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Fourth Year, Beater
Fourth Year, Beater

15 year old Pureblood
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Cadawalader Selwyn

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As handsome as his father, with strong features and what could generally be considered good looks - and he knows it. His bearing is cocky and self assured, meaning he walks very tall and his shoulders very square. He is broad built through the shoulders, with strong muscle for his age in his upper arms - he will be a man of imposing build in another year or two, and while 5,10 now he may end up at around 6,0 when he is finished growing. He has dark brown hair, expressive dark eyes and a roguish charming smile. He had inherited his fathers talent for charming looks. As the eldest and heir Cad feels the need to ensure that he wears only the best clothing, very up to date and always imaccutaly laundered. He insists on sending his clothing to a laundry elf in his parents home rather than relying on the schools elves to do the job correctly and to his standard. It would be fair to say that he is vain. He is right handed.
Competative - Agressive - Arrogant - Sarcastic - Proud -Mean streak
PRE Birth Cads parents had been an arranged marriage and had never been ‘happy’ as far as he could see. And the young boy thought that was how all marriages were – that a man would do his own thing, and the woman would accept whatever she was given. As an oldest male – the idea suited him well enough. In 1874 Cad is born - and while no meteor or falling star marked his birth – he rather thinks there should have been. When he was 3, he understands now that there was some kerfuffle with muggles who learned of the existence of magic. Part of him wishes that the family had moved to Hogsmeade or magical London were it seems like all of the fashionable people moved, but instead they stayed in Wales. Not that it really mattered – the house had floo so they were in London or Hogsmeade often enough. At age 4 he first displayed magic firing wooden blocks at his natural sisters head in the day nursery. More children, natural and legitimate alike, follow and Cad pays them little notice. Why on earth should he? He does however, think it’s pretty amazing that his mother can turn into a peacock. That’s a heck of a feat. In 1886 Cad goes off to school and is sorted into Gryffindor, he must admit it was a close call between Gryffindor and Slytherin according to the hat but his general impulsiveness is better suited to the red and gold house rather than the green and silver. Besides he rather like the lion as his emblem. Cad progresses through school and while not academically inclined he is reasonably popular and athletic. He goes out of his way to make his natural siblings lives miserable, constantly affirming their illegitimate status, picks on Hephaestus, and ignores his younger sister completely.
Played By: Dante

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What had gotten Cad into trouble in Potions he wasn’t entirely sure.  One minute he had been working at his station – the next …well he might have decided to throw some dandelion heads into the cauldron of the Hufflepuff next to him.  Ok – so he knew but he wasn’t entirely sure why had had decided to play the prank on the unfortunate classmate.  Still Professor Valenduris had been furious and given him a rare detention – Cad guess that what he had done must have created some very dangerous reaction or something.  But who could know. 

Valenduris had passed him off to the caretaker who had demanded that he and his fellow detention slave to clean out a classroom that hadn’t been used in god knows how long.  It was full of cast off furniture  - stacks of unused tables and desks that took up much of the floor space and made navigating very difficult.  Their job was to move the furniture from the room and stack it in the hall without magic.  Boring! Cad hadn’t bothered to introduce himself to the other  boy – he recognised him as a slytherin and that was as far as his interest ran, by the cut of his clothing the other boy was clearly of a poorer class and that was reason enough for Cad to not want any further intimacy with him. 

Afterwards – he wouldn’t be able to tell accurately which of them had bumped the stack of chairs that had started the chain reaction of falling furniture that obstructed the door.  All he was sure of was that somewhere in the thunderous rumble of cascading chairs and toppling tables he was hit squarely in the chest by a hot white energy that left his stomach tumbling end over end. 

Picking himself up off the floor he stared around bereft ’My wand!’ he exclaimed holding up the shattered implement – the core very exposed and a vague white light emanating from within.  ’What happened?’