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Seamstress; Occasional Prostitute

20 year old halfblood
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Sophia Bourdieu

Full Name: Sophia Bourdieu


Birthdate: August, 28, 1869

Age: 20

Occupation: Officially home base seamstress, unofficially occasional prostitute when starving

Blood Status: Half

Residence: The Slums, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Rosewood, 12", single phoenix tail feather 

Family: She has twin brother and sister (age: 15, named Nathan and Manon) who are still in Hogwarts, she's their guardian for all legal and educational matters (as parents no longer living). She starves herself to put away nearly every penny she got to help them and finance their studies, as they aren't as good in school than she was and for that reason hadn't got scholarships
Sophia is quite tall. She's really thin, not by choice but cause she's often nearly starving, but she has muscles of those who only have their labor force to sell for a living. She is a repressed left-handed (force to use right hand for magic and writing by a mean teacher). In practise, she's ambidextrous. Her face with fine features is framed with copper red hair. Her ice blue eyes shine of a glowing personnality and intelligence. Her freckled pale face is unfortunatly covered most days by dirt and dust from The Slums. If she can take a bath more often, go to the haidresser and such, she would probably be a attractive young lady, but you don't have money for those things as a  working class lady with siblings in charge. Most of the time, she wears some patched witch robes which seen better days. She don't attract too much attention but that's mostly a good thing in the Slums.

Intelligent/Wise/Educated/Eloquent/Free spirit/Perceptive/Sex driven/Discrete
Her father, Alan Bourdieu, was a muggle descendant from a french "Huguenot" (calvinist protestant) family from south of France which emigrate to England during Religion War. He was an independant craftman, sewing quality robes at a low price for emerging middle class and make a bit of wealth with a lot of work and lot of cuts in spending. That's in this period that he had his 3 kids.

But the grow of industry ruin it all: he can't pay himself those modern machine and even with his decades of experience in the job he can't compete in productivity. He married with a witch, Sylvia, who often did before at home sewing assigment for him (that's how they met). He was therefore ban from Manchester to Hogsmeade when neibourghood discovered that her wife was a witch, during the conflict between queen Victoria and the wizarding world. Reduce to poverty, his shop plundered and steal by a muggle, no longer independant, even with his wife's magic he was reduce to work sewing jobs from companies in factories. They both died from infernal cadences, poverty and pollution a few years latter.

Born in this family, Sophia wasn't in an ideal place to learn. Books were considered luxury goods by her ascetic father, the only he had was Bible. In her young years, when her mother wasn't know by community to be a witch, she was repered by the priest as intelligent and send to a religious owned free muggle school for poor gifted children. She was quite good at it, she learn how to read at a young age and then become quite the bookworm, always in the modest library of the school. At 11, she received her letter, a few years after her parents emigrate to Hogsmeade to flee persecutions. She was sort into Ravenclaw. A merit financial help and scholarship for her good grades permits her to go to her OWL brillantly, but then her parents died and she had to work to help her siblings to stay in Hogwarts. In Hogwarts, she was a shy and secret know-it-all. She never stood out, except for her knowledge and intelligence. Her favorites classes were History of Magic, Potions and Transfiguration and she excelles in this three. Even few friends she had didn't know her that well, she like to keep her secret garden for herself, as for her research.

Sophia was also marked for life by the world she live in. Unlike most workers who just accept their situation and oppression, she was revolted by it and decide to stand against. She abandonned religion and turn to political activism, with muggles as well as sorcerers. Her revelation was reading a book by the utopian socialist Robert Owen and then works of the french philosopher Charles Fourier, who attack Victorian World not only on class inegality but on gender and sexual conservatism. Her social and political activism don't help her reputation, blatantly. Fortunatly, she found a job in a wizard robe factory where the manager don't care about all that, as long as you do your work.

As for personnal life, Sophia isn't in a relationship and never really was. She lost her virginity young and outside mariage to a boy she loved at the time and believe in free love and relationship, which in this victorian era cause her troubles. However, she's quite well integrated in the microcosm of The Slums, she knows enough secrets (heard on the pillow)) on most people so they leave her alone.
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