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Katherine Midford
“ I will love the light for it shows me the way,
yet I will endure the darkness because
it shows me the stars.”

Full Name: Katherine Ashley Midford

Nickname(s): Kitty, Kat, Kathy

Birthdate: May 27, 1870

Age: 20

Occupation: Eww, Another Debutante

Blood Status: Halfblood - Her pureblooded father married a halfblood witch.

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Silver lime, 11 ½ inches, Dragon heartstring, Unyielding

Ashley Midford née ____(Grandmother) 1823
Claude Midford, (Grandfather), 1805- 1876,

Vincent Midford, (Father) 1844
Cassandra Midford née MacCarthy (Mother) 1850- 1887
Dimitri Midford ( Brother) 1868

Katherine has inherited her mother's pale complexion and straight blonde hair. Her most notable feature would be her bright blue eyes which are round and slightly owl-like. She isn’t overly tall either and has reached her adult height of five feet four and a half inches. . Her physic is slim and has developed some curves due to the use of corsets. When she isn't in her school robes, she dresses in the latest muggle fashion and prefers them to be in pastel shades although at home it is a common sight to see her in wizarding robes. Her hair is placed up in intricate braids using a variety of hair accessories.
Cheerful- Friendly- Helpful- Ambitious - Quick Witted- Graceful- Observant - Prefers solitude and silence- Easily distracted
❧ She has yet to cast a corporeal patronus

❧ Her boggart is the corpse of her dead mother.

❧ Due to their family business, she has an extensive knowledge about fabrics whether it was local or exotic once and charms used over them.

❧ She likes painting, reading, archery and embroidery.

Amortentia: Lavender, peaches, chocolate & parchment.

❧S he lacks the talent in handling musical instruments but is blessed with a good singing voice.

Astrological sign: Gemini

Ancient RunesOE
Ancient StudiesEO
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEA
History of MagicOO
Birth & Childhood
1870| Kat is born and named after her two grandmothers. Cassandra Midford finds out that she could not bear more children due to complications. Although saddened by the news, the couple would still find the baby a wonderful addition to the family.

1875| She was raised to become a refined young lady of society. Katherine proved that she had wits. She was quick to learn several languages which were French, Latin and Basic German & Italian.

1876| Katherine and her family mourns at the death of her grandfather and her father becomes the head of the family  

1877|Despite mourning, Kat continue on with her lessons. Her governess also praised her talent in painting and singing but was disappointed with her mediocre skills in playing the piano. Due to the influence of her brother, she becomes interested with the stars and frequently does star-gazing with him.

1879| Her brother is sent to Hogwarts and is sorted in Slytherin. She is left in the company of her younger cousins.

1880| She was not completely excited for Hogwarts as she was an extremely quiet and shy girl. Katherine could remember being uncomfortable with the atmosphere of the the Great Hall. When she was sorted, the sorting hat contemplated on Slytherin or Ravenclaw and decided that Ravenclaw best suited her. It was a shock and she was quite disappointed with the result but a few weeks later she settled quite well at her second home.

1880-1883| Majority of her time was spent studying. Astronomy, History of Magic and Transfiguration were her favorite subjects while Herbology was her worst. Her brother thought that she spent too much time studying so he pushed her to socialize more. She takes Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies and Divination for her electives in Third Year.

1884| She is more friendly and open this year. She is friends with several girls in her house as well as other houses. She is thankful at her brother for his patience in helping her grow more social. Kat also develops a crush on a boy named Rasmus Mohr and was even bold enough to tell her his feelings during the Valentines Day ball but was rejected.

1885| Kat couldn't be more happy at receiving her prefect badge as she jumped in joy while reading the letter.She had also launched her plan on making Rasmus fall for her. She joined his little History Club with another Ravenclaw. She enjoyed History and through the months she had grown attach to both Clayton Ross and Raz. On Valentines Day, she gets stuck under a charmed rose arch and was forced to kiss her crush and to her relief their relationship did not become awkward.  Also during her summer break, she was on internship under Barnabas Skeeter in the Ministry's Dueling Commission.

1886| She is contemplating on what she really wants to do in life as at the moment she is really confused. On one hand she wishes to work for the ministry and the other she would like to become a debutante.

1887|She was appointed as Head Girl. Her mother was also mauled by a beast during the World Wizarding Fair in summer which Kitty had the pleasure of watching. After that she seemed to show post-traumatic symptoms such as nightmare and difficulty in falling asleep though she manages to facade a happy disposition despite the guilt she was feeling as she blamed herself for the death of her mother.

During winter holiday she finds out that her father - who had also taken a big blow with the death of Cassandra- had gone of to travel to an unknown location since October which her brother had hidden as to not worry her. They had not yet heard back from him.

1888| She seems more relaxed now but feels anxious every now and then. As her graduation approaches, she attempts to make her last moments at school memorable or at least pleasant. Katherine still can't decide on what to do post Hogwarts. Though she ends up being a debutante.

1889| Still unmarried though not worried since she was still in mourning for almost half of her first season. There's also the thing with her feelings for Handsome but that's just a minor issue. For the rest of the year she has been dealing with hosting events for her father under the guidance of her grandmother.

❧Her family owns a textile factory and frequently does business with muggles.

❧She was in Europe from September 1889 to May 1890 and was actively participating in high society events over there .

❧Katherine was a former prefect and Head Girl at Hogwarts as well as the Astronomy Club President from 1885 to 1888.

❧ She was seen having a playful exchange with Mr. Handsome Whitledge. People might see it as flirting or friendly teasing.

Played By: Meeka

Contact: Skype or PM

Plot Preferences: ❧ Katherine is open for new plots and new threads.

❧ I tend to go with the flow since my characters have their own mind and even surprises me sometimes with their actions but won't mind if we plot details out.

❧ I'm comfortable with writing violence, gore, dark content although I prefer if we fade to black with any sexual encounter.

❧ My post length average is 150-250 words though I will try to match up with my partner if I can. I also depends on how much muse I have. I'm also a full time student so I can be slow in posting.

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