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Director of the Museum of Magical Miscellany

33 year old Pureblood
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played by David
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Avery Wilkinson

Full Name: Avery Maddox Wilkinson


Birthdate: 17th of May, 1856

Age: 33

Occupation: Museum Director at Museum of Magical Miscellany, London

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Former Ravenclaw

Wand: ×Alder wood,
×13 1/4 in,
×unicorn hair core,
×surprisingly swishy

Family: ×Mother Grace Wilkinson (née Barrett, age 56), ×father Alistaire Wilkinson (age 60)
Avery is quite tall and of an average build. He has long brown hair that goes to about his shoulder, and he mostly keeps it up in a ponytail. In terms of clothing, he is always up to date on the latest fashion and has a particular affinity for coats and neckties, often choosing neckties and coats in extravagant patterns. He is right-handed and thus also holds his wand in his right. FACECLAIM: Tom Mison
Avery is very self-assured and confident. Some might say his self-assurance is borderline self-importance, and they'd be quite right. Due to having been brought up in an upper class family, he thinks himself higher of those in the middle and working classes, although he would never explicitly belittle either. He can be very compassionate, understanding, vulnerable and sensitive, but tends to hide that part of his personality behind a facade of strong-willedness and emotional unavailability.
Avid Witch Weekly reader in private; partially for gossipmongering, partially for fear of being written about.
1856 × Avery is born to an upper class family in London. His parents had been married for about a year and a half at the point of his birth, were enjoying a stellar reputation and were living in the Mayfair neighbourhood of the city.
1867 × Avery begins attending Hogwarts in September. He immediately takes a strong liking to the more theoretical subjects taught at the school, such as History of Magic and Magical Theory.
1872 × Avery takes his O.W.Ls and does average on most subjects, but passes the aforementioned two with flying colours. He also gets quite a high grade in Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Studies.
1874 × Avery takes his N.E.W.Ts. The results are largely equal to his O.W.Ls.
1877 × Founding of Hogsmeade. The Wilkinson family is well-integrated into both the muggle and the wizard communities of London and are thus not exiled to Hogsmeade.
1880 × Avery applies for a job as a museum curator at the Museum of Magical Miscellany and begins working in said position.
1881 × Due to having ties to both the wizarding and the muggle world, the Wilkinson family are outraged about the decree commanding muggleborn wizards and witches to leave Hogsmeade. They, however, keep their disagreement to themselves for fear of their reputation suffering. Once Spavin is discovered as the murderer, they quietly rejoice. Avery's parents are also particularly fond of the introduction of etiquette lessons at Hogwarts.
1882 × Avery moves out from his parents', remaining in London but moving to the Piccadilly neighbourhood. The Wilkinson family are ecstatic about Irvingly becoming a town in which wizards and muggles coexist. They even briefly consider moving there themselves, but the plan was more of a fluke and quickly abandoned.
1883 × The family visit the Quidditch World Cup, although almost exclusively to socialize, as no family member has any particular interest in quidditch.
1884 × The family is outraged at the murder of the Minister of Magic and at the 2nd Hogwarts scandal, but chastity cuffs are a bit too much for their liking. The events transpiring in Hogsmeade are also talked about in the family, but there is no prevalent concern, as the family is not directly affected by any of them.
1885 × The family attends the Pan-Magical Games, again primarily for socializing. The explosions in the Ministry and the escaped Azkaban convicts lead to the family briefly moving to Scotland, as they deem London unsafe.
1886 × A move back to London follows in the earlier part of the year. All members of the family have a very patronising opinion of Pennyworth and it's residents. They visit the Wizarding Fair.
1887 × Regarding the ban of halflings from Hogwarts, the family remains relatively neutral and unaffected.
1888 × Avery is promoted to museum director. Rumours about him ensue and this is also when he first starts reading Witch Weekly, having only been a Daily Prophet reader up until then. While they are slightly startled by the fog, the Wlkinsons, as they are once again unaffected, don't spend too much time on it. They visit the Summer Solstice Festival.
×Most of the time, Avery appears as very calm, collected and professional.
×The upper crust sees his profession as not quite the best fit for his social standing and thus, his reputation has suffered slightly.
×Ever since he started working at the museum as director, there have been several rumours spread out about him. (Feel free to make up and reference any of them IC, as long as they're not too extreme and don't pertain to anything in the 'You probably don't know' section.
×He has a very close relationship with his parents and remains in regular contact with them
×He has, as of yet, never been in any kind of romantic relationship
×He is bisexual (which he doesn't even know himself just yet)
×He has a slightly negative attitude towards the middle and a very negative attitude towards the working class.
Played By: David

Contact: PMs, Discord (BurningBridges#7040)

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RE: April 1890 March 31, 2020 – 11:32 PM 3
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April 1890 OOC - Community » Contests & Events
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What: The Museum of Magical Miscellany's Easter Ball
Who: Hosted by @Fortuna Bixby in the name of the Museum of Magical Miscellany and @Temperance Fairchild in the name of the Church of Magical Jesus. Invited are all UC/well-off MC wizards and witches, patrons of the museum and it's employees.
Where: The Museum of Magical Miscellany, London
Why: Rich people shenanigans, art, fundraising
When: April 15th, evening/nighttime

The Museum of Magical Miscellany is hosting an Easter Ball to commemorate the holiday. For this year's ball, we have teamed up with the Church of Magical Jesus and, next to a fundraiser gala (proceeds will go towards the museum), a new exhibition by the title of The Church of Magical Jesus: A Retrospective of Wizarding Britain's Most Prominent Bridge to Christianity will be unveiled by Temperance Fairchild. While there will be bouncers at the museum's entrance to ensure nobody not fitting the bill doesn't make it inside the museum, that doesn't mean you couldn't possibly slip past in, say, an invisibility cloak or if you were an Animagus... But do so at your own peril, as we reserve the right to treat you as an intruder should you enter the museum without permission on that day and be discovered.

Contact Player(s): @Avery Wilkinson


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