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Third Year
Third Year

14 year old Halfblood
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played by Kelly
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Maxima Goshawk

Full Name: Maxima Helga Goshawk

Nickname(s): Maxie

Birthdate: October 31, 1875

Age: 14

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmaede

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Willow, 11", flexible, dragon heart string

Father: Cooper Goshawk (18##-1884)
Mother: Dorothea Goshawk Seddon (18##)
Sister: Aimee Goshawk (1872)
Brother: Elliot Goshawk (1873)
Brother: Trent Goshawk (1874)
Twin Sister: Valeria Goshawk (1875)
Brother: Saxon Goshawk (1877)
Sister: Rhea Goshawk (1878)

Demon Step-Father: Thornton Seddon (18##)
Eyes: Blue, but looks grey in certain lights

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'

Clothing: The nicer she can look, the better. Being the prettiest girl in the room - of her social status anyway - can be very important to her at times.

Dominant Hand: Right

PB ~ Kyla Matthews

Amortentia: Unknown

Patronus: Unknown

Boggart: Unknown

Star Sign: Scorpio

Hobbies: Reading, studying advanced potions recipes, singing, and fashion.

Pets: Two dogs at home named Lady and Maddie, and a cat named Tulip.
1875: Maxima is born soon after Valeria. The two are quick to cry when in seperate rooms from one another. The twins are the fifth and sixth of the Goshawk spawn, respectively.

1877: The Most Obnoxious Sibling Ever is born into this world. The Most.

1878: Rhea is born as the final full sibling born to the family.

1880: Ironically enough, Maxie shows signs of magic just before Valeria. Trying to reach the top shelf of books in their father's study, Maxie makes all of the books fall due to her frustration of having a hard time with the old ladder. One of the books hits her hard enough that she looses her balance.

Luckly Valeria was walking in to check on her and accidently made her float from the shock and horror of seeing her falling. Mother had to actually cast a spell to get Maxie down from the ceiling that she had gently floated up to.

1884: Father dies. What a terrible occurence. To make matters worse, Saxon starts imagining that father's 'ghost' is 'haunting' them. It is as if the idiot can't let his siblings mourn in peace! Maxie becomes rather cold to her little brother, and often wishes that mother would simply send him away.

1887: Maxie and Valeria are sorted into different houses! Valeria had always been far more loyal to friends and family, to be fair. But still! A dreadful aspect for the two girls. Hufflepuff and Slytherin, to be apart and have to live with that.

Making the world a worse place, mother remarries. And the man seems dreadful. To top off how bad this is, they are now to live in Hogsmeade. The dreadful little place that killed father, as well as plenty of other odd and deadly things that has happened. Maxie is convinced that the place is cursed.

1888: The year that makes it to where even Hogwarts can't be her safe place, Saxon joins her and Valeria at Hogwarts. A dreadful development really. Now she is sister of the freak. Fabulous.

1889: Maxie chooses Divination for her elective. Divination is fairly lady-like. It works.
  • She is a respectable young lady.
  • She is vain.

  • Her brother imagines that their father is a ghost, and she hates that.
  • She might want a job when she graduates, but she's too self conscious to admit it.
Played By: Kelly

Contact: PM/Skype/Discord

Plot Preferences: Personally, I love making plots. I like planning things out. However, I'm also willing to plan things out, to then ditch the plan completely if the muse takes me and those I thread with in another direction. My characters tend to do as they please, leaving me wondering what on earth I just typed. Trying to make them do something that they will not naturally do seems strange, and won't work the way that the plan was supposed to.

"Mature" content does not bother me in threads. Language and violence don't bother me (though if we are gonna do smut, there has got to be a good reason for it happening at all and I would prefer if we fade-to-black). However I'm not comfortable doing these things if it would not be something that my character would do, and/or if it is not for plot development.

For me, I like to try to type as much as my muse will allow. Typically I try to match with the other poster, if not posting more. I do not expect anyone to have to match my post word count if their muse does not call for it.

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