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Socialite & Wife of Henry Rosier
Socialite & Wife of Henry Rosier

47 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 5 in.   ❤   Married
played by Lady
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Evalina Rosier

I'll swallow my blood before I swallow my pride.

Full Name: Evalina Victoria Rosier née Mulciber

Nickname(s): Eva

Birthdate: April 4, 1844

Age: 47

Occupation: Socialite & Wife of Henry Rosier

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Ravenwood Manor; London, England

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 13 1/4in, Yew, Chimera Scale, Unyielding

Frederick Mulciber, Father [b. 1824]
Violette Mulciber née ______ , Mother [b. 1825]
Elizabeth "Lizette" Mulciber, Sister [b. 1841; d. 1859]
Olivier Mulciber, Brother [b. 1856]

Henry Rosier, Husband [b. 1835]
Enoch Rosier, Son [b. 1860]
Griselda Rosier, Daughter [b. 1861]
Jemima Rosier, fail Daughter [b. 1865]

Vanth, Raven [b. 1880]

Favours his mistress above all, loathes her husband; will tolerate her little beasts if bribed properly
Evalina stands at five foot, five inches; a touch above the average height for a Victorian Woman. While perhaps not posing a picture of a fair English rose, she is a paragon for the model of an aristocratic woman in her prime. Her hair, when loose, hangs in thick dark curtains on either side of a heart-shaped face with prominent cheekbones. Eva's eyes are a deep but no-less shocking shade of blue, a feature she was proud that was passed onto her son.

As is Victorian custom, she takes care to make sure her skin is not exposed to the sun, and her fashion choices are always up-to-date. It is rare that she (or her children when they were younger) is seen in the same outfit twice. She writes and wields her wand in her right hand.


Evalina is very much a product of her own environment; as a young child she was bright, inquisitive and eager to do well for her family's sake as well as being close to her sister, Lizette. As an adult, she has seen how naïve her motivations were, and remains forever bitter she was not able to pave her own path. Despite attempting to escape the manipulations of her family, she is invariably so herself, however, she reasons that she (unlike her family) ultimately knows best.

Evalina, to the outside world, appears courteous, kind and benevolent; Elladora Black is the only one perhaps to knows the extent to which her malice goes. She often holds Society events to keep up appearances and to put some stress upon her husband's pocketbook. Events are usually geared towards the pureblood and upper class society, however, some parties she opens to the larger part of society to appear more accepting.


1844 | Evalina is born the 2nd daughter of Frederick and Violette Mulciber. As soon as she can walk, she runs straight into her nanny's arms.

1850 | As is custom for many daughters of upper-class families, Eva is immediately thrust into training to become a proper young lady of society. She does well and shows signs of quick advancement. She is permitted into her parents' library.

1851 | Eva performs her first act of magic by making her mother's favorite book collection dance serenely about the room.

1852 | After hearing so much about Hogwarts, Lizette is ecstatic about attending the school. Eva, on the other hand, is quite put out that she has to wait a few years in order to join her sister, who won't stop bragging about her new prospects. In order to quell her impatience (and annoyance), she takes to reading as much as she can, sending their house elves and servants to purchase all the books a first-year would require. As much as she loves her, Eva would not have her sister doing better than her at school. Her parents attempt to help by purchasing her a large raven to keep her company. Being fond of ancient tales, she names this one Charon.


1855 | By the time her letter arrives, Eva's 1st year books make it look as if she's already used and reused the books until their very end. Nevertheless, not wanting the other children to think her poor she has her mother take her to Diagon Alley so she might purchase some new ones. After a less than tearful good bye to her family (the 11 year old is too excited to be saddened by the prospect of not seeing her family until Christmas), Eve boards the train with Lizette and soon finds herself sorted into Slytherin. Eva takes to this housing assignment like a bird to the air, relishing in her newfound freedom. It's in this same year that the two sisters receive word that Lizette has been betrothed to a man named Henry Rosier, and will be married to him by her 18th birthday.

1856 | The longer the two sisters are at Hogwarts, the more they realize they are water and oil; always the dreamer of the two Lizette fancies herself in a fairy tale and dreams of the day she will marry Henry Rosier, while Eva rolls her eyes and soon tires of Lizettes tales of love letters exchanged between her sister and her betrothed. It's then that she aspires to do something more with her life and not turn into a simpering debutante like her pathetic sister. Being talented in transfiguration and potions, she eventually decides on becoming a healer.

This also happens to be the year that Eva's mother gives birth to the last child of their family - consequently a boy. By this age, Eva knows what this means, though she finds herself unresentful of the fact that this boy will inherit their family's estate. Rather, she sees her parents' preference for Lizette and hopes that this boy will be someone she can finally confide in.

1858 | Things come to a head during what Eva will remember as the moment things went terribly, terribly wrong. On a warm spring day, she's confronted by her sister and accused of badmouthing her around the school. In addition to this, letters are produced that claim Eva is attempting to seduce Henry. While Eva protests that she's done no such thing, she's nonetheless labeled an outcast - on the outside people are perfectly lovely to her, however no one daren't speak to her. When not in sight of professors or heads of houses, she finds insects in her sheets, her cauldron thinned so it leaks, and her books are destroyed beyond magical repair. One day she receives an owl from her mother and father saying Lizette had told them Charon had attacked her. Before nightfall she's to send the bird back. Enraged, the fourth year releases her beloved raven in hopes of setting it free before her parents catch wind. She would remember watching the bird's black wings spread into the night sky and and fly off into the trees of the Forbidden Forest. Two nights later, Eva comes back to her room after a long day of classes in preparation for final examinations. Feet aching, she just looks forward to the good night's sleep. The silver lining of it was that Lizette's friends seemed to have backed off. Once Eva pulls back the covers, she discovers black feathers in her sheets, and a raven's head on her pillow.

1859 | Charon's death sends Eva into a blind rage. Once at home for Christmas, Eva coaxes one of her mother's potion books out of the library. When Lizette demands to know what she's doing, Eva refuses to speak. It's then that the 17-year-old witch spikes her sister's drink with Veritaserum and forces Eva to tell the truth about how she plans on becoming a healer at the end of her Hogwarts stay. She is forbidden to do such a thing and is told that she will marry at the end of her Hogwarts stay.

Just before finals are to begin, both the girls are pulled out of school for a family funeral - their grandmother on their maternal side had passed away. On the way home, Lizette, Eva and their maid fall gravely ill. By the time they arrive home, they are all seemingly at death's door. Not a week after arriving, both Lizette and the maid perish in their illness; a kind of sickness that is slow, painful and ends in a most ugly and unattractive exit. Unbeknownst to all, Eva' has been slowly taking the antidote to what made them all sick in the first place, and "narrowly escapes death by the skin of her teeth". She swears a house-elf to secrecy and has him throw away the bottle for good.

The family meanwhile, is full of grief, with Eva rightfully playing the mournful sister. That is, until she is called into her parents' drawing-room one afternoon. Still weak from the sickness, she can do nothing but gape with horror as they give her the latest news: she will not be returning to Hogwarts for her OWLs, or ever again for that matter. It is her that is to marry Henry Rosier now and will do so in a fortnight.


Eva has no choice - if she is to keep her livelihood and comfort, she must sacrifice her freedom and ambitions; something she will always loathe her parents for. Eva and Henry are married in a lavish wedding, with many in attendance and Eva forced to play the part of the blushing bride. Her heart fills with hatred and disgust for every slimy relative that she has to greet, and soon after, she is forced to consummate the marriage.


1860 | Eva discovers she is with child. While horrified that she is carrying the Rosier's spawn, she takes advantage of the situation and – ever the dutiful wife – asks her husband if she can build a little sanctuary for herself. Not the shiniest of wands in the bunch, Henry agrees, as Eva had been sulky and looking rather menacing since their marriage union. He hopes that this is a way of making her happy, thinking that his wife having a little place of her own would be good for her. And so, after the go-ahead from her husband, Eva begins plans to build a library for herself modeled after the Klementinum Library in Prague. She quickly establishes this as hers and that she is the only one allowed in it. It is guarded by a statue of a raven, wings spread as if it's about to pounce on prey, and two entwined serpents, and requires a password to get in that is changed at random.

Soon after it is completed, she gives birth to a son. Not only is Eva grateful that she's fulfilled her duty in providing an heir, but she is utterly thrown by how enchanted she is by her son - he's inherited her deep blue eyes, and Eva knows now that he is hers. Her husband can boast all he wants about his son, but he is hers.

1861 | At the age of 17, Eva gives birth again, this time to a baby girl whom she names Griselda. Again, Eva is relieved that the babe has inherited her darker features rather than her father's lighter ones.

1863 | Eva again finds herself pregnant. By this third child, she is now acutely aware of how unattractive she finds men and resides herself to having to suffer through this loveless marriage. Again, she finds solace in her children, allowing them into her library. Unbeknownst to anyone but the maids, Eva miscarries.

After this event, Eva preoccupies herself by studying to become an animagus. While Henry is uncomfortable with the idea - no one wants a disfigured wife whose attempts were thwarted – he allows it, as he's slightly intimidated by his wife, and does not wish to see her unhappy for the pure reason of wanting to avoid it at all costs. With the help of her lady's maid and house-elf, she starts the process.

1865 | Another girl is born to Eva and Henry Rosier, with Eva noticing that this was the most difficult birth out of all three. Not only does labor last longer, but it seems to be more painful. Naturally, Henry only attends the part where he holds the small child in his arms and chooses a name.

It's after Griselda is born that Eva completes the process of becoming an animagus; she would not have her own person or future child's life be put in harm's way. She finds – ecstatically – that her animagus takes the form of a large, blue-eyed raven.

1867 |One day Eva goes on a walk with her children, insisting on being the one to let them get some fresh air as opposed to the maid. Gladly she does, because it's on this walk that Griselda trips and almost falls into a puddle of mud. It was thanks to her brother that she was saved, as he'd performed his first act of magic. Eva, extremely pleased that she was the one to witness this, had no qualms about declaring to her husband that night about Enoch's wonderful display of talent.

Meanwhile, Olivier starts Hogwarts this year and predictably is sorted into Slytherin - he and Eva are surprisingly close, with Eva finding him a cool balm on the suffocating ridiculousness that is her family. He is level headed, logical and very much someone that she finds she can connect with, despite the young age. Throughout the year, she and Olivier correspond back and forth with Eva answering any homework questions he has. She's very impressed with how smart and resourceful he is.

1868 | At the end of the year, Eva attends the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball. There, she finds herself in conversation with the head girl, Elladora Black.

1869 | One afternoon Jemima manages to slip from the nanny's side and manages to fall in mud. Not for the first time, Evalina is furious and fires the nanny on the grounds that Jemima actually fell in maneuer. She sends her youngest to her room, but not before burning the girl's dress.

1871 | Enoch begins his first year at Hogwarts. Eva is sad to see her son go, yet relishes that she gets to spend some time with Griselda. When word reaches them that Enoch has joined Olivier in Slytherin, she sends them a basket of sweets. A year later passes and Griselda joins her brother and uncle in Slytherin - in addition to a (smaller) basket of sweets (really, one must watch one's figure) Eva sends Griselda a new snowy white owl and new dress robes.

Over the next few years, Eva attends the Coming Out Ball and notices Elladora at each one. Her interest thus piqued, she again makes conversation with the younger woman. They find they have much in common and Eva finds herself oddly drawn to her. They become fast friends, writing letters to each other with the elder woman inviting her over to her library often. It is the only place the two feel they can show their true colors; whilst Eva projects the idea of the perfect, demure, polite society wife, she doesn't have to do that with Elladora and relishes in this fact.

With the passing years, Eva gets more and more concerned - Jemima has not shown any signs of magic and she becomes increasingly irritated at this fact. It's only once she does that Eva is determined to let it be known that Jemima is supremely behind her demographic. Her disappointment is further prodded as she receives word that Jemima has gotten into Gryffindor.

The rest of her children's and brother's Hogwarts careers pass with little strife - the children always send letters home, and Eva sends letters and small gifts here and there. She and Elladora strike up a more...intimate relationship, and Eva finds herself more infatuated than before. She has someone whose wits and tenacity match her own. It is quite easy for them to be alone together, for Eva has her private study that she may block off if she wishes.

Towards the end of 1878, Enoch reveals that he is to become an auror. Eva immediately disapproves, saying that he is above such a desk job, though her true thoughts are fearful; being an auror is dangerous work and she does not want to see her son in harm's way. With being so used to hiding her vulnerable feelings, Eva does not tell him this. She is furious when Enoch goes against her wishes but soon sees him thrive in this position. Present-day, she will always say that she approved and encouraged this career track in her son.

1880 | Ever the bright witch, Griselda convinces Henry to find her a husband. Eva is proud of her daughter for taking charge of her future and securing herself a good standing. While the man Henry chooses is perfectly respectable, his wits and mind are rather lacking and Eva finds herself in absolute glee at her son's toast at the wedding.

She is sad that her daughter moves away from home and purchases a raven for herself to console her. She names it Vanth, and he also acts as a letter carrier sometimes. While it tolerates her children, Eva is positively tickled with glee that it seems to hate her husband as much as she does.

1883 | Jemima graduates and Eva receives a shock as it is made known she wants to work. Not only this, but Jemima wants to do something with her life, and (this is the way Eva sees it anyways) doesn't want to waste it being a debutante. While she is positively livid, Eva cannot help but be jealous and admire her daughter's tenacity and grit. Again, she refuses to show this part of herself even to Elladora, and turns to mocking Jemima whenever she can. To make matters worse, her dull, submissive excuse for a husband agrees with her on the subject, which further worsens her mood every time Jemima comes home.

1884 | The Plague hits Hogsmeade and Eva is – again – incensed that her husband doesn't perish in the godforsaken fire. There is a not-so-small part of her that is resentful Jemima wasn't conveniently involved with the Plague either; despite the fact that she would still be devistated if she were to perish.

1887 | It's after much discussion between Eva and her first two children that Enoch is to take a bride. While it was a decision made by all, there was no need to say that there is no chance of Enoch marrying a girl not approved by Eva herself.

On a yearly basis she gives to charity and throws annual balls.
She was pulled out of school early to marry Henry Rosier.
Her son is Enoch Rosier
She is an animagus.
She is best friends with Elladora Black.
She is a highly skilled potioneer
She is gay – Elladora is her lover.
She despises her husband and wishes him dead.
She played a key role in her sister's untimely death.
Played By: Lady

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Animagus: Raven [Distinctive markings: Blue eyes and the marking of a family crest pendant upon her chest] Patronus: Bear, though she has not been able to cast one since she got married. Boggart: Her children and life's work in the hands of her husband
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April 1890 Past Contests & Events
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What: An Enchanted Easter Brunch: Croquet and Egg Hunt
Who: Hosted by @Evalina Rosier for UC/MC folk with a rep of 7+! Kids and adults alike!
Cost: Donations
Where: Ravenwood Manor, London England
Why: For Easter
When: Easter Sunday (April 5th)
  • ARRIVAL: What are normally the iron gates of Ravenwood Manor have been replaced by a curtain of greenery and pastel flowers that part when guests arrive. The curtain goes all the way down the main drive and parts to let the carriages through. Guests may pluck various flowers from the greenery which then turn into tiny little eggs. The gifted eggs hatch as the afternoon comes to a close and reveal small trinkets such as rings, seeds to plant in the garden, pocket watches, etc.
  • ADULT'S FESTIVITIES: There are various lawn activities spread out over the grounds. Guests may participate in lawn tennis, croquet and archery. Upon participation, they may realize, however, that their equipment seems to have minds of their own! Croquet balls are transfigured to look like animals and scurry away from their owners (they are clearly made out of croquet ball material though so as to not make it seem like the hostess condones animal cruelty). The same for tennis balls and the tips of arrows, which are transfigured to look like bird's beaks. Think the croquet scene from Alice in Wonderland.
  • CHILDREN'S FESTIVITIES: There would not be an Easter party without an egg hunt! The catch? The eggs sprout legs once you spot them and run away! Whats more is once they run into a flower garden, the flowers will spray you and the eggs with puffs of colored (temporary) pigment! Guests can tell who's been in the enchanted flower garden by the bright pastel colors on their garments.
  • FOOD: A traditional Easter brunch will be served to tables scattered throughout the grounds.

Contact Player(s): @Amelia Evans