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34 year old Pureblood
5FT. 4IN.   ❤   Married
played by Lauren
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Ambrosia Selwyn

Full Name: Ambrosia Moira Selwyn.


Birthdate: 4th February, 1856.

Age: 34

Occupation: Socialite.

Blood Status: Pureblood.

Residence: Wales.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

Wand: Cedarwood. 11 inches. Dragon heartstring core. Excellent at curses. Ambrosia is right handed.

“Zeus” | Husband | 42
Though her husband thinks he’s God’s gift Ambrosia rather wishes she could exchange him for credit and get a handbag instead.

Cadawalader Selwyn | Son | 15
Really weird kid. Ambrosia doesn’t mind him as much as her other son but she wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up in Azkaban.

Hortense Selwyn | Daughter | 11-12
Might actually make her proud one day. Ambrosia has no qualms about making it obvious Hortense is her favourite.

“Hephaestus” | Son | 10-11
The fruit of her womb that went off in transit. Mostly out of sight and occasionally brings her things he’s built she immediately throws away.

Emrys Selwyn | Brother-in-law | 36-42
When she thinks of him at all Ambrosia would admit to thinking him a sensible man to never have married because it’s hell. Better to be single and sleep with seal or whatever he does to pass the time.

Daniel Selwyn | Brother-in-law | 35
Though the closest to her own age their situations are markedly different and she is resentful of this, and his prosperity. And that he married for love, a state she believes is entirely fictional.

Freya Selwyn | Sister-in-law | 22-25
Insipid moron.

Deanna Benwick | No Actual Relation |
Despite their lack of familial connection Ambrosia still has to include her in family gatherings, a fact she would resent if it weren’t for how much it visibly annoys Daniel.

Tanwen Selwyn | Sister-in-law | 27-34
Barely a day goes by where Ambrosia doesn’t take advantage of Tanwen, treating her as a poor relation at best and a nanny for the children more often than not. Nevertheless she has no specific grievance with her.

"Athena" | Sister-in-law | 20-25 [As of 1890 Ambrosia does not know Athena’s actual parentage.]
Bit of a nerd. “Zeus” adores her a bit much for Ambrosia’s liking but with a job and probably being Selwyn Sr’s bastard there’s not much hope of marrying her off. Better company than most of the others.

Liliana Selwyn | Step-daughter | 16-17
A sickening combination of attractive coltishness and her slut mother’s genetic legacy lead Ambrosia to firmly believe that eventually she will end her days on the streets. Until then Ambrosia refuses to take any part in her debut.

Adrienne Selwyn | Ward | 15
Apparently her husband thinks she’s an idiot because with each year that passes the twins look increasingly like “Zeus”. Adrienne is less obnoxious about it than any of the other children so Ambrosia tolerates her the most.

Aristide Selwyn | Ward | 15
Cocky little shit.

Winslow Ramsay | Unacknowledged Step-son | 15
The middle of nowhere is the best place for him. If she finds out that “Zeus” is paying for his schooling Ambrosia will end any chance of his siring another child, however she assumes he is at school and resents the fact he’s probably cleverer than Cad.

James Fletcher | Unacknowledged Step-son | 11
No, really, she is going to castrate him.
Standing at a perfectly average 5’4 Ambrosia’s presence is much greater than her height would lead people to believe and though her beauty is undoubtable she is neither flashy nor gaudy in her manner or dress. Instead Ambrosia exudes wealth and dignity at all times, casting her grey eyes over the world to find it wanting in almost every respect. Far too controlled to let her displeasure show society is much more accustomed to seeing Mrs Selwyn with an expression of utter indifference to those around her. Her dark brown hair falls in soft waves around her face, is usually pinned in the latest fashion, and only her husband has ever seen ruffled.
Ambrosia can start a fight in an empty room and her fits of jealousy-induced temper have been known to cast a shadow over the whole household. Vengeful and spiteful on her worst days Ambrosia is nevertheless the glue that keeps the family together and it is she who injects some much needed gravity into their collective reputations. Without her “Zeus” would have a flailing reputation and little standing in society but through sheer force of will, and a remarkable perception that helps her charm any gentlemen that might make life better for them, Ambrosia keeps the ship afloat.

To the children she is strict, often unthinkingly unkind, probably the source of more than one nightmare but she would sooner tear off her own skin than see any of them seriously damaged. A forceful presence in the household Ambrosia is fully aware that she is disliked and takes it as a necessary evil: somebody needs to be the one to instil responsibility and order into the children and if history is unkind to her then so be it.
+ Ambrosia is an animagus with the form of a peacock. + Dropped her Welsh accent for the most part despite living there. Occasionally it comes out when she's riled but that almost never happens.

1856: Ambrosia is born the eldest daughter of a Cardiff pureblood family whose declining fortunes do not prevent her from believing herself to have a far superior pedigree to most around her. Her childhood is mostly quiet and uneventful until she is six and her magic presents itself via a violent explosion of anger towards her younger sister that leaves the girl with a permanent scar on her forehead. The nanny takes Ambrosia in hand and schools her strictly in holding her temper, a lesson she will carry with her all her life, but despite this she is never left alone with her sister again.

1867: Upon attending Hogwarts for the first time she is very quickly sorted into Slytherin, a house which suits her down to the ground. She cultivates casual, cool friendships with other girls of her own kind (Rufina Longbotton for one), is a diligent if unspectacular student, and the abiding impression she leaves on everyone is of an arrogant and imperious girl whose marriage prospects are declining with each year her father loses more of the family fortune. More than one individual suggests that it is what her pride deserves but Ambrosia ignores their jibes, filing their names away in her mind to be taken out again only when she can shut them up.

1874: Barely four weeks after her debut and without any input from her Ambrosia is married off to “Zeus”, the oldest son of the wealthy Selwyn family. She dislikes him on sight and very quickly realises that the marriage has been arranged with such swiftness in a bid by her father to recoup some money and his family to curb his lustful ways. “Zeus” already has one illegitimate child she knows of – after they return from a thoroughly miserable honeymoon she meets the previously concealed toddler Liliana – and a set of French twins, ostensibly cousins, will be joining them soon.

Confronting “Zeus” once they are away from the watchful eyes of others Ambrosia lets the full force of her temper fly free for the first time in years, hurling abuse and curses at her new husband, along with several of the heavier items she can throw with any accuracy. He responds in kind and very quickly, and much to her later disgust, they are engaging in the sort of carnality Ambrosia would never admit to even thinking about, even to her husband.

1874-1875: Ambrosia is incensed when her chambermaid Muriel – a little too sweet for her tastes but apparently not for her husband’s – falls pregnant like the idiot she clearly is. Very quickly she arranges for the maid and child to be shipped off to Scotland and forbids her husband from having anything to do with the boy. Ambrosia is pregnant herself by now and promises “Zeus” that if he ever breaks his word she will make sure everybody believes him to be the cuckold and even his legitimate children will carry the brand of being bastards.

After Cadawalader is born, and named by his father, Ambrosia refuses “Zeus” entry to her bedroom for a year and spends her time learning to become an animagus. As far as she knows he has sired no more children so he is allowed back in the bedchamber but she takes delight in threatening him with the possibility she might turn into a peacock halfway through the act.

1877: The wizarding world is exposed and while the majority of society move to Hogsmeade the Selwyns stay put. On the balance of evens Ambrosia doesn’t mind too much – one middle of nowhere heap is just as good as another and at least in Wales she stands less chance of encountering a woman her husband has seduced. The same year "Athena" - her father-in-law's ward/fruit of his also overactive loins - heads off to Hogwarts and Ambrosia pretends not to care despite finding the quiet nerd one of the better members of the family.

1878-1881: At some point between the birth of her daughter and second son Ambrosia discovers that her husband has gotten yet another woman pregnant. Fired with rage Ambrosia vanishes for several weeks, ignoring “Zeus” entirely and cutting herself off from the world in the Norwegian Fjords where she licks her wounds and contemplates getting rid of the child she carries. In the end she does not and she has no choice but to return to the family home but when “Hephaestus” is finally born she rejects him on sight and considers him hideous because he so resembles his father.

1881: Despite "Athena" being away at Hogwarts there are still six children cluttering up the house and Ambrosia promptly hires a governess to work alongside the nanny, instructing the staff that all of the children are to be taught together. Far from being a decision borne of compassion on her part Ambrosia is much more interested in the impression of generosity it gives her; it is also around this time that she begins to lean heavily upon Tanwen, treating her almost as a housekeeper allowed to eat with the family, but still having more reliance on her sense than her husband's, and Ambrosia's moments of softness are almost all borne of Tanwen's gentle, unassuming prodding.

1882-1889: Over the next several years the children grow, Ambrosia hovers around society conspicuously not bearing her husband any more children, and she and "Zeus" congratulate themselves on keeping the family out of Hogsmeade during the seemingly endless troubles. Particularly the fog. Something about the Egyptian Gods just puts them both off.

1890: A quiet tyrant in her own home Ambrosia has long-since accepted her lot in life and though she and "Zeus" teeter on the brink of murdering the other from time to time their marriage is, if not based on love, then certainly a successful one in its way. Despite everything their contrasting traits do compliment each other and there is no denying the passion between them, even if most of it is born of anger. Not a healthy marriage, or an especially happy one, but somehow one built to last.

Unless he knocks up another tramp.
+ Her husband has acknowledged Liliana Selwyn as being his daughter.
+ Despite this she is a notable figure in society and counts Rufina Mulciber and Ursula Black among her friends.
+ She is Welsh. Specifically from Cardiff, though she has dropped her accent as much as possible.
+ Her husband has NOT acknowledged Adrienne and Aristide as being his, but there is little doubt in Ambrosia's mind that they are.
+ Ambrosia is self-taught animagus who takes the form of a peacock when transformed.
+ She is exceptionally hard to please.
+ There are at least two more of her husband's children that she knows of, but she had strictly forbidden him from having anything to do with them.
+ Behind the cool facade in public she is ferocious. Especially to her husband who is the only person who knows how much rage she keeps inside. Bizarrely their marriage is actually quite functional.
Played By: Lauren

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