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Chimney Sweep
Chimney Sweep

9 year old Halfblood
4ft 4in   ❤   Unattached
played by Finn
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Eli Fox


Full Name: Elliot Fox

Nickname(s): Eli

Birthdate: February 23, 1881

Age: 9

Occupation: Chimney Sweep

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Small Chamber Off of the Store Room, Fox & Son, London

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Unknown

Family: He doesn't remember much about his biological family. He had at least eight brothers and sisters, if not more. Nobody has come looking for him. He has found family with the Fox crew.

Eli stands at 4 feet and 4 inches. Although he is no longer half starved, he's a skinny little thing with ordinary brown hair. His eyes are a greenish blue. He is fairly ordinary looking and easy to overlook. He dresses in muted colors that are often soot covered. He prefers not to wear shoes, but he will wear boots in the winter. He is left handed.
Quiet, observant, clever, invisible, nimble, adaptable, creative, illiterate
He speaks the most to Simeon and Jay. He has a great memory. He is pretty skilled at stealing, and he's learning to pick locks. He likes to draw. Most people think he's a mute (except the Fox family), and he lets them assume. Nobody expects a mute to tell their secrets.
1881 Elliot is born somewhere in the slums of London. He's the sixth or seventh child, and his birth isn't met with much celebration.
1882-1885 Even as a toddler, Eli is quiet. He often stays off to one side and silently watches as countless people dart in and out of their crumbling flat. He is often forgotten, even if he never left a room. He finds ways to feed himself, snatching food from others without them noticing.
1885 His family lost track of Eli's age and decides he seems old enough to start working as a chimney sweep along with his older brothers. During one of his first jobs, he nearly slips down the chimney and displays his first incidence of accidental magic. He floats to the ground instead of plummeting to injury or death.
1886 Eli becomes lost after a job, and he wanders his way into The Leaky Cauldron with his cleaning tools and covered in soot. It's a busy day, and he's jostled by various adults until he spills into Diagon Alley. The strange shops and weirdly dressed people have him edging along until he finds himself in the less populated Knockturn Alley. He wanders into Fox & Son, hoping to get directions, but the only two words he manages to utter after loitering are, "Sweep, sir?" Perhaps it's his quiet, concentrated nature, but something interests Simeon Fox, and he allows the boy to clean his chimney. He then feeds the half starved, quiet boy and decides to take him in. He is happy to find family and to be fed.
1887-1889 Eli continues to sweep chimneys, but he does so for different reasons. It allows him to scope out the entry points into well-to-do houses and eavesdrop on countless conversations. After all, what should a simpleton like himself care about the lives of his betters?
1890 Aside from an unfortunate incident with a cursed knife, Eli has been doing well for himself. He is learning to be a better contributor to the Fox Family by honing his skills.
He's some sort of urchin who doesn't speak. He spends his days sweeping chimneys or completing other menial tasks
He's a rather talented artist. He hangs out in Knockturn Alley with some shady people.
He's constantly observing/listening and is telling others all your secrets. He's a pickpocket.
Played By: Finn

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Rigor Mortis London
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August 3rd, 1890 — A Private Residence, London

Eli stared into the unblinking eyes of white faced woman whose body had started to go stiff as rigor mortis began to set in. Her mouth hung open at an unnatural angle, as if she had been trying to force a silent scream from her diaphragm and, instead, unhinged her jaw. The expression of terror on her face made Eli's skin crawl. He'd seen dead bodies before, but there was something entirely wrong about this one.

His gaze traveled to the woman's chest where bony fingers clutched and pulled at a vicious looking necklace. Had that been her cause of death? Had the woman been cursed? What was even more odd was she seemed to be missing her shoes, despite being fully dressed for the day. Eli couldn't recall noticing her when he had started his task of cleaning the chimneys, nor did she match the description of the targets he was meant to eavesdrop on.

The sound of footsteps reached his ears, and Eli quickly emptied his bucket of a few squirreled away items he had snatched from the house to give to Jay or Hestia. He hastily stashed them on a nearby shelf, just as whomever it was rounded the corner. It wasn't difficult to muster up a look of surprise again; he was truly shocked to have found the deceased woman laid out on the fancy carpet.

A boy of very few words, Eli remained silent and instead pointed at the obvious, trying to make it clear he had definitely found her that way. The way he lugged about his chimney brushes and other tools was a testament to the fact he had merely been in the house for a job.

Open to 1-2 people who live there, are a visitor/relative, some sort of law enforcement/ministry, another thief?, etc. As long as it makes sense! The deceased woman could be anyone you choose, even household staff. This takes place in a middle or upper class household.