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Holliday Fudge
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Played by Kayte
18 year old Halfblood
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Full Name: Holliday Mae Fudge


Birthdate: May 17th, 1873

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: The Sanditon Resort, Sussex

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw ('91)

Wand: Poplar, 9 inches, with a veela hair core. Quite bendy.

Herbert Fudge, Father [1849-1887]
Winifred Fudge née Fisk, Mother [1852]
Somersby Fudge, Brother [1871]
Irene Fudge, Sister [1875]
Paxton Fudge, Brother [1877]
Sunday Fudge, Sister [1878]

Gilbert Fudge, Grandfather [1805-1881]
Eugenia Hobday née Pince, formerly Fudge, Grandmother [1814]
Jedidiah “Uncle Jed” Hobday, Step-Grandfather [1803]
Bonnie ----- née Hobday, Step-Aunt [1845], and family
Orson Hobday, Step-Uncle [1852]

Sullivan Fisk, Grandfather [1825]
Saralyn Fisk née -----, Grandmother [18xx-18xx]
Arven Fisk, Uncle [1851]
Holliday has always been a petite witch, presently standing at four feet, ten inches and without any traces of the womanly figure she hopes to eventually acquire. Her hair and eyes are in matching shades of brown. When not in her school robes, she favors thin, light dresses in blue hues. Holliday is right-handed.

Early Years

1873 | Holliday is the second child born to Herbert and Freddie Fudge, and the second daughter. The family lives in a comfortable home in Godric’s Hollow.

1875 | Though she can’t remember it, this is the year that Holliday becomes an elder sister to baby Irene.

1877 | In February, Paxton is born.

1878 | Another child, Sunday, is born to the family.

1879 | Irene’s first act of magic! Holliday is quite embarrassed that her younger sister has made such a display before her, and becomes rather withdrawn for the better part of a fortnight.

1880 | While on a family vacation, Holliday’s first act of magic sees her transfigure a small muggle child into a turtle. While this is quite dire—the Minsitry of Magic, understandably, is called in to clean up the mess—it is not quite so bad as the fact that Paxton’s electrocuted someone, so she’s not given too hard a time for it.

1881 | Her grandfather dies on the job, leaving Papa and Mama a surprisingly large sum of money—and also Granny.

1882 | Holiday’s parents sell the family home and begin building a magical resort near the seaside. Somersby leaves for Hogwarts in the fall, and is sorted into Ravenclaw.

1883 | May sees the opening of the resort. Holliday is thrilled to meet the different people that her new home attracts.


1884 | Granny remarries to Uncle Jed. This is rather confusing to Holliday, who didn’t realize people got married when they got to be old. She leaves for Hogwarts in September, where she joins her brother in Ravenclaw. It surprises no one that she takes quickly to Transfiguration, though she has little interest (or aptitude) for the more academic History of Magic.

1886 | Holliday concludes her second year of schooling and returns to the Sanditon for the summer. She is eager to see who—and what—she’ll get to meet during the summer months! Before she leaves Hogwarts, she registers in Care of Magical Creatures for the coming school year, as well as Muggle Studies.

1887 | Tragedy strikes in the summer. Whilst attending the Wizarding World Market with her father, the entire thing effectively blows up. He saves her life, but dies in the process. Though Herbert lingers as a ghost, Holliday is still not thrilled by this drastic life change. To add insult to injury, her best friend Topaz becomes a werewolf and can’t return to Hogwarts!

1888 | Against all laws of reason, Beatrix Borgin is made Ravenclaw prefect, making Holliday's already stressful fifth year that much more difficult.

1889 | Holliday sits her O.W.L.s and receives favourable results. Though she is reluctant to set aside Transfiguration, she decides to focus only on courses that will help her reach her goals of becoming a healer for creatures in her final years of school. The end of August sees her parents remarry, and September sees the last of the Fudge children depart for Hogwarts.

1891 | She sits her N.E.W.T.s and makes her debut into society, excited to see what the future holds.
  • Languages: In addition to her first tongue (English) and a basic proficiency in French, Holliday has been learning Mermish since the age of twelve. She's not fabulous at it, but she's getting better!

  • Boggart: A very tall tower
  • Amortentia: Salt air, old books, and generic ~animal smell
  • Holliday has been afraid of heights for as long as she can remember. This makes courses like Astronomy difficult, and she does her best not to look out any windows when in places like the Ravenclaw tower or the Hogwarts owlry.
  • Though ethnically Jewish through her maternal side, in terms of religion, Holliday is quite agnostic.
  • Holliday has begun her period, which is useless info to you but I'd probably forget otherwise, so HERE IT LIES.

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Astronomy P
Care of Magical Creatures O TBD
Charms E TBD
Defence Against the Dark Arts A
Gobbledegook N/A TBD
Herbology O TBD
History of Magic P
Muggle Studies A
Potions E TBD
Transfiguration E

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