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Cornelia Pendergast
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Played by Nichole
Wife of William Pendergast
21 year old Pureblood
Wife of William Pendergast
5 ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Cornelia Drusilla Pendergast née Lestrange

Nickname(s): Dru

Birthdate: January 13, 1870

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Occupation: Wife of William Pendergast

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Blackthorn, unicorn hair, nine and three-quarters inches, brittle

William Pendergast [1864]
Dru's betrothed since the age of nine and as of June '90, her husband. He is six years her senior and despite the length of their betrothal, she knows very little about him. He is her new sister-in-law's elder brother and a cousin. She is expectedly unbothered by this fact. She wonders what marrying her brother's wife's brother will be like down the road. She is grateful to remain in her family, even if her family name changes due to the Pendergasts and Lestranges' close ties socially and biologically.
— Isolda Alexandria Pendergast, daughter [1891]

Lucius Lestrange [1827]
Her father, an intimidating man by all means. She grew up fearful of angering him, and he is the reason she is the way she is. Due to her gender, he never considered her worth his attention and as a child, this bothered her to the point where she would go out of her way to make him proud or at the very least acknowledge her. After this backfired once, she chooses the path of least resistance and follows directions and accepts she’ll never have his attention or true love.

Alexandria Lestrange née Rosier [1839-1884]
Her mother, the relative in which she was closest to. Even if she was raised strictly by a nanny, as she grew older, she grew quite attached to her mother and would be seen following her around when permitted, tucked behind her mother’s skirts. Her mother’s death leaves her devastated and she finds herself angry that she is the only sibling that truly mourns their mother’s loss.

Claudius Lestrange [1859]
— Ellory Lestrange née Pendergast, Sister-in-Law
Her eldest brother and heir to the family. Distant. He is married to her betrothed’s sister.

Valeria Greengrass née Lestrange [1865-1891]
— Theseus Greengrass, Brother-in-Law [1856]
— Tobin Greengrass, Nephew [1884]
— Venus Greengrass, Niece [1886]
— Astorius Greengrass, Nephew [1887]
Valeria was the sister she was likely closest to, but that doesn’t mean they were close persay. She enjoyed her elder sister’s company far more than her younger, but that may stem from the fact her father paid just as little attention to Valeria as he does Dru. Her death in a tragic accident in '91 left Dru surprisingly upset dir how little the two interacted.

Cassius Lestrange [1866]
Her brother, generally deemed the failure of the bunch. He sought a career in Quidditch rather than the ministry. But still, she finds him pleasant. SHe feels as if he often holds her to less strict expectations than the rest of their siblings. Maybe because he is treated as a disappointment.

Unnamed Lestrange [1866-1866]
A twin she will never know about. He was killed not long after birth.

Seneca Lestrange [1873]
In the beginning, she was excited to have a younger sister, but it was quickly established the two were little alike in personality. She often feels like her sister sees her as inferior due to her abilities and their father’s attention. This leads to jealousy on Dru’s part, though she would never admit this to Seneca. Outwardly, she acts as if Seneca’s attitude does not bother her. After years of this, she is now bitter to her sister and has once or twice found herself wishing that Seneca would receive just some of the karma she dished out.

Belphoebe Lestrange née Trimble [1850]
Dru’s step-mother. While Dru is polite to her in all expected ways, deep down, she despises the women. She hates that Lucius treats her in a way he never treated Due’s own mother. She has made little effort beyond the basics to get to know the women, seeing her as an imposter who will never live up to the shoes she is trying to fill.

Cicero Lestrange [1887]
Her half-brother. She has no feelings towards him in one regard or the other.

Unnamed Lestrange [1889]
Her stillborn half-brother.

Tiberius Lestrange [1864]
— Antigone Lestrange née Baudelaire [1867]
— Cleopatra Lestrange [1886-1887]
— Imperatrix Lestrange [1886]
— Unnamed Lestrange [1887-1887]
Dru’s cousin, though she has lived far more in the same household as him than she has apart. He was taken in by her father as a ward after the arrest of his father. She never quite liked him from the beginning, and as a child, the boy, six years her elder, scared her. However, as she has gotten older and more used to him, he no longer scares her but she keeps a healthy respect for him. And typically keeps her distance.

Kristoffer Lestrange [1871]
Kristoffer is her first cousin once removed and a ward of her father after his mother pass in the plague (an unknown cover for murder by her husband) and his father dies in an explosion. She finds him an annoyance and misses the days where he did not live under her roof.
Dru grew up with the belief she had nothing to her benefit but her name and her pretty face, and she took that belief to heart, taking time to look her best. Dru does not deviate from the expected Lestrange appearance, with a headful of dark hair that tends to hang in loose, natural curls down her back when left loose. She has rarely had any issues with frizziness, most days it lays thick and silky smooth until styled. Her eyes are a shade of striking blue grey that tend towards metallic grey and are one of the few traits she inherited from her mother’s side of the family rather than her father’s. Ever so slightly tall, she stands just over five foot five and grew into her curves early on, a two or so years before the other girls, often causing her to be mistaken as someone older than she actually was. While she was embarrassed then, she is grateful for her shape now - she needs less assistance from corsets to achieve a fashionable shape. Contrary to the rest of her body, her face, while not skinny, is sharp and angular and plays host to the typical Lestrange eyebrows.

She writes with her right hand and typically wears more magical fashion than muggle and favors robes, though she still has a full wardrobe of muggle dress for events.
1870 | Cornelia Drusilla is born the fourth child to Lucius and Alexandria Lestrange. As she is born a female, little attention is spared to her by her father and slightly more by her mother but she is mostly left in the care of the family's nanny. That fall, her eldest brother starts Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw.

1873 | Her younger sister, Seneca is born, and is to be the last child of the couple. She likes the baby well enough, but she is only three and not allowed to play with the child so she is given little attention.

1875 | Her uncle becomes a mass murderer, is arrested, and sentenced to Azkaban. Aunt Mariana takes in Uncle Tybalt's daughter while Father takes on his son, Tiberius Lestrange as a ward. Tiberius is six years her elder and starting his first year of Hogwarts. At first, she is excited to have someone else in the family but quickly comes to fear him and keeps her distance.

1876 | Her first signs of magic manifest in a manner much like she is - subtle. Her first few uses of magic go unnoticed by her family until one day when she gets angry at her younger sister and shatters the windows of the room they were in. She has a faint scar on her neck where a shard of glass scraped her. She refused to tell anyone why she was mad. This September, Valeria starts school and is sorted into Slytherin.

1877 | Cassius starts school and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Claude graduates Hogwarts this year and finds employment as an Unspeakable in the ministry just like their father was and their father’s father was.

1879 | The family discovers that Seneca is a metamorphmagus. While everyone else seems pleased, she sees this as the final straw between the potential to ever get along with her sister. This one ability means Seneca is no longer just another daughter - she actually gets their father's attention as the boys do.

As well this year is the year that she finds out has been betrothed to her Cousin William. He is a Pendergast and a well-suited match, being her father's sister's second son. However the two are in two different age groups - he's already a fourth year - so beyond seeing each other at family events, they have little to do with each other for years to come.

1881 - 1882 | This year she joins Valeria and Cash at Hogwarts. She’d been hoping to potentially be sorted into the same either one and surprisingly finds herself in Slytherin. She can’t say she really expected this but at least maybe if she is in the same house as Valeria her sister might start taking some note of her.

Summer of 1882 | Decorum dictates that she - accompanied by the governess - visits her betrothed in St. Mungo’s after he is bitten by a venomous dragon during the Hogsmeade Trail Expedition. She gifts him a scarf she knitted.

1882 - 1883 | Valeria finishes out Hogwarts this year. She is blissfully oblivious to Cash and Tib’s drama as she was Cash and Valeria’s the year before. Her betrothed graduates Hogwarts and she finds out through the grapevine that he has taken up a job with the ministry in the Department of International Magical Co-Operation. Even though she doesn’t know him that well, she finds herself slightly prideful at this.

1883 - 1884 | At the beginning of her third year, she takes on Arithmancy and Ancient Studies. By this year, she has settled well into being just as unremarkable at school as she is at home. Her grades aren’t brilliant but they aren’t horrible either. Nor does she push herself all out in anything, nevertheless she does join the Exploding Snaps club and Wizarding Chess Club. She doubts any of her family are even aware she has joined anything - or actually even has anything she likes and out of a fear of it being taken from her, she tells no one.

Tragedy strikes in February when her mother - the one relative that actually cared for her - is killed via accidental impalation via fire poker. She is outright angered by the fact she is the only one who seems to care that Alexandria is dead. None of her siblings care. Lucius doesn’t care. They all seem glad! She spends the first few months after her death refusing to speak to her immediate family unless forced to and spends any time at home in her room. Once she returns to Hogwarts after the funeral, she does not return home until summer forces her to. Expect to attend her sister’s wedding because society does not care that she mourns for her mother’s death.

Cash graduates and signs on as a seeker for the Chudley Cannons. Moving on to professional quidditch seals his fate as the failure Lestrange.

Near the end of the year, Valeria has her first child, a boy named Tobin.

Summer of 1884 | More death. The plague strikes the wizarding community and fire strikes Hosmeade. The family shelters in Fort Lestrange.

1884 -1885 | Her fourth year sees Seneca at Hogwarts, sorted into Slytherin. She isn’t surprised at her sister’s house, but she does miss the three years she had where she didn’t have to see her most hostile sibling every day. In fact, Seneca’s arrival prompts her to pull slightly back into her shell.

During the year, her uncle and a few other prisoners break out of Azkaban. Unbeknown to her, her father was involved in the breakout plan and used Seneca’s abilities to keep Cash distracted and unaware as he recovers from being in a coma. Tybalt is later recaptured by authorities and subjected to the Dementor’s Kiss.

Her father takes on another ward, Kristoffer Lestrange after his father dies in an explosion.

1886 - 1887 | Her sixth year sees her class load lightened and her father remarried to a Miss Belphoebe Lestrange, the head of the Department of Mysteries where he used to work. She does not give her a chance and hates her instantly. Lucius was barely out of mourning for his first wife when he married the second. The new Mrs Lucius Lestrange is nothing but an imposter trying to fill shoes she was never meant to fit.

She becomes an aunt once more, as Valeria has a daughter.

Summer of 1887 | Aunt Olivia, mother to William dies. She finds solace in knowing that her husband to be might know the pain she feels in the loss of her own mother. Still, she saw Olivia as an immovable stone statue. Her death rattles the whole family.

The imposter gives birth to a son, and while she hates his mother, she reserves judgment on him. Valeria has another son.

1887 - 1888 | Her last year at Hogwarts is filled with just as much drama as the priors. Notably, her father becomes Chief Warlock after the death of the prior. She graduates well off and attends the Coming out Ball along with the rest of her class.

1888 - 1889 | As with most of her female relatives, she spends her first year after Hogwarts as a Pendergast Rose, under the tutelage of her cousin Evelyn, who took over after Aunt Olivia’s death. Her step-mother gives birth to a stillborn son and the healers inform them due to her advanced age, she would likely not have another healthy pregnancy.

Summer of 1889 | In July she has her own debutante ball, however, she had to spend no effort finding a husband as her wedding is set for the next summer. A few days after her ball, she receives a letter. It is addressed from William.

1890 | In March, her brother Claudius is betrothed to the sister of her betrothed, Ellory. She finds it only a little strange her brother will now also be her brother-in-law as well as her husband would be. The two are married on June 9th while her own wedding is set for the 24th.

The end of June comes fast and sees the pair on a very awkward honeymoon of a tour across Europe before they return to the home William purchased in Hogsmeade. She finds the whole experience incredibly awkward. Even if she'd known she was to marry William since she was nine, the shift between seeing him as a cousin and a husband and the actions entailed with such leave her uneasy. Once they return, she spends her time between decorating the home and social events.

1891 | She learns in the beginning of the year that she is pregnant. News that leaves her highly conflicted. Part of her hopes it is a boy so that she can just be done with it all but another part is excited. Ever since her own mother had passed, she's dreamed of being a mother one day. The baby comes in August and is named Isolda Alexandria - a combination of her mother's name and a theme from Arthurian legends. But it isn't long after that the bright news is darkened by the death of her sister and the paralysis of Theseus. While Valeria and herself weren't close, she never wished her sister dead.
adaptable - clever - gentle - loyal - sensitive
familial - noncompetitive - reserved
conformist - envious - insecure - passive - suspicious
Ancient StudiesOE
Defence Against the Dark ArtsA-
History of MagicEO

  • Hogwarts Student ( 1881 - 1888)
  • Pendergast Rose (1888 - 1889)
  • Debuante (1889 - 1890)
  • Wife of William Pendergast (1890 - current)

Hogwarts Clubs:
  • Wizarding Chess Club ( 1882 - 1888)
  • Exploding Snaps Club (1883 - 1888)

Adult Clubs:
  • The Lady Morgana ( 1889 - current)
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