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They hadn't been thieves before, at least. Noble had not been a murderer before either. Now he was one. Did thieving make a difference, at this point?
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Jupiter Smith
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Played by Emma
Lost Soul
24 year old Halfblood
Lost Soul
5 ft. in.
❤   Complicated
Full Name: Jupiter Smith

Nickname(s): Jo

Birthdate: April 12, 1868

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Occupation: Archaeologist

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Egypt

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Cherry, Dragon Heartstring, 13 1/4", Quite Flexible

Doomed Baby Binns • d.1890
Ilona Smith • b. Nov. 24th, 1891

Eric Smith • Father • b.1833 • Muggle
Tiffany Smith • Mother • b.1838 • Muggleborn
Sun Smith• Brother • b.1856 • and family
Mercury Smith • Brother • b.1862 • and family
Venus Smith • Brother • b.1865
Earth Beck née Smith • Sister • b. 1866 • and family
Mars Asteroid née Smith • Twin Sister • b.1868 • and family
Saturn Smith • Brother • b.1870
Uranus Smith • Brother • b.1871 • Squib
Neptune Smith • Brother • b. 1874
Moon Smith • Sister • b.1876

Maya • Husky • b.1888
One of Jo's most noticeable features are her pale blue eyes, which look only paler when she's sporting a deep tan from her time in the Americas. Her chestnut brown hair is frequently trimmed to remain an inch below her shoulders, and is typically either swept up into a casual bun or left loose to fall in its soft waves. She has an athletic build with only slight curves (a fact she hates) and stands at five feet four inches. She prefers lightweight functional dresses when in England or trousers when working. Jo is right handed.

As a result of the Florida Man craziness, Jo now has tattoos spiraling from her elbows down her chest and back. None are visible when she wears her typical clothing. However, any risque dress will show the top most vines and flowers.
1868: Jupiter Smith takes her sweet time following her sister into the world, arriving nearly two hours after Mars. Her mother will retell this tale as the worst two hours of her life for years to come.
1869: The twins are just shy of a year old when Saturn is born. Jo takes to him instantly, wanting to always be near the baby in the nursery. For the most part, the nanny doesn't try to stop her since she is a baby herself still.
1870: Jo's first act of magic comes at an incredibly young age. Nanny had just left the nursery momentarily and shut the door behind her. Jo, in her already limitless curiosity, was unable to physically turn the knob to open it. Instead, the door magically swung open and she ran after nanny.
1871: Uranus follows as the seventh child - the fourth boy. Jo doesn't bond with him as she did Saturn, though she is still fiercely protective of the baby. Any visitors find her perched near the bassinet telling the baby the same stories nanny had just told her.
1873: Mercury leaves for school in the fall.
1874: Yet another baby joins the tribe of Smith's. Jo, now six and given more freedom, leaves the task of protection to the younger siblings. There's too big a world out there to spend it attached to the nursery night and day. She becomes masterful at opening the garden gate without it creaking, though she rarely ventures further than her neighbor's house across the street. It's easier to spend time with that family than it is with her strange family. After all, Mars insistence on fighting with everyone is the start of a driving wedge between the twins.
1876: The final Smith child joins the family early in the year, and another girl at that. Moon is an adorable baby who captures the heart of the family easily. Still, Jo doesn't have much interest in lingering around the nursery anymore. With all the attention focused on Moon, she takes the opportunity to expand her knowledge of their neighborhood. She wanders for hours, darting around people and making it a decent ways away from her home before being discovered. Mars is the angriest of her siblings and the two have their first terrible fight. Despite the fact that the tensions remained for weeks, Jo doesn't stop trying to have adventures whenever she can. Venus leaves for school in the fall.
1878: Earth boards the Hogwarts Express, and for the first time Jo acutely feels the absence. She isn't attached to Earth the way she's attached to Saturn (or even Mars, not that she'd admit it) but the house is distinctly quieter without her eldest sister. To distract herself, she begins wandering more frequently, though now Saturn accompanies her everywhere.
1879: The summer is perhaps one of the strangest of her life. Her Hogwarts letter arrives with little fanfare, but that's hardly noticeable in comparison with what Earth is doing. Earth spends the warmest months of the year attempting to drag them all to church, and it works. Jo doesn't necessarily buy into the beliefs wholeheartedly, but she also isn't willing to say that the church is wrong. There's something out there - that much she'll admit to. Whether or not that's God remains to be seen. Jo carries her confusing beliefs with her to school where she's sorted into Gryffindor two seconds after the hat is settled upon her head. It's not surprising that she's separated from Mars, though she does miss sharing a room with her twin terribly.
1880: Eventually, as she settles into her classes and new friend group, she learns to ignore Mars' antics. Fighting is such a waste of time, but if that's how her sister wants to spend her life who is she to stop her?
1881: Jo is overjoyed to have Saturn, her partner in crime and best friend, join the other Smith's at school. They're separated into separate houses (which, while not surprising, is disappointing) and Jo tries a handful of times to sneak into the Hufflepuff common room with him before realizing it would never happen. She adds Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies, and Earth Magic to her courseload, and falls in love with Ancient Studies. She begins dreaming of traveling the world to see these remnants of past civilizations for herself.
1883: The highlight of the summer is Mercury's wedding to a fellow chemist. Despite having never been truly close with him, Jo is all smiles throughout the day. Even Mars is more tolerable than usual!
1884: Her fifth year ends with test results that highlight her interests to the extreme. The subjects she loved she has stunning marks, but those she took only out of obligation aren't quite so shiny. Tiffany threatens Jo with a removal from school if she doesn't get her act together.
1885: Neptune leaves for school. Earth has a whirlwind courtship followed by an engagement at the end of the year. Jupiter begins to realize how little interest she has in romance and marriage. A husband would serve only as a tether, a shackle she could never escape. She resolves then to settle down only when traveling loses its allure.
1886: Jo opts to skip the Coming Out Ball and spends her last night in the castle roaming the halls she never got to see. She tries once more to sneak into the Hufflepuff common room to no avail. Having been in contact with an archaeologist in South America (an elderly woman she met through her ancient studies professor), Jo takes off for the Western hemisphere immediately following Earth's wedding. She writes home when she can, though those letters are sparse and few between.
1887: After seven months abroad, Jo returns home to a married twin and a sudden variety of nieces and nephews. She lasts only three months in the rigid English society before returning to Peru (and from there Jo travels to Central and Northern America. Somewhere along the way she meets Mrs ---, a woman nearly fifteen years her senior and every bit as experienced. They have a quick and steamy affair before she's called away to another dig. Jo shrugs her absence off with ease and carries on unaffected.
1888: Earth apparently has little trouble with having children, for another babe joins the brood. Jo tries not to roll her eyes too hard at the obscure names. Must everyone in her family have such odd tastes? She returns home for a few months (mostly to convince Saturn to come with her) before venturing to Greece. While she loves the Mediterranean, it doesn't measure up to her expectations.
1889: Mars - the fighter, the strange woman - becomes a mother. Jo cuts her trip short to be there for the birth (more to assure herself that the letter she received announcing the pregnancy wasn't the result of some crazy drug induced dreams). It's the first of her nieces that she feels any sort of attachment to, though not a strong enough attachment to quit exploring. Within weeks of returning home she's off once more.
1890: The beginning of the year is marked by Aaron abruptly dying. Jo and Saturn receive the news after a long day in the rainforests and immediately begin their travels home. She doesn't rest until she's with her family. And now, for the first time in four years, she isn't sure when she'll be traveling again.
Adventurous. Workaholic. Non-committal. Flirty. Self-Interested. Active.
Languages: She can speak fluent Spanish and Portuguese as a result of her extended time in Central and South America. She can also read the two languages fairly well, but often mixes the two languages when writing in them. She also has a rough understanding of Greek, though is fairly rusty having not had to use it for the past year.
Sexuality: Bisexual with a leaning towards women if she had to chose.
Amortentia: Unknown
Patronus: A Monarch Butterfly
Boggart: Herself shackled to a house surrounded by children
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