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First Year

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Margaret Robinson

Full Name: Margaret Alice Robinson

Nickname(s): Maggie

Birthdate: August 14, 1878

Age: 11

Occupation: 1st year Hogwarts student

Blood Status: Half-blood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Chestnut, 11", supple, unicorn hair

Family: Katherine Robinson, mother, deceased. A free-spirited and laidback woman. Clarence Robinson, father, 40. A meek and nervous man who usually defers to on matters of discipline. Arabella Robinson, sister, 16. A perfectionistic and often bossy girl who is much better at being a ‘proper young lady’ than Maggie is. Marjorie Robinson, paternal grandmother, 63. A strict and no-nonsense woman who wants Arabella and Maggie to be proper young ladies.
Maggie is 4 feet, 8 inches tall, left-handed, and fairly thin. She has long red hair, blue eyes, and a face dotted with freckles. Her clothing is loose and feminine, though often dirtied from playing outside.
Kind, imaginative, adventurous, friendly, optimistic, impulsive, disorganized, unfocused, sensitive, naïve
[b]1878[/b]: Maggie is born. Her mother dies in childbirth. [b]1879[/b]: Maggie’s father finds it difficult to raise Maggie and her older sister on his own. He and the girls move in with Maggie’s grandmother. [b]1882[/b]: Maggie shows her first sign of accidental magic when she sets her itchiest dress on fire. Grandmother is not amused. [b]1883[/b]: Maggie starts school in Hogsmeade. She enjoys meeting other children and discovers a passion for reading, but she has trouble paying attention in class. [b]1885[/b]: Arabella leaves for Hogwarts. Maggie misses her deeply, despite her bossiness. [b]1886[/b]: Before school starts, Maggie decides to follow a flock of birds and ends up getting lost and missing school. Grandmother is not amused. [b]1887[/b]: Maggie gets in trouble for punching a boy who was bullying her best friend. Grandmother is not amused. [b]1889[/b]: Maggie leaves for Hogwarts. She is excited for the new adventures to follow and to get away from Grandmother’s watchful eye.
Played By: Allison

Contact: PMs or Skype: allisonp84

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Hello all,

I'm Allison and I'm new here. I actually made an account a while ago, but didn't finish my application until today. I'm 21 and a university student currently on break. I enjoy reading, writing, daydreaming, and browsing the internet, particularly online RPs. I'm looking forward to being part of the community!