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Sherah Drago
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Played by Ocean
Artifact Incidents Intern
18 year old Pureblood
ft. in.
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Full Name: Sherah Drago

Nickname(s): Ra

Birthdate: June 18, 1872

Age: 18

Occupation: Artifact Incident Intern at Hogsmeade Hospital

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Canterburry, England

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Cedar, unicorn horn, sturdy, 11in

Father: Jacob Drago (1825)
Mother: Elizabeth Drago (1836)
Sister: Zophiel Ruskin p. Sherington née Drago (1856)
Brother: Gadriel Drago (1862)
Brother: Judah Drago (1865)
Brother: Abiel Drago (1866)
Brother: Jethro Drago (1868)
Brother: Micah Drago (1870)
Brother: Noah Drago (1876)
Sister: Esther Drago (1879)
Sister: Edna Drago (1879)

Brother-In-Law: Ashley Sherington (1839-1887)
Nephew: Malachai Sherington, (1880)
Niece: Ariel Sherington (1884)
Niece: Gazardiel Sherington (1887)

Brother-in-law #2: Martin Ruskin (1845)
Step-Neice: Acacia Ruskin (1871)
Step-Neice: Chrysanta Ruskin(1872)
Step-Neice: Orinda Ruskin (1874)
Step-Nephew: Dunstan Ruskin (1876)
Hair | Brunette
Eyes | Brown
Skin | Olive
Fashion | Stand outish. Bright colors.
Dominant Hand | Right
Height | 5ft2in

Playby: Crystal Reed

1872 | Sherah is born as the second daughter and seventh child in a long line of church goers.

1873: Her eldest brother starts Hogwarts.

1874: Zophiel, her eldest sibling, graduates from Hogwarts. After some months, there's shouting and she doesn't understand why there's arguing. Not that she remembers, but she had gone to her sister's side (even though she hardly knew her). Namoi starts being courted by Mr. Ashley Sherington. She enjoys having more people to dolt on her.

1876 | Noah is born. She barely remembers her youngest brother being born

1877 | There’s Muggle Riots. People Die. Four year old Sherah and her family are unaffected. Namoi gets married to Mr. Ashley Sherington and she accepts him fully as one of her siblings.

1879 | Twin sisters are born. She isn't the youngest girl anymore. They're named Esther and Edna.

1880 | Her eldest brother graduates. Sherah is unsure what to do with having her oldest brother around all the time, when she couldn’t remember getting to know him outside of the summer vacation months. Sophie didn’t count because she wasn’t old enough to notice her absence or her graduation.  A nephew is born from Sophie and named Malachai. She intends on being the best Auntie to him.

1882 | Micah goes to Hogwarts. She is more hurt by him leaving for Hogwarts than she was with her other siblings. At some point, the fights that she'd grown up with get worse and Sophie cuts off contact with her family. This is the first time she starts to wonder if the Church is right, but she dismisses the thought. Still, she wonders if her sister is correct. She keeps in contact with Sophie by letter.

1883: That September, Sherah starts at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw.

1884 | Abiel and Judah leave Hogwarts in May.  A niece, Ariel, is born. Four years has not changed her being the best Auntie.

1886: She decides she wants to be a healer and finds a friend in someone a year higher than her by the name of Acacia Ruskin. When she realises that Acacia is a halfbreed, she feels very conflicted.

Winter break 1886-1887: The fact that she's "acquaintances" with a half-vampire comes to light results in tension over the winter vacation and she's told to end the friendship. She doesn't know how to, because that would be mean. Instead, she finds herself arguing with her family (much like Sophie had) over how Acacia isn't bad (her Slytherin sister is to be debated) and the questions she'd been suppressing about her faith comes back full force.

She makes the decision to go against her family and become closer friends with Ms. Acacia Ruskin. She "agrees" to unfriend Acacia when her parents pressure her for a response.

1887: When it’s announced that Halfbreeds can’t return, she’s privately saddened that her friend won't be able to become a healer. Her family is pleased that she won't have the "temptation" of being friends with the half-bloodsucker. Jokes on them, she keeps in contact with Acacia via letter. That winter, she's pleased that the half-breeds can return. And guess what? Ms. Ruskin is in the same year as she is now! Fantastic!

1888 | A third year Ravenclaw dies at school. That fall, Noah joins Sherah at Hogwarts. She is still questioning wither she believes or if she's going to follow in her sister's footsteps and leave the church.

May 29, 1889: A first year Gryffindor dies at Hogwarts.

August 8, 1889: Sophie starts courting someone by the name of Mr. Ruskin. She recognizes the last name of her friend, Acacia. Namoi insists the girls don’t find out. This will be awkward when Acacia finds out that they’re going to be family. That Sherah is technically her going to be her aunt when Sophie and Mr. Ruskin marry. This is weird for her, and she wants to tell her friend but respects her sister’s wishes and doesn’t.

September, 1889  It’s her final year at Hogwarts. What joys will this year bring? Will a second year die this year? Stay tuned to find out. She honestly hopes that nobody dies and the most drama that’s going to happen is Acacia and Chrysanta finding out their father’s courting.
May, 1890 Sherah graduates from Hogwarts.

June 24, 1890 Sophie marries Mr. Ruskin and moves to Hogsmeade with her children. After some convincing, Sherah moves to Hogsmeade as well (she was prepared to go back home and... unhappily... beg her parents to let her move back in for a while).

August, 1890 Upon receiving her NEWTs, Sherah starts her internship at Hogsmeade Hospital as a Artifacts Incidents Intern.
Compassionate. Intelligent. Inquisitive. 
OWL courses: Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures

NEWT Courses: Muggle Studies, Astronomy, Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, Charms, and Defence Against the Dark Arts

Amortentia: Fresh rain

Boggart: Being told she isn't good enough by her parents

Set made by Elaine!
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