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As he fell, Ford recalled the trials of Gulliver during his interactions with the Lilliputians.
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Felix Prewett
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Played by Fallin
Crime & Politics Reporter for the Daily Prophet
32 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 8 in.
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Full Name: Felix Draco Prewett

Nickname(s): Lix - but only by his siblings when they really want to annoy him.

Birthdate: February 23rd, 1860

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Occupation: Crime & Investigative Reporter for the Daily Prophet

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Belgravia, London. Still at the family home.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Hornbeam, 12", slightly springy, kelpie hair

Gideon Prewett, Father [1820-1868]
Harriet Prewett née Potter, Mother [1828]
Faustus Prewett, Brother [1850]
— Jane Prewett née Pettigrew, Sister-in-Law [1856-1883]
— Edelweiss Prewett, Niece [1877]
— Iris Prewett, Niece [1882]
— Mezereon Prewett, Nephew [1883]
Frances Crabbe née Prewett, Sister [1856], and family
Fitzroy Prewett, Twin [1860]
— Liliana Prewett née Carrow, Sister-in-Law [1864-1883]
Florence Greene née Prewett, Sister [1861]
— Corey Greene, Brother-in-Law [1857-1886]
— Chloe Greene, Niece [1883]
— Corinne Greene, Niece [1886]
Felicity Riley née Prewett, Sister [1863]
— James Riley, Brother-in-Law [1855-1886]
— Gideon James Riley, Nephew [1883]
— Grace Florence Riley, Niece [1885]
Frederick Prewett, Brother [1864]
Felix looks rather like his twin (funny how that works, right?). He stands at 5 feet 8 inches (rather ordinary in his opinion) and has the same coloring as his twin, including the brown hair - which he does like to keep grown out to style nicely. The primary difference between them is Felix is a bit more lean having lacked any interest in quidditch that his twin showed. He was born left handed, but was trained out of it, so now he is right handed. He actually prefers wizarding robes, but will wear muggle clothing as well.
- Early Years -

1860: Felix has the unfortunate luck of being born the younger twin by only a few minutes and is the third son born to the Prewett family.
1861: Felix hardly notices the birth of his sister Florence is born nor that Faustus goes to Hogwarts, much more interested in chasing his siblings with his clumsy steps.
1863: This time Felix notices his sister’s birth. But Felicity is really too little to be any sort of fun.
1864: Everyone makes a fuss about Fitzroy’s first sign of magic. Not to be outdone Felix also displays his first sign of magic only weeks later when he attempts to chase Florence in the nursery and instead ends up making the carpet float upward with Florence on it.
1867: This time it is Frances’ turn to go to Hogwarts. Felix begins to wonder what the school is like.
1868: A group of aurors kills Felix’s father as a dark wizard. Surprised by this, and always inquisitive, this sparks Felix’s desire to really know things and to get to the bottom of things. He misses his father, but is rather more in disbelief that his father could have been a dark wizard and they didn’t know it. He begins to listen to everyone around him and finds himself collecting lots of fascinating information. Faustus graduates and becomes an auror.
- School Years [1871-1878] -

1871-72: Fitzroy and Felix’s turn to attend Hogwarts arrives. Both boys are sorted into Slytherin, which for Felix is both a blessing and a curse in his opinion. Fitzroy immediately makes friends, but Felix is a bit more reserved. He likes to really know someone before he becomes friends with it, not to mention, when compared with quidditch loving Fitzroy Felix appears a bit more… bland.
1872-1873: Second year arrives and Felix begins to start making friends. While more reserved that his twin, it turns out he is rather social - even if he doesn’t care about quidditch. What he does care about is gossip. He learns what to listen for, what to keep to himself, and the act of dropping just the right bit of news to gratify its reaction from those listening. He subscribes to the Daily Prophet, discovering he likes to be the first one to have actual news. 1873-74: Finally able to add an elective to his course load Felix adds Muggle Studies and Ghoul Studies. Frances graduates
1874-75: It’s really no laughing matter but Fitzroy gets on the wrong side of a garden gnome in his CoMC class. Felix is glad he didn’t pick that class as an elective.
1875-1876: Faustus gets married and Frederick starts his first year at Hogwarts. Felix spends his time spilt between studying for OWLs and single handedly keeping the gossip wheel turning at Hogwarts.
1876-1877: Fitzroy becomes quidditch captain, Felix is happy for him but still doesn’t see the appeal. Faustus’s first child is actually a set of twins! Felicity begins at Hogwarts. Felix shares his first kiss with a sweet Hufflepuff girl - it feels like he is kissing a frog. He does not attempt to repeat this experiment and decides that anyone who actually likes kissing is a bit deranged anyway. Over the summer he interns at the Ministry of Magic - which he finds rather dull.
1877-1878: Felix’s final year of Hogwarts is rather uneventful. He is torn at the prospect of working at the Ministry like Faustus or writing for the Daily Prophet - a harebrained scheme that he doesn’t disclose to anyone.
- Academic Record -

Defence Against the Dark ArtsAA
History of MagicEE
Muggle StudiesEE
Ghoul StudiesEA

- Early Adulthood -

1878: Felix takes a position at the Daily Prophet. It might only be writing the paper’s fluff pieces but he really enjoys it - even if it baffles his whole family.
1879: Enjoying a night on the town, slumming, Felix gets rip roaring drunk while talking to a handsome stranger and ends up going home with him. He finds himself having to revise his stance of kissing - among several other things. Fitzroy moves out leaving Felix as the only child to remain living at home.
1880: Felix begins to get more interesting pieces of news to write and hopes to end of writing crime and investigative pieces. Realizing that there are more like him Felix spends more time out at bars and enters into some brief flirtations, a habit that continues from here on out.
1881: Florence gets married, while Fitzroy doesn’t approve of the match, Felix supports it feeling that everyone should be able to pick who they would want to marry - because after all he’s not lucky to find a match anyone approves of. Felicity surprises the family when she graduates and finds work as a healer.
1882: Fitzroy gets married to Liliana and Felix finds himself wondering if his twin truly loves the lady. Felicity also gets married. With his other siblings happily married Felix begins to worry his mother will turn her attention to him next. Frederick graduates and goes to work for the Ministry. Felix is officially a crime and investigative reporter.
1883: Liliana dies and Felix is surprised to see how shaken Fitzroy is. In the summer Florence has her first child. A month later so does Felicity, however, things to do not go well for Felicity as she attempts to strangle the child and is placed into an asylum. Felix does everything he can (and succeeds) in keeping this out of the paper. To add to the terrible year Jane dies.
1884: Felix finds himself almost relieved that his mother now is turning to getting his brothers married (again) rather than himself. Fitzroy becomes the captain of the Chudley Cannons and shortly thereafter ends up in jail with Freddie and Art. 1885: Faustus leaves the Auror office, not that Felix can really blame him, indeed it makes a lot of sense. Felix enters into an intense flirtation with a gentleman that lasts almost a year. He has no better word to define this, seeing as society doesn’t approve of his activities. Before the holidays the two part ways and Felix is left with his first heartbreak - a fact he does not reveal to anyone. 1886: Fitzroy retires from quidditch and begins to run the quidditch league instead. Felix believes this move fits his brother perfectly. 1889: Faustus is made Head Auror. Felix continues his life much as before, content with his life. Unfortunately he knows that soon he will be expected to marry and he rather dreads it. His saving grace is his mother’s interest in getting his older brothers married again. For once Felix is quite happy to be a third son instead of a second.
Felix is inquisitive, he likes to know things, enjoys trying to find them out, and feels greatly rewarded when he obtains information that most people don’t know, this is how his cunning often manifests - he likes to get people to talk to him and tell him what they know, finding just the best way to get the information from each person. He is also a bit more quiet than his twin, but this doesn’t mean he isn’t friendly. Indeed, he has grown into rather an outgoing fellow. Despite his line of work Felix is rather optimistic about life as well, with a bit more of a lucky go attitude. Felix was a bit shy in his youth which has translated to him being slightly more reserved than Fitzroy, although he does have a bit of confidence about himself. Felix does tend to get talked into quite a few things by his brothers, usually for the betterment of the family or, you know, for fun. While Felix may seem like he isn’t as competitive as his twin, don’t let this fool you that he isn’t ambitious, his career might not seem like much for someone of his standing, but he aims to be the best at it and write headlines one day.
[b]Languages:[/b] Can speak and write English and French [b]Amortentia:[/b] Leather, musk, black tea [b]Patronus:[/b] Terrier
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