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Magizoologist Healer

26 year old Halfblood
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Una Walsh

Full Name: Una Morrigan Walsh

Nickname(s): None

Birthdate: December 3, 1862

Age: 26

Occupation: Magizoologist Healer

Blood Status: Half

Residence: Irvingly

Hogwarts House: N/A [Ilvermorny - Thunderbird]

Wand: American Chestnut, 12", Swishy, Uktena Fang


Grady Walsh father, magizoologist/farmer [1838]
Muirenn Walsh neé MacKay mother, healer [1841]
Oran Fionn Walsh brother, healer [1859]
Tierney Lugh Walsh brother, magizoologist [early 1862]
Finley Bridget Walsh sister, --- [1864]
Eireen Niamh Walsh sister, --- [1866]

Fergus, three-legged Jarvey
Aoife, hot pink fwooper
Oscar, erumpent

Conall MacKay uncle, magizoologist [1840]
Nola MacKay neé Federline aunt, housewife [1843-1884]
Eavan MacKay cousin, magizoologist [1863]
Una could, and would, be quite ordinary if it weren’t for her bright red hair. Though, with the ability of a metamorphmagus, she can easily change her hair color to appear more ordinary if she really wanted to. She’s done so in foreign countries so as to not stand out overly much but prefers her natural red locks over most anything else. Otherwise she stands at a pleasant five foot two inches and boasts a slender sort of build. Her curves aren’t overly voluptuous and she prefers it that way. Bright red hair, after all, helps her to stand out in a crowd plenty. Her eyes are a bright blue. She doesn’t worry too much about being in the height of fashion and prefers simply to be as comfortable as possible while still looking respectable. If there’s something she can skip on attire wise, she does. She is right handed.

Playby- Alison Sudol
Adventurous. Vibrant. Kind. Blunt. Traveller. Active. Daring.
1862: In the wee morning hours of a blizzard, Grady and Muirenn welcome their first daughter into the world.
1864: Another daughter is born, Finley.
1866: Another daughter, and final child, is born, Eireen. With the final Walsh child’s arrival brings Una’s first signs of magic. While “helping” Oran with some chores in the barn, Una steps too close to one of the more volatile stallions and is kicked only to bounce off a wall and remain unharmed though has to be stopped from attempting the “fun game” once again.
1870: Oran leaves for school and Una isn’t all that happy that he gets to go on such a grand adventure leaving her behind.
1873: When Tierney leaves for school, Una is even more upset than when Oran left. Feeling much closer to him, she refuses to speak to anyone for weeks following his departure and instead spends as much time as possible with the animals on the farm. Her abilities at a metamorphmagus are made evident during this time as well as her hair never seems to stay one color for long, especially when her family tries to get her to talk to them.
1874: In the summer before going to school, Tierney brings a friend by that apparently doesn’t live far from them that he met at school. The three become thick as thieves throughout the summer and Una finds herself happy to add Jon Danvers as another “brother.” Una leaves for school and finds herself in Thunderbird, little surprise to the rest of the Walsh family. She proves to take after both parents in their own respective ways. A love for animals and taking care of those injured. A focus is put into classes early on that involve creatures and anything that helps in the healing arts.
1881: With her schooling finished, she begins working under both her parents and does what she can to apply her mother’s healing skills to the world of creatures her father tends. 1882: After a country dance that takes place near her home, Una and Jon share a dance in the middle of a field not far from home. It’s perhaps the first romantic memory of her life but she quickly dismisses it, sure he’d only view her as a little sister.
1883: Una meets a gentleman from Britain and is convinced she’s found the love of her life. He’s attentive and kind. He even manages to win Tierney over. He ends up spending a lot of time around the family’s farm and proves to have good intuition when it comes to animals, making Una fall even more in love. It isn’t long before she receives her first kiss and is certain she’ll be with him for the rest of her life. Jon leaves a bit abruptly, saying it was time for him to work independently. She’s a bit surprised and hurt by his sudden departure but she finds herself quite busy spending time with Reuben that the worries are quickly put from her mind.
1884: All hopes and dreams of a happily ever after are crushed when the gentleman vanishes in the middle of the night. Not even a note is left behind, he’s just simply gone. Una is quite understandably left heartbroken. Before the new year begins, Tierney suggests travelling abroad to further their knowledge of creatures. With their parents’ approval, Una is quick to join him in hopes of forgetting the man who stole and crushed her heart. Before they leave, Una has a bit of a temper tantrum in the barns late one night. Kicking and throwing things about along with a good amount of non-ladylike words spewing from her mouth, she garners the attention of a jarvey (foul mouthed ferret) the family had been rehabbing after finding it with a leg stuck in a bear trap. The three legged creature takes a liking to her and tells her as much, surprising her when there isn’t an insult accompanied with it. He stakes her as his own pet and is rarely seen anywhere but with Una.
[b]1887:[/b] After years of travelling about the world learning about and helping all the creatures they can find, Una begins correspondence with her cousin Eavan. Soon arrangements are made for them to meet in Irvingly and see the zoo Eavan has begun working at. Tierney and Una are able to secure lodging in Irvingly, planning to stick around for a short time. While on a visit to Hogsmeade, they run into Mr. Reuben Crouch. The man that gave Una her first kiss then left without so much as a goodbye. The interactions following are hard and sad but eventually he becomes something of a friend to Una. Though clearly evident they’ll never be more like she’d once dreamed, she does enjoy his company. During the spring, she receives an urgent letter from Jon. They’d corresponded on occasion throughout the years but upon receiving his letter she quickly finds herself making arrangements to go to South Africa to see him. She ends up returning to Irvingly with a baby erumpent in tow after having spent a couple of weeks with her dear friend. She leaves with an ache in her heart, not sure when she’ll be seeing him again but at least she has Oscar to occupy her time. Christmas rolls around and Una finds herself stuck under mistletoe with Reuben. The only way to break the spell of having them stuck to the ground is to kiss. Una is a bit ashamed at the feelings that stir inside of her but knows they’re best to be ignored and leaves it at that.
1888: Una is curious to see what the new year has to bring for her with everything that happened in ‘87. She can only hope things go well for her but she intends to continue helping with the zoo and building up the exhibits as much as she’s allowed. An awful article is published about Americans, with Una being something of the poster child for it. She’s pegged as a fortune hunter with no morals. As such, she decides to go to being a blonde for some time to present as being more respectable but also as a way of telling the great masses they can go to hell about her metamorph abilities.
1889: In a surprising turn of events, Jonathan Lawrence (an old friend) turns up at the zoo. It isn't until they get to talking that she realizes just how much she missed their friendship.
1890: Pretty well situated in her life in Irvingly and at the zoo, she looks forward to see what the next step of life brings.
Una was outed as a metamorphagus by WW. She's an American deemed improper, also by WW. She rarely, if ever, has a chaperone. She was linked to Reuben Crouch and written as being the reason behind his bad behavior by WW.
She tends to hoard injured magical creatures of all shapes and sizes. She has little care for what the rest of society says about her but has yet to go back to her natural red headed locks and still goes around as a blonde.
Reuben was actually her first kiss and nothing else happened between them.
Played By: Hawke

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