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Murdock Greyback
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Played by Dante
Delightful Murdok
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
40 year old Halfblood
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement
6 ft. in.
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Full Name: Murdock Angus Greyback


Birthdate: 12 December 1850

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Occupation: Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Blood Status: Half

Residence: Greyback Reach, The Shiant Isles, Outer Hebrides

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 12 inchs, Maple, werewolf whisker (his own), whippy -second wand

Family: [s]Manon Greyback - wife[/s] - Deceased
______ Greyback - Daughter
______ Greyback - Daughter -

Alasdair Greyback - brother
Merida GReyback - sister
Murdock is a large man, broad, standing at 6ft tall and built thick across the chest and arms. The sort of physique that was made for rugby or as a quidditch beater. He has a sqaure head and jaw, with bright red hair and blue eyes, sporting a matching beard. He favours traditional scottish regalia, wearing kilts, or wizarding robes at all times. He always wears something of his family tartan, even if its only a pocket square, and when sporting a bouttoinarire, it is always a thistle. He has wrinkles aorund his eyes from his laughter lines. He is left handed but he was forced to use his right as child, so he is effectively ambidextrous.
[b]Family life[/b] The Greybacks were a quiet and insular family with some strange opinions on werewolves. In short every son of the family was purposely infected with lycanthropy at age 17, or at the completion of their education, whichever comes later, as a rite of passage into manhood –the girls debuted, and the men were infected. As a result of the general ostracising of the werewolf community, the family lived in relative seclusion, keeping their strange practices very much to themselves, with no one outside the immediate family knowing of the ‘ritual.’ For the most part the wizarding community simply thinks of the family as ‘quiet’ and ‘not very social’ and the men in particular are not known for spending much time in society. Usually the men complete their education, and then publically, embark on their grand tour in the company of their cousins, usually gone for 2 or more years. In reality, the men are infected and spend a number of months in seclusion to heal and get used to the changes they undergo before actually embarking on their grand tour - which usually includes more of the forests of Europe and Asia than the cities. After spending some time in society, and finding spouses the Greyback men tend to end up living back at The Reach. The unplottable, Shiant Isle is home to a small magical town and fishing village but for the most part it is covered in dense forest. The man house, a castle built in the 16th century has extensive basments and catacombs. All of the land of the Island is owned by the Greyback family, who are considered pleasant -if odd landlords. the location of the house ([url=https://www.irishcentral.com/uploads/assets/resized_MI_McDermott_Castle_Roscommon_Flickr_Leppre.jpg]THIS[/url]) and the number of poltergeists which the Greybacks appear to tolerate in their home leading to some raised eyebrows. in reality the secluded house, and poltergheist rumours allow the men of the family protection and freedom on their change. It was into this sort of family Murdock Greyback was born, the first son, and Arregaithel and Lucille Greyback, and grandson of Murdock Ewan Greyback, after whom he was named. A pleasant, if tubby child he was happy and healthy throughout his childhood, and remained so while joined by his various siblings, with a particular closeness to his brothers. The children were educated at home during their childhood by a spinster aunt who, having not had children herself, dedicated herself to teaching the children of all of the various Greyback's, meaning that Murdock was educated alongside his cousins in the family manse. It was in the school room that, while being picked on by an older cousin for his portly appearance that he showed his first magical prowess - causing it to rain over the books and causing lessons to be cancelled for the afternoon. [b]School[/b] As expected Murdock duely received his letter to Hogwarts and was dispatched on the Hogwarts express like many other children, sworn to secrecy. He was sorted into Gryffindor where he was a good student although unremarkable athletically - the sumptuous meals offered at Hogwarts doing little to assist his figure. It was not until the summer of his 16th year and a growth spurt which sent him towering to 6ft that turned puppy fat into a bear like build. He returned for his 6th year a different boy to the one that had departed that Summer. Always the class clown he was now outgoing and charismatic in the way only prepossessing men can carry off. He completed his NEWTs sitting Transfiguration, Potions, DADA, Herbology, Charms, and Care of Magical Creatures. [b]Wolfing out[/b] The month after his NEWT results came out Murdock underwent his infection along with 2 of is cousins. the first 2 months were hard as he got used to the feelings and sensations of changing and changing back. While the world was told that he had deaprted on his tour on September, in reality they didnt leave until shortly after Christmas. [b]Trained as auror[/b] Having shown a disdain for idleness and being intelligent enough to get decent grades Murdock expressed an interest in becoming an auror. Which following his grand tour he duly undertook and entered auror training. He worked in the aurors office for 10 years, gradually gaining seniority until the departure of the Head of Magical law enforcement, and his subsequent promotion to the too job. [b]Marriage[/b] During this time he met and married a young French lady Manon Gaspard - she was beautiful, elegant and she made him laugh. Her father had been killed by a werewolf when she was a girl, and it had taken Murdock a long time to trust her before he revealed the truth to her - after, as usual for Greyback marriages, an unbreakable vow was made to keep their secret. However, she was unphased and the pair married. The Greybacks encouraged any woman marrying into the family to become an animagi - their animal forms providing protection during the moon phases when those who did not master it and the children are usually sent to the London house for safety. Manon struggeled with the control needed to master the transformation but eventually succeeded in becoming- a salmon -not entirely useful so she was forced to go to London with the children monthly. Together the pair had 2 children, although the second pregnancy was hard on her and it was clear that her health had been damaged by it. She spent more and more time in town where they hoped that being away from the damp air of the Shiante Isles might aid her. However, when their daughter was 4 she fell pregnant again, miscarrying in the 5th month. She never recovered and 3 months later she was dead. Murdock dotes upon his daughters, who want for nothing and are treated as quite grown up by a father who is too fond of them, and too soft hearted to deny them anything. When old Murdock died a year ago, Murdock became Alpha of his pack, his own father predeceasing his grandfather by more than 10 years. The term is a sort of Greyback honorarium for the families Patriarch and whomever owns in deed the family estates.
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