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First Year

11 year old Halfblood
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Sunday Fudge

Full Name: Sunday Clementine Fudge

Nickname(s): Sunny

Birthdate: July 14, 1878

Age: 11

Occupation: First Year Gryffindor

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: The Sanditon Resort

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 10 ¼" Cypress, Rather Bendy, Kelpie Mane Core

Herbert Fudge, Father [1849-1887]
Winifred Fudge, née Fisk, Mother [1852]
Somersby Fudge, Brother [1871]
Holliday Fudge, Sister [1873]
Irene Fudge, Sister [1875]
Paxton Fudge, Brother [1877]

Sullivan Fisk, Grandfather [1825]
Saralyn Fisk née -----, Grandmother [18xx-18xx]
Arven Fisk, Uncle [1851]

In terms of appearance, Sunday has not really begun to comprehend what constitutes as "lady-like" or "appropriate", and often can be seen with dirt on the hem of her dress, or on her stockings, much to the dismay of some members of her family. Her hair is a sandy brown color that will slowly darken overtime to a color identical to those of her sisters'. She has blue eyes and skin that has been slightly tanned from the time spent outside. She is right handed.

1878 | A small, premature child is born the 3rd daughter to Winifred and Herbert Fudge, on a Sunday. Somersby, in a stroke of brilliance, suggests she be named after the day she was born.
1879 | Sunday is too young to witness Irene's first act of magic, however looking back on such events, constantly wishes she could have witnessed it instead of her other two siblings.
1880 | Holliday's first act of magic is accidentally transforming a muggle child into a turtle. Paxton's first act of magic sends the youngest Fudge into absolute fits. Sunday is left traumatized, clinging to her mother, and quite unconsolable for the remainder of the day. Strawberry ice cream helps calm her down in the end.
1882 | The family begins to build a magical resort near the seaside, much to Sunday's delight. She immediately takes to the water and enjoys wading barefoot in the water, so much so that her parents must put a charm on her feet to prevent them from getting cut. Somersby goes too Hogwarts.
1883 | The Sanditon Resort opens to the public, and Sunday finds herself with many new playmates.
1884 | Holliday starts Hogwarts in the fall, making Sunday angry that she cannot join her older sister. She attempts to run away and consequently performs her first act of magic by falling in the water and getting carried peacefully back to shore in a cradle of waves. Afterward, she settles on writing to her siblings with tales of her days spent by the water - often she decides to....embellish her adventures, and enjoys imagining their reactions.
1886 | Irene goes off to Hogwarts. Now satisfied that she will eventually go, Sunday sees the rest of her family off with enthusiasm. She continues to go off on her own, exploring the seaside and only coming in for meals.
1887 | Tragedy strikes when her father is killed at the Wizarding World Market. Sunday is heartbroken until he comes back as a ghost. She is delighted with glee, however only temporarily seeing as he still intends to run the Resort instead of playing with her all day.
1888 | Paxton goes off to Hogwarts, and Sunday finds herself alone for the first time. She toddles around, amusing herself just fine.
1889 | The youngest Fudge gets her Hogwarts letter and could not be more thrilled to join the rest of her family in the fall.
Played By: Lady

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The Sorting Ceremony 1889
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The splendor and grandness of the castle would have completely floored Sunday Fudge had she not just taken an unintentional dip in the Black Lake. Her hair, so carefully done by her sister that morning had now lost its curl and was in a matted knot at the top of her head. She did her best to wipe the strands of hair out of her face, however she figured that at this point it was rather useless. Having gotten over the shock of falling into frigid cold water, Sunday was about ready to be done with the night.

As such, she was only awed by the sight before her as opposed to struck speechless.

The fact that she was dripping onto the foyer as they awaited their directions was only slightly annoying for her seeing as she was eager to get into the famed Great Hall that her sisters (and the whole family!) had told her so much about. Plus it was bound to be warm with all the candlelight and the small first year was keen to warm herself. And she was just squirming to see the look on her sibling's faces as she walked into the hall in such a state! Surely she'd get a scolding from both of them, but that fact hardly bothered Sunday at the moment.

There was a whoosh of warm air that buffeted her robes as the doors to the great hall was opened and she was ushered in with the new group of students. As unimpressed as she was determined to be - surely people had exaggerated... – Sunday's mouth popped open in a silent 'O' as she took in the sights. What a massive ceiling! And Holliday and Irene weren't lying when they said it was charmed to reflect the sky outside! Sunday had begun to ponder whatever they did when it rained or was something other than ideal weather when she caught one of her siblings' eye.

Irene! she mouthed, feeling herself skip a step in excitement as she waggled her fingers in greeting at her sister. The look on her face was absolutely gobsmacked - she even looked as if she were about to reflexively tell Sunday to fix her hair, though there was no point in doing so now. Then she closed it and Sunday giggled, snorting a little as she took in the expression. She daren't look towards Holliday, knowing she might even see a stern expression plastered upon her older sister's face.

In avoiding her sister's gazes, she became acutely aware of other student's stares. Admittedly, standing in the middle of the Great Hall in sopping robes would draw attention...including, the boy who threw up over the side of the boat because he got nauseous. Normally Sunday wouldn't mind, however, she found his persistent gaze annoying and soon found herself rather irritated. People staring was one thing, but she felt herself fidget with self-consciousness at the mild attention she was drawing. Putting on her best impression of Irene's steely gaze, she turned to him. "And what are you staring at?" she narrowed her eyes. Before the student could answer, the sound of her name rang through the hall. Sunday Fudge flinched slightly (it was rather reflex of her to do so especially if she knew she was doing something she shouldn't be...say, down at the beach when she should have been working on readings at home) and shot one last glare over her shoulder before heading up to the stool.

Her shoes squished as she took to the stairs, contemplating what house she'd be sorted into. Her family had been sorted into all the houses, so their guess was as good as any, she figured as she observed her siblings. Holliday at the Ravenclaw Table, wise and caring - the very house their mother and father had fallen in love in; Irene at the Slytherin Table - strong and proud and noble; Paxton at the Hufflepuff Table - inquisitive, vibrant and adventurous. There was no one for her to seek at the Gryffindor table, however, her uncle Fisk was a good example as any of them - adventurous, brave and vivacious.

She caught a last glimpse of her family before hat slid over her eyes, plunging her into a world of darkness and muffled noise....