is a habit quickly squashed by her father.

1887 | Orinda misses out on the beginning of her third year due to the half-breed hysteria and subsequent half-breed ban at Hogwarts. Her summer would have been spent mourning the loss of her education if her brother's death had not taken the spotlight. She uses her free time in autumn to practice music, practice her manners, get accustomed to an all-black wardrobe, and write out a ten-step plan on how to run away to France and start her life as a orphaned (but fully-human) peasant girl. Fortunately, her plans to become a stowaway on a shipping vessel are thwarted when Hogwarts allows them to return during the second half of the year... as a second year again.

1888 Her mother dies in February. While Orinda privately works through guilt and sadness, she is outwardly indifferent to the news. Her third year finally arrives in September, and Orinda is greeted (and not-so-greeted) by her new and younger dorm-mates. She adds Care of Magical Creatures and Divination to her course load, and, like every year, keeps her Art and Music electives.

1889 | Despite being fifteen-and-a-half, Orinda begins her fourth year at Hogwarts and simply wishes time would pass by quicker. She considers the ramifications of dropping out after her OWLs because she has no desire to be plain old by the time she graduates.
— She is a half-vampire.

— Her parents were separated in 1876, but legally married at the time of her birth.

— Along with her siblings, Orinda was held back a year at Hogwarts due to the half-breed ban and is a year older than most of her classmates.
— Her younger brother was killed during the the Wizarding World Market of 1887, and her sisters briefly went missing during that time.

— Her mother is dead. It was public knowledge, but she never acknowledges it so those who don't follow the news might not know about it.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour

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