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Samuel St.John-Black
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Played by Dante
American Liaison
32 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 9 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Samuel St.John-Black

Nickname(s): Sam

Birthdate: 18 February 1858

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Occupation: American Ambassador

Blood Status: pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Illvermorney - Thunderbird

Wand: Yew, Augrey feather, 16inchs supple

Family: Emily Black – Mother
Samuel St.John – Father †
Earnest Llewlyn – Step Father
Roscoe Llewelyn – Step Brother
Earnest Llewelyn- Black – Half Brother
Evelyn Llewlyn- Black – Half Sister
Samuel stands at a slightly above average 5ft 9 inches. He has dark blue eyes and brown hair. Generally he sports a crop of facial hair, wavering between a manicured goatee and a full beard. He thinks he looks too baby faced without it and no one takes him seriously so he always sports some kind of facial hair.
Samuel was born into a typical pureblood family in a place where there were not many purebloods to speak of. His mother was an English woman, gentele and pale woman, a distant cousin from the prominent and noted house of Black. Her family, solidly middle class, being descended from the second sons of second sons, had little to recommend them other than their name, and their ‘noble’ roots. His father, Samuel St.John, was a self made man, of pureblood stock long transplanted from England. Several generations before they had left England as poor worker stock but generations of hard work and good fortune had made them rich, extravagantly so. The new world had been kind to them and delivered all that the American dream had promised.

Samuel was the first born, and soon to be only child of the pair, as his father was killed shortly after his birth – an accident while riding. Emily was left alone – a young, and still beautiful widow. When Samuel was 3 his mother met and eventually married Earnest Llewlyn, a half blood man from a good family and with a considerable fortune of his own. He also had a son from his first marriage, close in age to Samuel (there were months between them) but both boys got along famously.

Emily and Earnest went on to have 2 children together and this the family was truly blended. It was clear from Samuels will that his son would inherit his estate, while Roscoe will eventually inherit Earnests. Both Samuel and Roscoe have agreed that the allowance and properties of Emily should pass to Earnest jnr and Evelyn equally.

Samuel and Roscoe displayed magic together for the first time, they were playing soldiers in the yard and managed to blow a sizable hole in the flower beds. Eventually both were sent to Illvermorny, Samuel ended up in Thunderbird and Roscoe in Wampus. Samuel did well in school, finishing with excellent grades and deciding to dedicate his life to foreign service, since he had not much of a head, or interest in business. He hired a trusted friend to run his business holdings, while he joined the ministry in service.

After working for several years in the department of international magical co-operation he was made the ambassador and liaison to France, and then later to the UK. AS one of his first events he was invited to a coming out ball. It was there he saw [i]her[/i] a young woman of such exceptional poise and beauty that he was immediately taken, and he managed but one dance with her that, on the surface, appeared more as an act of duty than of design or inclination. But an infatuation was born.

Samuel felt much too old and too severe to be so taken with a young lady in this manner and he tried hard to quash the foolish ‘crush’ but it was almost fate. It seemed like every event he went to during the season she was there, shining and beautiful, a social butterfly. Valiantly he fought to ignore the slight ache in his chest when he saw her but it seemed like he was cursed. After that first dance he never managed to get another with her, she was always so engaged and they had no mutual friends to make a proper acquaintance. It appeared he was cursed to be so ridiculously infatuated.

Luckily however, he was able to make a friend at the club, who knew her father procured a formal introduction to the man. He was surprised that the older man was seeking to arrange a match for the daughter he was looking to dispose of in marriage. Samuel had presumed her status was because her father would have been loathed to be parted from her. Playing it cool, the deal was done, and Samuel had somehow managed to find himself not only acquainted intimately with the family of his infatuation, but also somehow engaged to the object itself. It’s a strange feeling, and despite his exterior he is fecking delighted!

Miss Finch however, was less delighted with the matching and shortly after the pair were formally betrothed, and mere weeks before her wedding she eloped with a man that he was to learn she had had former relations with. Samuel is suitably humiliated and angry but looking forward to his sister finishing school and coming out to England to join him.
Service orientated, dedicated, loyal, stoic, reliable, romantic, patient, inscrutable. His ‘good opinion once lost is lost forever’
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Lady is a star
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