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Emrys Selwyn
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Played by Lynn
"Besides, half of his words hinted at the desire to be complimented and told what a good catch he was."
Patron of the Arts
42 year old Pureblood
Patron of the Arts
5 ft. 10¼ in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Emrys Riegan Selwyn


Birthdate: October 10th 1851

Age: 42

Gender: Identifies male because of the era. Mostly presents male; if you're in a very particular crowd you may have seen him experiment with some traditionally femme accents (jewelry, makeup)

Occupation: Owner of Seabound Sorcery Trading Company; Patron of the Arts

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Bristol

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: 10" pear and unicorn hair, supple.

Ephraim Selwyn, father, d. 1882 Rhea Selwyn nee -----, mother, d. 1880
Trystan Selwyn, brother, b. 1848
----Ambrosia Selwyn, sister-in-law; and family
Daniel Selwyn, brother, b. 1854
----Freya Selwyn, sister-in-law
Tanwen Selwyn, sister, b. 1860
Anthea Selwyn, niece sister?, b. 1865
General | Emrys has light skin and dark hair typical of his family and is 5'10" tall. His most frequent means of exercise is sex horseback riding, which means his core muscles (and butt) are well toned despite not being overall muscular or athletic.

Expressions | His default look is serious, which is strange, because he usually isn't. His expressions are subtle: a quirk of his mouth that suggests a smirk rather than an open smile. He often conveys his meaning through his eyebrows.

Deportment | Emrys carries himself with subtle confidence; he wants to be the center of attention in any conversation but never of the room. He seldom looks ill-at-ease, even if he feels it.

Fashion | Emrys has an impeccable fashion sense, but not a flamboyant one; those who pay attention to things like quality of fabrics would recognize his wardrobe is impressive and his tailoring exceptional, but to the uninitiated there is not much to distinguish his wardrobe from any other gentleman of his social standing. He prefers accents in jewel-tones, especially emerald greens and velvety purples.

Accessories | Typically carries a silver cigarette case and an engraved silver Muggle lighter; he enjoys the sensation of flicking the flame better than using a wand.

Scent | Emrys has a variety of expensive colognes he cycles through, but his favorite scents tend to be warmer florals with bright citrus notes. He can also often carry a scent of high-quality tobacco with him.

Distinguishing Characteristics | Emrys had his ears pierced while living abroad in India and wears simple gold rings when he's around non-judgemental types. In polite company and with his family, he removes his earrings and magically vanishes the remaining holes.

Face Claim | Colin Farrell

Emrys is fortunate enough to be born male and into a wealthy family, so has a fairly pampered childhood. He gets along passably with his siblings but tends to prefer the company of friends when sporadic play dates are organized. His first sign of magic, at six, is underwhelming, but he doesn't much mind. What he does mind is being the victim of his siblings' unintentional magical outbursts on occasion, but endeavors not to hold it too much against them.


Hogwarts offers Emrys a whole new world of opportunities, which he takes great pains to explore fully. During his first year or two he is frequently lost in the castle, but by third year has a better command of the secret rooms at Hogwarts than any of his classmates, and has learned a great deal from talking to the portraits. He adds two classes in third year but drops both of them in favor of others after the first two weeks of class. He never properly catches up from having missed the first few weeks, but it doesn't seem to bother him much.

He tries out for and makes the house Quidditch team as a fifth year, but is not much devoted to it and drops off the following year. The same happens with several clubs that he joins and then tires of. Overall, at Hogwarts, he is happy but bored. He is quite popular and makes many friends, though, and often goes to visit them over holidays.

His father, having noted to some degree his restlessness at school, begins to ask what he would like to do beginning sixth year. Emrys has no particular ideas, though he does know that as the second son he really ought to do something. The issue of what is still unresolved by the time of his graduation.

Young Adult

Believing that he may benefit from some travel and possibly some time to "find himself," Emrys' father invents some sort of managerial task that needs doing in the shipping company he owns and sends Emrys out to sea. He spends the next two years bouncing between offices in India and China, and while he isn't sure he's found "his true calling," if such a thing exists, the multicultural aspect of his work is at least passably interesting. He realizes retrospectively that being shipped off this way was probably an effort on behalf of his parents to prevent him from following in his older brother's footsteps — at least if he goes sowing wild oats abroad, the resulting progeny are significantly less visible than the ones born in England. He doesn't mind, though. When he has concluded his initial "job" he switches to one in America, where he stays for about a year.

He returns to England for his older brother's wedding in 1874, which seems rather rushed. The household isn't an entirely pleasant place in the aftermath (and is more crowded than he remembered it from years ago), so he starts looking for an opportunity to go somewhere else. An opportunity to acquire a nice house in Bristol arises and he takes it, occupying himself for several months thereafter with plans for renovations and refurbishing; the resulting house is something he is quite happy with.

Emrys now finds himself with a small pile of money (acquired from his pay for the four years abroad, since his living expenses during that time were covered by his father's company as a business cost) and no particular ideas what to do next. He starts half-heartedly working on a book and throws some nice parties at his new estate. He becomes an investor, which seems to pay off fairly well, and he considers possibly just doing this (which is to say, not much of anything) for the rest of his life. It's not a bad gig, being rich.

He is quite convinced that his mother's death in 1880 is a murder, though he has no proof of this, nor any clear ideas about who might have killed her or for what purpose. His growing understanding of the dynamics of his older brother's family, however, just leads him to believe that house is the sort of place one might be murdered in, so it seems perfectly reasonable to conclude this has been his mother's fate. He makes a point of visiting less frequently.

After That

The passing of his father sees Emrys quite unexpectedly in possession of the shipping company that he had briefly worked for. This is a delightful opportunity to go abroad on a tour of all of the company offices and ports of harbor, which takes him out of England for the dreadful mourning period. He returns over a year later and goes back to throwing parties and generally enjoying life, and makes business decisions when it's required of him. The company does well, as do his investments.

His younger brother gets married in 1885, and the developments that follow just further convince Emrys that marriage is a terrible idea. Some people just aren't cut out for married life (the older branch of Selwyns), and for everyone else, there's in-laws.

He continues living it up and traveling whenever the mood strikes him for several years. He invests in a few things here and there, some of which go well and some of which do not, but his income is generally not terribly affected, and with a small household (one man and several servants), his expenses are not significant. In recent years, however, a rival shipping company based in America has had an increasingly strong presence in Britain, which affects his profits and therefore his lifestyle, to an extent. How obnoxious.

News that a member of the Delaney family has gone to America following a wedding early in 1890 gives him hope that perhaps they will go away, but that seems not to be the case. Seeing that ignoring them has not helped matters much, Emrys decides to try a charm offensive: the Delaneys have at least one unmarried daughter, and he supposes if he does marry, there are worse things to be gained in the bargain than his top competitor's trade secrets.

Unfortunately, before he can resolve himself one way or another she gets herself involved with some man beneath Emrys' notice. He puts the idea of marriage away again, but is in for a rude awakening that winter when rumors begin to circulate about his potential destiny as a confirmed bachelor. He resolves to marry, if only to stave off rumors and discourage anyone from looking too closely into whom he actually takes to bed.


Emrys has often been compared to one or the other of his two brothers: like his older brother, he can be quite charming when the mood strikes him; like his younger, he can be difficult to read and many who know him are not confident that they know him well. He is generally laid-back and easy to get along with. He is frequently amused, but just as frequently the things that amuse him are not funny to anyone else, so he tends to keep them to himself. He gets bored of things easily and is generally considered too lazy to really belong to his Hogwarts house of Hufflepuff, though he is capable of getting things done well and quickly when he cares about them.

  • English, French, a smattering of words in other languages but only to add color to his English, not to converse.
  • Bisexual and very actively engaging with partners of both genders. Emrys primarily sleeps with married women only because he doesn't like commitment, though is less picky with men. He is exceptionally discreet and will only tolerate the same in his partners. Emrys is sexually adventurous and will adapt to the preferences of his partners.
  • Enjoys horseback riding but not hunting, particularly.
  • Rather squeamish about blood and violence.
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E. Selwyn
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