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Founder of the House of Lytton
Founder of the House of Lytton

38 year old Halfblood
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played by Soph
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Marcus Lytton
"I don't design clothes, I design dreams."
— Ralph Lauren

Full Name: Marcus Aurelius Lytton


Birthdate: October 22nd, 1853

Age: 38

Occupation: Fashion Designer; Founder of the House of Lytton

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: In a townhouse he rents in London.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Solid, 10'', silver lime and unicorn tail hair

Leonard Lytton, father (1820-1879)
Genevieve Lytton nee IDK, mother (1829)
Camilla ---- nee Lytton, sister (1855)
-- Niece (1875)
-- Nephew (1878)
-- Nephew (1879)
-- Nephew (1881)
-- Niece (1884)
Octavia Lytton, sister (1859)

At five feet and seven inches, Marcus stands at the average height for a man. He was a skinny young man, something that he has thankfully outgrown. It has his wealth to thank for that; Marcus enjoys a good, lavish meal. His skin is more olive-toned than a regular Englishman’s and his hair and eyes are of a dark brown colour. He takes after an ancestor who came from the Mediterannean, though none of his parents will admit to it. He’s ambridextrous. He speaks with a posh accent (ish). He grew up in the north, so he may say some words the northern way.

Marcus is always sharply dressed, clean-shaven and wears cologne at all times. He believes that it is important to look his best, otherwise he won't be reliable as a fashion designer. Besides, he likes looking his best. He believes it is grossly unfair that men aren't allowed to admire their looks like women can. Like women are encouraged to do.

Marcus is a witty and charming man. He's good with people, he can tell their desires and he always knows what to tell them. He tells people what they want to hear.

As a child and a teenager, he was somewhat quiet and sensitive. He has outgrown this, mostly with his sharp wit. Still, he is not the sort to get involved in any duels.

Marcus is a vain man. He likes to look his best and he demands that from other people. He detests that side of masculinity that involves grit and sweat and macho-man-ness.

Amortentia — Roses. Cigar smoke. Wine.

Boggart — A hag.

❧ He speaks French and some Italian.

❧ He has a preference for blondes.

Defence Against the Dark ArtsP--
Ghoul StudiesA--
History of MagicA--
Muggle StudiesOO
Childhood (1853-1865)

Marcus is the first child born to Leonard and Genevieve Lytton. As you may have probably guessed, he's named after the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. His father picked that name because he could proudly boast a muggle university diploma. His father, a man who made a fortune during the industrial revolution, thought it important to send his son to a university after he concluded his Hogwarts education, to show his muggle friends. As for his Hogwarts education, to the muggles, it was seven years in some esteemed academy abroad.

The Lyttons lived a comfortable lifestyle. Marcus' grandfather and father were involved in the textile business. Cotton and the like. Magic made their business life easier. Grandfather Lytton's products were always transported more swiftly than those of his rivals, even before the appearance of the railroad. Furthermore, both his grandfather and his father experimented in ways to make their machines work more efficiently with magic.

Marcus began to display magic when he was three. What he mostly did was change the colour of things. Ironic, given his future occupation.

He was close to his sister, Octavia. It is perhaps thanks to her that he discovered his calling for fashion. Octavia herself was a fashion-conscious girl herself, who loved to play with clothes and 'make' nice outfits for herself since childhood.

The Hogwarts Years (1865-1872)

The truth is, Marcus was a bit saddened to go to Hogwarts, as that would mean that he would be separated with his muggle friends. He grew up in the northern part of England, in a small town where his was the only magical family. As such, all of his friends were muggles and all of his wizard friends were his cousins that he saw only on holidays.

He quickly got over it once he was at Hogwarts, though. He was sorted into Ravenclaw, where he was an unorthodox student for the House. He wasn't a very good student and he was too lazy to be studious. He was witty, however, and creative. He also had a high affinity for art. He was such a good artist, that for a while he was thinking about going to one of the magical academies of art.

He discovers his true calling - fashion design - in his fourth year. He can't quite remember the day he became so interested in women's fashion. His father is appaled to find women's magazines in Marcus' bedroom during the summer break between his sixth and seventh year. God forbid his son was some invert! Octavia came to the rescue and convinced the magazines were in fact hers and she left them there out of carelesness.

Marcus' school years aren't very easy in that respect. He's a small, sensitive boy who loves art. The other boys were at times too harsh on him for that.

After Graduation; Marcus Joins His Father's Business (1872-1879)

Upon his graduation, his father makes it clear that Marcus will have to join the family business rather than continue his magical education in an art academy. Marcus learns everything he knows about running a business during these years.

In the meantime, Marcus designs dresses on a amateur level. He designs dresses for his sisters and their friends. He also designed the dresses of some female friends from Hogwarts. His designs are truly good and they have the originality of involving a little bit of magic. In his first designs, that is actually because he couldn't afford any fancy needlework or gold threads or anything of that sort. Nowadays, he is famous because of the involvement of magic in his designs.

The Birth of the House of Lytton (1879-1885)

Following the death of his father, Marcus inherits. He finally has the funds to follow his dreams; open a fashion atelier. The original House of Lytton was a tiny atelier in a less fabulous area of Diagon Alley. His first customers are the friends of his sisters, the wives of his friends and any friend they told about him. In the beginnings, he only had one seamstress to take care of the practical side of the job. He also had his sister, Octavia, to help him around.

His success today took its time to come. Thanks to his talent, hard work and patience, the House of Lytton became what it is today. Soon, he began to have bigger, wealthier customers. He became popular in magical circles, who preferred the services of a wizard than a muggle. With more customers came the need for more employees to take care of the workload.

In 1885, the House of Lytton was moved to the building it is housed in to this day. Marcus, his mother and his unmarried sister move to a lavish townhouse in London. By now, they can live a lifestyle about as lavish as that of their customers. (The reasonably rich ones, at least.)

With his success and the growth of his fortune, Marcus begins to be involved with good society more often. It is at some party that he meets a Lady Penelope Humphrey-Mavis. He has feelings for her and she does too. Sadly, he's not 'good enough' for her, even though he is just as wealthy as some people of the upper class by now!

Marcus Lytton, The Fashion Mogul (1885-present)

In 1887, Marcus' involvement in the beauty industry extends when he buys off a beauty apothecary in Diagon Alley. That is the birth of Lytton Cosmetics.

❧ The House of Lytton was established in 1879. However, its 'golden age' began in 1885, when it moved to the Diagon Alley building it is housed today.

❧ Due to his business' success, Marcus has accumulated near upper class wealth. That being said, that's pretty recent so he hasn't had the time to establish himself as upper class, even if he's involved in those circles. Some characters might perceive him as nouveau riche.

❧ For a time he was seen interacting a lot with an Earl's daughter, Penelope Humphrey-Mavis and some were speculating that he might ask for her hand. In the end, their relationship sort of faded away.

❧ Even though he's seen interacting with women, some people might still think he's a closeted homosexual due to the nature of his work.

❧ Mentions in the DP/WW: WW - April 1890


❧ Marcus' grandfather made his fortune in the industrial revolution. He was involved in the textile business. To this day, Marcus uses those relations to supply himself with textiles for his clothes.

❧ Marcus grew up in the British north.

❧ Marcus was a Ravenclaw from 1865 to 1872

Played By: Soph

Contact: Skype

Plot Preferences:
General Information:

❧ I prefer fast paced threads that take about a week (and less) to be completed. I'm willing to work with other people's pace, though.

❧ My posts are on the shorter side on average. Their lenght depends on the thread and what I'm writing, really. I confess to finding longer posts overwhelming if they'd done as the average, though.

❧ On mature subjects: I'm chill with violence and swearing. Sex scenes I will most likely fade to black, though it depends on the thread. Paedophilia is a no no for me.

Character Specific:

❧ I'm always open to customer related plots and threads. I would particularly love it if it went beyond the typical 'Marcus and Female Customer have a dress fitting'.

❧ In recent years, Marcus has made enough money to rival some members of the upper classes. I'd love for him to interact with newfound 'friends' from the upper classes, as well as people who would look down on him for being nouveau riche. Just social dysphoria stuff.


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RE: April 1890 1
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April 1890 Past Contests & Events
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What: Afternoon Tea & "Fashion Show"
Who: Hosted by the HoL. Invited are ladies who can afford to shop at Lyttons, so UC with a rep of 7 and above, and well off MC, with a rep of 7 or above.
Where: The House of Lytton
Why: To show the newest designs for the future debutantes.
When: Afternoon, April 4th
The House of Lytton is hosting a fashion show of sorts, so returning and potential customers can see what he proposes for the new season. He's targeting seventh-year female students and any young ladies who are going to debut this season, as well as debutantes who want new clothes so they do better this season than they did the previous one. The event will take place in the first floor of the House of Lytton, there will be mannequins wearing Marcus' newest designs, as well as magazines with Marcus' designs for embroidery, flower decorations, hem and neckline decorations, etc.

Your debutantes and society ladies will get to talk with Marcus and share their ideas and desires for their society wardrobe!

Contact Player(s): @Marcus Lytton