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Aristide Selwyn
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Played by Kit
"he smiled and his face was like the sun"
Victorian Apollo
19 year old Pureblood
Victorian Apollo
5 ft. 7 in.
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Full Name: Aristide Louis Quillian Selwyn

Nickname(s): Ari

Birthdate: July 13th 1874

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Selwyn Manor; Wales

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 13", hawthorne, kelpie hair, flexible

Family: Marianne Elizabeth Selwyn née _____ - Adoptive Mother
Percival Quillian Selwyn - Adoptive Father
Adrienne Selwyn - Twin Sister

Fiorella Fabienne Marseille - Nanny rest can be found in Adriennes app

Aristide is in possession of almond shaped green eyes and dark blonde hair that looks like it was burnished by the sun. He is pretty average in height, currently standing at five feet, six inches with room for a little more growth. He has full lips that always look like they're on the verge of a smile, no matter what mood he is actually in.
1873 | Aristide's biological mother falls pregnant. Unmarried, she is sent off to France to have the children whom she comes to love while they are within her womb. Sadly, she is made to give them up and is made to swear an Unbreakable Vow that she will do so.

1874 | Aristide is born first, just a few minutes before midnight on July 13th. His twin is born exactly at midnight, giving them differing birthdays. They are then sent to an orphanage and are soon adopted by distant cousins of their biological father.

1878 | Aristide is fluent in English and Spanish by the age of four. When he learns that his sister has learned French - which is also the language of the country they live in - Aristide insists on learning it as well with Adrienne doing the same with his Spanish.
With Adrienne going off with the nanny once in a while, Aristide takes up interests of his own: archery, art, music. He shows a natural affinity for the lyre.

1880 | Adrienne shows her first signs of magic which caused her distress when it caused trouble for Fiorella. Aristide is never fully able to forgive their nanny even when Adrienne does. In their usual fashion of ones milestone following the others, Aristide shows his first sign of magic when he causes a painting of his to come to life.

1882 | Aristide continues developing his skill in his areas of interest. Archery remains his only sporty type of hobby as most everything else has no appeal to him. He isn't even interested in watching Quidditch, let alone playing it.

1884 | Aristide is all geared up to attend Beauxbatons the next year and is surprised when they are sent off to Wales to attend Hogwarts instead. No one will tell them the full story about why they have to do this and are soon sent off to Selwyn Manor in Wales. Aristide hates Wales instantly. The weather is dreary when he is a boy made to be in the sun and he liked their old home much better than the Manor. Aristide eventually decides that life will be easier if they just accept it. He leaves it unsaid that once they graduate, they can move back to France together as soon as they are able.

1885 | After learning about the different houses, Aristide decides Slytherin is the place he would feel the most at home. Instead, he finds himself sorted into Ravenclaw with his sister having been sorted into Slytherin just moments before. It is a devastation that lessens when it becomes obvious that they might as well have been in the same house for they are inseparable anyway.

1887 | Aristide is shocked to learn that one of his closest friends was a half-creature when the half-breed ban happens. His friend never returns to school and Aristide loses contact with him. This is also the year that he must choose his electives, he goes with Ancient Runes - partially because Adrienne picked it - and Ancient Studies.

1889 | George Waterford is made prefect instead of Aristide but he minds this fact very little. Instead, Aristide spends his time trying to master new, more advanced painting charms under the guidance of the art instructor.

Musical, Creative, Artistic, Protective - Mostly of his Twin, Intelligent, Poetic, Calm
- Is protective of his twin sister in a 'I can tease her but if you do the same, you have both of us to contend with' type of way. He knows she can handle herself but why should she have to when she has his support?
- The only 'sporty' thing he does as a hobby is archery which he greatly enjoys. His other hobbies consist of music, art, poetry and reading.
- His main instruments are the lyre, harp and violin. Basically, if it has strings on it, he has a natural affinity for it. His favorite is the lyre, however.
italics means Aristide is speaking French

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