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Sixth Year

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Chrysanta Ruskin
Hearing the surprise in Acacia's voice - and one worded response - brought some mischievous joy to her soul.Snow, Snow, go Away

Full Name: Chrysanta Princess Ruskin
→ Chrysanta means ‘Golden Flower’
→ Princess is her middle name because it's the female acronym to come after 'queen' which is Acacia's middle name
→ Ruskin is her maiden name

Nickname(s): Crystal

Birthdate: April 17,1872

Age: 18

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Half-Blood
→ Half-Vampire
→ Half-Human

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Rosewood, Dragonheart string, 10 inches, sturdy

Mother: Lisa Fairbairn (1682-1713, 1713-1888)
Father:Martin Ruskin (1845)
Sister: Acacia Ruskin (1871)
Sister: Orinda Ruskin (1874)
Brother: Dunstan Ruskin (1876 -1887)

Step-Mother: Namoi Ruskin p. Hertz née Drago (1856)
Step-Brother: Mordecai Hertz (1880)
Step-Sister: Adah Hertz (1884)

Grandfather: Ellsworth Ruskin (1808)
Grandmother: Rose Ruskin née ___ (1823)

Aunt: Elsa Cardew
Uncle: Richard Cardew
Cousin: Jack Cardew
Cousin: Lily Cardew
Cousin: Marigold Cardew
Cousin: Henry Cardew

Step-Grandfather: Jacob Drago (1825)
Step-Grandmother: Elizabeth Drago (1836)
Step-Uncle: Zerah Drago (1862)
Step-Uncle: Judah Drago (1865)
Step-Uncle: Abiel Drago (1866)
Step-Uncle: Jethro Drago (1868)
Step-Uncle: Micah Drago (1870)
Step-Aunt: Sherah Drago (1872)
Step-Uncle: Noah Drago (1876)
Hair | blonde
Skin | pale
Teeth | Exaggerated Cannines
Height | 5 ft
Eyes | brown
Dominent Hand | Left
Outfit | anything seasonally appropriate, though she always favors darker colors over the lighter ones
Playby: Lili Reinhart

Social Butterfly in Denial | Crystal loves going to social events, she just doesn't act like she does. She prefers to be Miss Grumpy Pants and complain the whole time in a mumble 90% of the time.

Being of Habbit | If she doesn't understand something, she falls back on what has happened to her or what she's seen happen. She thinks about trying something new, but actually won't do it.

Debatable | She loves having a good argument just for fun even if the other person thinks she's dead serious.

Going with the flow | Whatever happens, happens. For the most part. Crystal is usually able to take blows as they come, when it comes to herself and her own well-being.

Protective | Crystal don’t take shit from no one when it comes to her family or her friends.
OWL courses | Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, Ghoul Studies

NEWT Courses | History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration

Boggart | herself, drinking blood of a human

Astrological sign |

Hogwarts Clubs | Art (1889), Music (choir) (1883-1887; 1888- current), Charms (1889)

Amortentia: Pine & Peppermint

Pet(s) | Cia , Lisa, Martin

Family pet(s) | Mimi

Ancient RunesD-
Ancient StudiesPX
Defence Against the Dark ArtsE-
Ghoul StudiesEX
History of MagicE-
1872 | Chrysanta Princess Ruskin is born, less than a year after Acacia is born. She has an iffy first few months but manages to stubbornly survive.
1874 | Orinda is born. The two-year-old doesn't care for the crying baby.
1876 | Dunstan is born, and after a few months she wakes and notices something very different: her mother wasn't there and her father was acting weird.
1877 | Muggles find out about the magical community, forcing the Ruskins to relocate to Hogsmeade
1881 | The nine-year-old is upset when Orinda starts ignoring her and Acacia's advice. They were older, so they knew more, so she should listen to them when they suggested something.
1882 | Acacia starts her Hogwarts career and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Crystal is slightly jealous her older sister.
1883 | Crystal is off finally off to Hogwarts and is surprisingly sorted into Slytherin.

November, 1883 | Crystal and Sweetie becomes actual friends, not just housemates.

Summer, 1886 | Crystal hears of Lisa being in Hogsmeade, and she begins wondering why the vamp. could’ve just abandoned their family.

Fall, 1886 | On one of the first Hogsmeade trips, Crystal sneaks away and meets her mother. She accuses Lisa of abandoning them and lets her know that she and Acacia saw the fight.

Winter, 1886 | She and Acacia fight because the Ravenclaw decided to send a letter to their father and confesses that she and Crystal saw the fight.

Spring, 1887 | HALF BREEDS CAN NOT RETURN TO HOGWARTS. Crystal is slightly relieved that she doesn’t have to return to school, but she is pissed that her baby brother won’t be going in the fall.
The Ban
Summer, 1887 | With the death of her brother (via flying tiger), Crystal falls into a depression and wishes with everything she has that it had been her whom had died instead of Dunstan.

Fall, 1887 | Crystal wishes she could have been there for Sweetie when all her friends turned on her.

Winter, 1887 | Crystal is furious that the Halfbreeds can return to Hogwarts but her brother still wouldn’t get his chance to be sorted. nevermind that he wouldn’t’ve been able to anyway Historical Change July 9, 1887 | ... the day didn't end with Dunstan's death.The siblings took a different turn, ending up in a different part of the chaos. They never encountered a flying tiger.

July 11, 1887 | the siblings are found, rescued, and returned to their family.
The Return
January, 1888 | Crystal returns to Hogwarts, slightly salty that whatever friends she had are now a year ahead of her.

August, 1888 | An annoying street cat won't leave her alone, she makes the mistake of feeding it. It refuses to leave her alone, so she names it "Lisa". She thinks it's quiet funny, naming it after the mother who abandoned her and then died.

December, 1888 | Crystal starts learning how to paint, per her request, from Acacia.

September, 1889 | Crystal starts trying to teach herself how to write songs. Her father sends an announcement that he's courting a woman they haven't met yet. Her father met Mrs. Hertz over the summer. To show how much she's matured, she does not set the letter on fire.

December, 1889 | Over winter break, they meet Mrs. Hertz and her children. Acacia and Mr. Somersby Fudge are victims of a Portkey mishap and end up in France.

February 28, 1890 | Crystal is shocked to see her little brother at breakfast, acting like he'd never died and had been at Hogwarts the last two years. She remembers his death, remembers how depressed she had been. She remembers being upset that he'd never have a chance to be sorted.

June 24, 1890 | Her father married Naomi Hertz. She becomes a big - step, technically - sister to Mordecai and Adah.
→ Crystal would have graduated in 1890, but because of the Half-Breed Ban of 1887, she didn’t graduate until ‘91.

→ She prefers to be called Crystal, not Chrysanta

→ She's always more of a bitch the first week of the month

→ Her Father married Namoi Hertz June, 1890

→ During the summer of 1890 she adopted an Owl and named it Mimi
→ in 1888 Crystal adopted a cat and named it "Cia", a cat she named "Lisa" adopted her. She has grown fond of "Lisa", even though the name was originally an insult.

→Cia is named after a nickname she tried giving Acacia when they were children

→ Mimi is named after Crystal's step-mother Naomi

→ Her art form of choice is singing

→ She started learning how to draw/paint in December 1888

→ She started learning how to write songs in August 1889

→ Her best friend is Sweetie Whitledge

→ Crystal apparently adopted a cat and named him "Martin" in December, 1889 she does not remember adopting this cat.
→ Her brother, Dunstan, originally died in July of 1887 but was "brought back" via Florida Man™ FUCKING UP THE TIMELINE
Played By: Ocean

Contact: Candypaw(skype), Oceanwings#2796 (discord)

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→ She tried giving Acacia the nickname 'Cia' when they were younger and it didn't stick. At all. In fact, when she tried, all she got was a exasperated look from her sister. She named her cat this nickname just to annoy her sister.
→ She doesn't care for her mother, and doesn't care for the stray that adopted her which it why it was named Lisa.
→ She embraces the 'vampire' stereotype when it fits her wants or needs.
→ If she wasn't a half-breed and could become an animagus, she totally would.
→ She's probably one of the only ones who can get away with calling Sweetie, well, Sweetie and not get the death glare. Sweetie's siblings, excluded, of course.
Family Relations
Acacia | older sister While they'd always been 'closeish' from a young age, they've probably gotten a bit closer since Crystal stopped being a total brat like she'd been her first time as a fourth year. She does look up to her sister, even if she doesn't show it in the best way. She admires how Acacia can stay so calm in the middle of everything going to shit.
Orinda | younger sister
→ Dunstan | younger brother
→ Martin | father
Ellsworth | grandfather
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