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Fourth Year

14 year old Half-Blood
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played by Eve
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Irene Fudge

Full Name: Irene Beatrice Fudge

Nickname(s): Ivy

Birthdate: April 3, 1875

Age: 14

Occupation: Hogwarts Student

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Residence: Sandition

Hogwarts House: Slytherin


12'', English Oak, Unicorn Hair


Mother: Winifred Fudge

Father: Hubert Fudge

Brother: Somersby Fudge (1871)

Sister: Holliday Fudge (1873)

Brother: Paxton Fudge (1877)

Sister: Sunday Fudge (1878)

Gilbert Fudge, Grandfather [1805-1881]

Eugenia Hobday née Pince, formerly Fudge, Grandmother [1814]

Jedidiah “Uncle Jed” Hobday, Step-Grandfather [1803]

Bonnie ----- née Hobday, Step-Aunt [1845], and family

Orson Hobday, Step-Uncle [1852]

Sullivan Fisk, Grandfather [1825]

Saralyn Fisk née -----, Grandmother [18xx-18xx]

Arven Fisk, Uncle [1851]


Standing at 5'3, Irene Fudge has reached her last spurt of growth during the summer before her Fourth Year. She's blue-eyed and her hair falls in messy curls if not given attention to, but Irene makes sure to always have it at its best; meaning, it's never dirty or chaotic. She's quite proud of her clothing style, always aware of the latest fashion and with a good eye as to what fits her image best. Furthermore, she's right-handed.


Irene is a sweet, charming girl, whose good-hearted nature often conflicts with her desires and ambition. She has learned how to be manipulative and, over the years, figured out reputation can be more important than her own well-being; which is why she puts so much emphasis on school. Even so, she cares a lot about her close friends and even more about her family. There are few things she wouldn't do to protect them, though she's not opposed risking somebody out of her inner-circle if a person brings her problems and the threat of worse reputation.

In her book, the person who comes first is herself. She's selfish in that regards, looking after her shoulders first, then worrying about others. Her family comes in a close second, whereas her friends are a third. Anybody else, and most specifically enemies, she's indifferent to.

She's talented for all matters related to Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, though not so much for Defence Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic. It's a good thing, then, that she knows how to calculate her time between studying and being with friends.


- Irene is afraid of heights. She almost fell off a broom during her first Flying lesson.

- She's rather sensitive to the cold, so it's a good thing her family has access to comfortable clothing for the icy seasons. Because she knows she will end up with tons of layer, she has worked since third-year to figure out how best to remain warm without looking ridiculous.

- Although she's indifferent to most people she's not close to, Irene can't stand the thought of murder and violence. Since growing older, she has learned more of healing properties from plants, and has it as safe knowledge in case one more person she loves - and even those who she doesn't - find themselves in dangerous situations that she could interfere for the betterment of their health.

- Although her list goes "Myself, family, friends", creatures are somewhere in the list. Though she doesn't believe they're completely innocent - after all, some creatures are deadly and could be used at weapons, another thing she's been studying -, she does see them as better than most people.

- One of her favorite hobbies is playing Wizard Chess. Her own board was a gift from her grandmother, and her pieces are loyal to Irene, rarely disagreeing with her choices.


Early Years

1875 | Irene Fudge is the third born child to Herbet and Freddie Fudge. They live comfortably in Godric's Hollow with their three children.

1877 | Irene learns how to talk and walk later than she was expected to. As it turns out, she's great at following Holliday around. Months later, Paxton is born. Irene has no recollections of this event. Her parents notice, however, she's prone relax when in his presence.

1878 | Sunday is born into the family, one of her earliest memories. She's mesmerized by how small her sister is.

1879 | At this point, Irene shows a preference towards staying outside than being trapped in-between four walls. She loves playing with plants and creatures, and has to be taught constantly about what not to do for safety's reasons. When she sees a dying rosebush on a close garden, her sadness is channeled into magic soon as her fingers touch the petals; the rose is revived, and Irene is static. She's healed the flowers [i]and[/i] she is a wizard.

1880 | While in holidays, both Holliday and Paxton display their first signs of magic. The irony doesn't miss her, and Irene is secretly proud of herself for showing these signs earlier than her older sister. Furthermore, she can't help but hold a small grudge for how they embarrassed their parents by hurting bystanders. Irene is proud nonetheless, though none of this helps with her smugness.

1881 | Her grandfather dies while on the job. She doesn't know what to think of it, though by now she's realized how much money is valued to the family. Instead of focusing on this, she does her best to accommodate granny, while focusing on school to the best she can. Irene is prouder of herself when she's making others proud.

1882 | Her parents sell their home and they move to another. At first Irene is scared and reluctant, but she changes her mind as soon as they set eyes on the new home. It's huge and she understands some of her parents' vision, even though she does misses the garden from their previous place. If anything, the worst part of the year is watching her brother leave for Hogwarts; she wished to be in his place instead.

1883 | Irene sees the opening of the resort. She never thought of meeting so many people. Soon enough, there are so many kids to play with she's rarely alone. Exceptions are for studying and gardening, a hobby she's taken for herself. When her parents open the Zoo, it all feels like a paradise.

1884 | Granny remarries to Uncle Jed, which both her and Holliday believe to be quite confusing. Nonetheless, she's happy for her granny if it means finding happiness. She's once again jealous of her older sister, since she gets to leave for Hogwarts, but it's one good thing to be alone - now the spotlight is on her and her older siblings.

1885 | Irene is finally a ten-year-old, which means there's only one year before she goes to Hogwarts and people finally take her seriously. More so than before, anyways. By then, she has convinced her parents it's ok to have her help with gardens and creatures, even if she barely does anything with the latter. Her favorite past-time is playing with the kids who stay at the resort, and she's made friends for when she goes to Hogwarts.[/align]


1886 | Irene is thrilled when she leaves home for Hogwarts. She'll miss her parents very much and she knows, but it's nothing compared to studying at the place she's dreamed of for years. The Sorting Hat takes a minute to decide between Hufflepuff and Slytherin, but she's soon walking towards the second house; her desire to prove herself as a great wizard and daughter hasn't lessened, though she would never do anything damaging to her family's reputation. In fact, she's sweet enough to soon have many friends at school, and nobody is surprised when she excels at Herbology. Though she's far from a Ravenclaw as are her siblings, she works hard to do well in all her classes.

1887 | Nobody expected a tragedy to happen while her father attended the Wizarding World Market. Alas, this is exactly what happens, and her older sister is shocked when their father sacrifices himself to save her. Irene is eager to hold it against her sister, enraged by their father's loss in the first place, but he comes back as a ghost, which leaves her even more confused. She doesn't know whether to be exultant her father will still be there for her, or ashamed he isn't even a live being in the first place.

1887 (2) | In almost worse news, Holliday's best friend is revealed to be a werewolf, which makes her want to distance herself even further from her sister; a part of her is worried their reputation will be highly damaged, while the other is scared for Holliday - not that she knows how to word this. She asks for her sisters' help with Transfiguration, though she doesn't need it. It's the way she knows to remain close to her sister without navigating deeper topics. Irene targets better grades as opposed to more knowledge. She won't speak to her sister any more than necessary, even after asking for help; still conflicted, and unaware of how best to bring it up she's not comfortable with Holliday's choices.

1887 (3) | Irene dreads the thought of furthering her studies of Defense Against the Dark Arts, given her reflexes aren't always up to speed. For this reason, she also asks for help to her older brother, this time a lot more focused on doing better with the tutoring. She's once again happy about returning to Hogwarts, and rarely runs into problems at school.

1888 | On better news, Somersby seems to have given up on helping their family with the Zoo, which means Irene works harder to take over his place when she's older. It's all made better by the fact that she begins studying Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy. Irene excels on both without having to make as much effort as her peers, though it's all down to personal preference. It's almost a good thing she's afraid of heights, given there's more time for her friends and studying; after all, those are the most important things to be focused on. Paxton is to start Hogwarts with their siblings.

1889 | To Irene's dismay, Somersby has graduated. This means losing the person who's been helping her with DADA, but Irene is determined not to need any more help. She's slowly getting closer to her sister, though she still holds her accountable for befriending somebody who later turned into a werewolf. Fourth Year at Hogwarts is something she's extremely excited about and life is still really good. Not to mention, she has a cat now. And Sunday, who started studying at Hogwarts in 1889.


❧ Holliday's family owns The Sanditon Resort in Sussex.

❧ She has won quite a few chess competitions at Hogwarts.


❧ She's fond of Herbology, gardening and anything related to Care of Magical Creatures.

❧ She's repulsed by the idea of werewolves, despite studying about creatures. It's a prejudice she won't admit to having. except to her closest friends and family.

Played By: Eve

Contact: Skype

Plot Preferences:

❧ My posts range in length anywhere between 250 words to 1000. I could do less, even rapid-fire, but they are harder for me than writing longer posts.

❧ I would rather not bother with "meet and greet" threads, unless the meeting for itself happens during unusual circumstances.

❧ I would rather plot the beginning of the thread - as in, how the characters got "there"/together in the first place -, and after that leave them to be. I'm aware my characters can act in ways I wasn't expecting them to, and I have much more fun not planning how things will go.

❧ I could plan romance, especially if the idea behind it is hooking, but I won't plan every-single-detail to-the-point-we'll-know-exacty-how-it'll-happen. There's no fun in it (for me).

❧ I only write smut with people I trust, and even if I do, I wouldn't have it posted on the site. Fade-to-black is much more comfortable.


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I was thinking about how one of my favorite parts of the Wizarding World is literally how wizards get stuff done, through these daily-life spells and enchantments which we know hardly anything about. The scene with the Goldstein sisters at home for FB2 is a dream come true!

What are your ideas for IC non-canon ones - as the titles say - and how do you see your characters using it? I'll go first.

Shaving Enchantment: Can't stop imagining wizards using some kind of plant or seaweed to delimitate the areas they want to be shaved, then barely tapping at it with their wands - puff, no more body hair. Maybe they've started simply with a tap of wands but found out it's hard to get a precise area and they took off a lot more hair than expected... so now it's all down to Diffindo and some kind of substance above exact the area.