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Harriet Prewett
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Played by Lauren
Socialite & Matchmaker
64 year old Pureblood
Socialite & Matchmaker
5 ft. 3 in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Harriet Amelia Prewett née Potter.


Birthdate: 13th January, 1828.

Age: 64

Gender: Female

Occupation: Socialite & Matchmaker.

Blood Status: Pureblood.

Residence: Belgravia, London.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor.

Wand: Ash, 13 inches, kelpie hair core. Whimsical.

Gideon Prewett | Husband | 1820-1868

Faustus Prewett | Son | 1850-
— Jane Pettigrew née Prewett | Daughter-in-Law | 1856-1883
— Edelweiss Prewett | Granddaughter | 1877-
— Iris Prewett | Granddaughter | 1882-
— Mezereon Prewett | Grandson | 1883-
Frances Crabbe née Prewett | Daughter | 1856-
Felix Prewett | Son | 1860-
Fitzroy Prewett | Son | 1860-
Florence Greene née Prewett | Daughter | 1861-
— Corey Greene | Son-in-Law | 1857-1886
— Chloe Greene | Granddaughter |1883-
— Corinne Greene | Granddaughter | 1886-
Felicity Riley née Prewett | Daughter | 1863-
— James Riley | Son-in-Law | 1855-1886
— Gideon James Riley | Grandson | 1883-
— Grace Florence Riley | Granddaughter | 1885-
Frederick Prewett | Son | 1864-

Through her natal family Harriet is related to the Potters, Longbottoms and most other members of the pureblood community.
Standing at 5'3 Harriet was blessed with a pretty face, azure blue eyes and a willowy figure. She has mostly avoided any lasting effects from her pregnancies, other than around the bust which she delights in telling her daughters, and her dedication to keeping a porcelain complexion means she looks ten years younger than she actually is underneath her strawberry-blonde hair.

Early Life 1828-1839
Born the second child and first daughter of wealthy purebloods Harriet is welcomed and immediately spoilt by affectionate, if distant, parents. Through most of her youth she and her siblings are cared for by nannies and cause merry havoc wherever they go on the grounds of the estate quite safe in the knowledge that they won't be chastised for much. Eventually Jameson, two years her elder, displays magic for the first time and is reassigned to a governess. The sisters spend the next three years playing together and frequently go missing for long, hazy days, never paying much notice to the stark relief on the nanny's face when they are finally found. Despite the difference in their ages the sisters display magic around the same time and are passed over the governess the same year Jameson goes to Hogwarts - suffice to say the nanny subsequently retires.

School Days 1839-1846
Sorted into Gryffindor within seconds of the hat touching her copper head Harriet is popular and charming, though decidedly average as a student. She dislikes the rigours of academia for the most part, finding that her brain works in quite a different way - that way being flying off in all directions without much structure and eventually landing on a answer, even if it makes sense to no one else but her. As a result she is slightly savant-like at potions but no one can really explain why. By the time she completes her OWLs her parents have arranged a marriage to Gideon Prewett who, blessedly, is neither old not ugly. Bored of Hogwarts Harriet nevertheless remains for her final two years, knowing that as soon as she marries she will never live with her sister again. Her NEWT years subsequently become more of a sororial swan song and she emerges with just one to her name and marries shortly after her graduation.

Marriage & Motherhood 1846-1864
For the first four years of her marriage Gideon treats her like an actual, factual Princess and she never quite gets over the feeling of being indulged in all things. They travel extensively in Europe for a time and if there are no children to show for their marriage after the first few years then neither of them are especially worried: it certainly isn't for lack of trying!

In 1850 the dam breaks and Harriet delivers the couple's first child, a handsome son they name Faustus in honour of a relative Harriet doesn't recall. Over the next fourteen years she delivers three more sons and slightly fewer daughters but by the time she and Gideon are done she is thrilled by her brood of boisterous redheads and overjoyed that noise lingers in their house long after her eldest go to Hogwarts.

Widowhood 1868-1877
Quite unexpectedly, because really on on earth would expect such a thing, Gideon is killed by aurors. To make matters worse it casts a shadow over the whole family and Faustus becomes an auror himself not long after, giving Harriet a powerful mix of emotions. Could her husband, always so unassuming, really be the Dark Wizard they say he is? It will be years until he is exonerated by the auror department and while Harriet feels she could forgive them for actually killing him she will never be over the long years when she had children from four to eighteen that all thought their father was a villain.

Things become marginally better a few years later when Faustus marries Jane Pettigrew - proof positive that life goes on and that they are not complete social pariahs. Of course Jane is slightly plainer than Harriet would have liked and her mother is a bit much even by Harriet's standards but it is a success nevertheless.

Grandmotherhood 1877-1883
Faustus and Jane produce a child, rather unfortunately named Edelweiss, but Harriet takes to being a grandmother like a duck to water. Which is to say her lady's maid knits a lot of clothes and the local toy shop proprietor rubs his hands together in glee each time he sees her. She is less thrilled by Fitz becoming a professional Quidditch player and moving out of the house, doubly so given that all of her younger children are still at school, but luckily Felix still lives under her roof and continues to do so for the next several years, during which time her daughters marry (some less than favourably) and along with Faustus provide her with more little ones to spoil.

Fitz marries Liliana Carrow, which is an excellent match, but unfortunately she dies the following year and shortly afterwards Felicity is placed in an asylum. Harriest briefly entertains the notion that her children are cursed and takes to visiting diviners before deciding it's all nonsense. She would be much better off taking them all in hand and sorting it out herself!

Why-Aren't-My-Sons-Settled-hood 1883-1890
Fitzroy and Freddie briefly finds themselves in Azkaban - oddly Harriet is rather unaffected by this frankly ridiculous escapade and instead opts to put it down to the Pettigrew boys influence. Honestly, that family!

She feels for Fitz and Faustus, having been a widow relatively young herself, and is determined to see them both settled with new wives. Freddie and Felix too if she can manage it (though she doesn't hold out much hope about the latter, having a fair idea as to why her terribly handsome, eligible son has never shown the slightest interest in women.) Apart from anything else she would like some more grandchildren to dote on and jumping headfirst into the season to find suitable brides for her sons does mean she might find brides with widower fathers that are just as lonely as she is on occasion...
Soft-purist. Quietly formidable when needed. Fun-loving. Quick-witted. Holds a grudge. Will cut a bitch who hurts her boys. Excellent dinner guest.
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Lady is magnificent and so is this set <3
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