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His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Gordon Gibson
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Owner of Gibson’s Books, Author & Loan Shark
35 year old halfblood
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Full Name: Gordon Wyatt Gibson

Nickname(s): Gibbs, Gibson

Birthdate: March 18th, 1854

Age: 35


Occupation: Owner of Gibson’s Books, Author & Loan Shark

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Above his bookshop in London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Hawthorne, 10 ½” rigid, phoenix tailfeather

Adriana Gibson nee Hayward | [1834- 1870] magical mother
Brian Gibson | [1828 - 1871] muggle father
Garret Gibson | [1857] estranged squib brother
Everard Gibson [1830-1885] uncle, bookshop owner
With an expressive face that ranges from a charming smile to a mean mug, Gordon is more often found smirking than anything else. His carefree charisma carries over to how he holds himself in a group and shows in every bit of his 5’10” frame. He enjoys being the center of attention, especially from that of the ladies. Broad in the shoulder and imposing when he wants to be, his clothing ranges from casual bookkeep, to more “professional” when he’s handing the money side of business. Gordon keeps his dark brown hair at a respectable, if often shaggy, length and immensely enjoys running his hands through it to keep it from his clear blue eyes.
March 18, 1854 Gordon Wyatt is born the first son to Adriana and Brian Gibson. It is an uneventful birth and Adriana hopes it stays that way; she is a muggleborn witch who neglected to tell her muggle husband of her magic.

1857 | Gordon is joined by a brother named Garret. This pregnancy is much harder on Adriana leaving her in a weaker constitution afterward. Luckily so far no magic is shown.

1861 | The luck runs out when, in a drunken fit, Brian goes after Adriana and Gordon manages to both send his father outside and lock all of the doors until he sobers up. Brian is remorseful when sober, but starts treating Gordon differently.

1862-65 | The abuse starts off small, verbal, withholding meals, a hard smack upside the head when Gordon was being particularly difficult. Garret is spared as he still hasn’t shown magic yet and is also a little less likely to upset their father like Gordon does.

School Year 1865-66 | When his Hogwarts letter arrives, Brian refuses to send Gordon, but Adriana dedicates some of her family inheritance to at least give Gordon a shot. Hogwarts is the best thing that could have happened to him. A safe place to explore the magic away from his father and a whole new group of people. He’s sorted into Gryffindor and immediately finds himself at home. He’s always been a charismatic child and makes friends quickly.

He dreads going home for the summer, but is well-fed and armed with enough wit to know to stay out of his father’s way. The abuse only gets worse however, as Brian is drinking more often. Garret still hasn’t shown any signs of magic and likely won’t. Lucky him. Gordon stays out of the house most days as long as he can to avoid his father.

School Year 1866-67 | Gordon shows up for his second year with a black eye and a broken arm, but those are played off as getting into a fight with some local hooligans and taken care of by the school nurse. Second year is very much a delight as the first, though Gordon doesn’t quite have the knack for academics, he does have a talent for people and knowing the right people makes all the difference. The summer is spent much the same as last, alternating provoking and avoiding his father. Garret has taken notice and maintains his father’s favorite but being perfectly ordinary and non-magical, kissing ass and generally being a nuisance.

School Year 1867-68 | Third year leaves him adding Arithmancy for a new class. He’s good with numbers and so thinks it’ll be fun. This year he also starts to notice his female classmates a little more and dives deep into the world of casual flirting with mixed success.

School Year 1868-69 | Now sporting a few scars from his abuse, Gordon hides the evidence as best he can, but there’s little he can really do about it. His roommates notice of course, but what can anyone do really? He’s only got a few more years to get through before he gets out for good.

School Year 1869-70 | Fifth year, hard one, but Gordon makes it through with some timely tutoring from a close friend. He has high hopes to get some passable grades, thinking he might be able to find himself an internship somewhere in the ministry after school, but those plans quickly go out the window during the Christmas holidays. Adriana falls ill over the break and passes shortly after Gordon returns to school in January. Devastated, he isn’t even allowed to attend his own mother’s funeral, throttled by his father to the point of a broken nose and several ribs, Gordon packs up all of his things and returns to school vowing to find somewhere else to live after this term gets out.

Unfortunately losing his mother also means his money for school has run out and Gordon, though he manages to finish his OWLs and poorly, gets stuck going home. At sixteen, he begrudgingly goes back to London that final summer and picks up as many odd jobs as he can, one of which being in a shady little bookstore in a seedy part of the city, run by his uncle. He runs discreet errands concerning some rather illicit books and subjects, but this is where his talent for people really shines. Everard Hayward is as mild-mannered as Brian is belligerent and takes his nephew under his wing. He isn’t easy on the boy, but he also doesn’t beat the crap out of him either.

1871 | Feeling better than he has in a while, Gordon has bounced back. Barely over a year after his mother’s death, Brian drinks himself into a stupor and gets into a fight with the wrong people, is stabbed and left for dead in a London alley. Unfazed by this news Gordon briefly worries about Garret, but he’s taken in by family friends and thus ends their relationship.

1872-1885 |  Brian’s ghosts catch up with Gordon as some of those shady characters that may or may not have something to do with Brian’s murder, come looking to collect the money he apparently owes them in spades. Everard can only help so much, but leaves it up to Gordon to settle the rest. Which isn’t as hard as one would think. All those summers avoiding his father left him wandering the London streets and gaining a wide variety of skills and knowledge that suit this kind of lifestyle perfectly. Since those guys technically did him a favor, Gordon saddles up and joins the loan shark business- and boy is he good at it. Between that and the bookshop, he’s doing just fine for himself.

1885 | Unfortunately dragonpox takes Everard who leaves the bookshop to Gordon, having no family of his own. Gordon kind of always suspected that his uncle was a bit of dandy and therefore would explain the lack of a family of his own. No matter, again it works out for Gordon. He takes over the shop, hires himself a trustworthy bookkeep and that’s that.

1886 | He starts dabbling in writing erotic novels himself, bases some off his own personal adventures and sells a few. Fancy that.

Presently | Gordon has himself a nice set of friends, a sustainable way of life, something he enjoys doing and zero complaints about life.
Flirtatious; funny; charismatic; quick-witted; silver-tongued; hard-ass; stubborn; crude; money-smart; business-minded; enigmatic; crass.
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