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15 year old Pureblood
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played by Ocean
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Jolie Lukeson
@her mother after Jen abandoned them:

Full Name: Jolie Iseult Lukeson

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: February 14, 1875

Age: 15

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Rosewood, Unicorn tail hair, 12", Rigid

Family: Family: Family Tree
Mother: Guinevere Lukeson née Rey (1848)
Father: Ryder Lukeson (1842-1888)
Brother: Ace Lukeson (1869)
Sister: Avril Nott née Lukeson (1871)
Brother: Leroy Lukeson (1872-1887)
Brother: King Lukeson (1873)
Sister: Sybille Lukeson (1877)
Sister: Roselle Lukeson (1888)

Maternal Grandfather: Edgar Rey (1816)
Maternal Grandmother: Lacy Rey née ____ (1827)

Aunt: Jade Operine née Rey (1846)
Uncle: Alex Operine (1840)
Cousin: John Operine (1867)
Cousin: Charles Operine (1869)
Cousin: Eric Operine (1872)
Cousin: Michael Operine (1873)
Cousin: Terry Operine (1876)

Uncle: Hubert Rey (1850)
Aunt: Brenda Rey née ____ (1851)
Cousin: Edgar Rey II (1873)
Cousin: Bellerose Rey (1875)
Cousin: Fleur Rey (1877)

Uncle: Charles Rey (1850-1887)

Paternal Grandfather: Jason Lukeson (1810-1875)
Paternal Grandmother: Nora Lukeson (1824)

Uncle: Lucas Lukeson (1845)
Aunt: Theodosia Lukeson (1850-1876)
Cousin: Myron Lukeson (1870-1872)
Cousin: Lavinia Lukeson (1873)
Cousin: Giles Lukeson (1874-1881)
Cousin: Thelma Lukeson (1876)

Aunt: Hope Weston née Lukeson (1850)
Uncle: Orville Weston (1843-1884)
Cousin: Percival Weston (1871)
Cousin: Theodore Weston (1875)
Cousin: Miriam Weston (1879)

Sister-in-Law: Lucille Lukeson née Flint (1869-1890)
Nephew: Ryder Lukeson (1890)

Brother-in-Law: Warwick Nott (1856-1890)
Nephew: Cantankerous Nott (1890)
Unlike her siblings, Jolie is a blonde. She has baby blue eyes and a pale complexion. She prefers to wear light blues, but has started to darker shades. Sometimes she has on shades of purple, but that's rare. She has a necklace that was her mother's that she always wears. She refused to give it back when her mum was found alive. She is right handed and stands at about 5'3"

playby: Delaney Rose Stein

Independent | Stubborn | Abrupt
OWL Courses: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Muggle Studies
Boggart: Flying Tigers, like the one that killed Leory in 1887
1875: Jolie is born. She is the second daughter of Ryder and Guinevere Lukeson.

1877: Sybille is born.

1878: Sybille has her first bout of Accidental Magic. Being three, Jolie doesn't understand the rarity of this.

1879: At four, Jolie has started following Ace around like a little puppy dog. She tries to mimic everything he does.

1880: When Ace goes off to Hogwarts, Jolie is saddened that she doesn't have her big brother to follow around anymore. At least she has Bellerose to keep her preoccupied.

1881: When Ace is home from Hogwarts, she notices him and Avril whispering but thinks it's just older sibling things. She assumes Leroy and King aren't involved because they are the oldest of them.

1882: Mother and Father don't seem pleased with whatever Ace and Avril told them. There's tension between the four of them and her interest is piqued but she doesn't say anything. Avril goes to Hogwarts that fall.

1883: Father is a werewolf? She is shocked that such a secret was kept from her.  Her little sister is in denial, but she is eight and believes her siblings and parents. Leroy goes to Hogwarts and is put into Hufflepuff.

1884: King goes to Hogwarts and is also sorted into Hufflepuff.

1886: It’s finally her turn to go to Hogwarts, and guess what! She’s sorted into Hufflepuff and not Ravenclaw. She is salty because of this.

1887: Ace Graduates. The rest of the year brings Tragedy; she and King witness Leroy and Uncle Charles’ death, Avril is pulled out of school, and their mother’s pregnant again. Bellerose starts Hogwarts.

1888: The year starts off alright. Then Father dies, and mother goes into premature labour and “dies”.  Sybille joins them at Hogwarts.

1889:  They’re told, by Aunt Jade, that Avril is to be married sometime in the Summer. Mother really isn’t dead, but she still can’t accept Rosie as her sister. Avril gets married to Warwick in June. Also, Ace is a werewolf now. She tells Bellerose the first chance she gets. Ace elopes with Lucille Flint in September.
◊ Jolie has 6 siblings: 4 (Ace, King, Syb, Rosie) are alive, 1 (Avril) is undead, and 1 (Leroy) is dead

◊ Jolie's older brother, Ace, eloped with Lucile Flint on September 16, 1889

◊ Jolie's older sister married Warwick Nott on June 26, 1889

◊ Jolie's mother was previously believed to be dead from March 23, 1888 to February 2, 1889

◊ Jolie's eldest sister is a vampire as of October 1890
◊ Jolie's mother willingly abandoned them after Avril became a vampire
◊ Her father was a werewolf

◊ Ace has been a werewolf since July 12, 1889
Played By: Ocean

Contact: Skype or Discord

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