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Fourth Year
Fourth Year

14 year old Halfblood
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played by Lauren
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Helixa Hyslop

Full Name: Helixa Hyslop.

Nickname(s): Lix.

Birthdate: 21st September, 1874.

Age: 14

Occupation: Student.

Blood Status: Halfblood.

Residence: Hogwarts. Peak District.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

Wand: Rosewood. 12 inches. Unicorn hair. Springy.

Marcus Hyslop | Father | 1848-
Berenice Hyslop nee ____ | Mother | 1850-
Syna Hyslop | Sister | 1874-
5’5 and decidedly slender both Helixa and her twin sister had already grown as much as they are likely too and are in the awkward stage of growing into their adult bodies. Both sisters have chestnut locks that compliments their light blue eyes and pale skin; Helixa uses her left hand for casting and Syna her right. They dress in identical fashion when out of their Hogwarts robes but, gallingly, they can be told apart when in them due to their house colours, a fact that annoys them both and they have been known to swap for the odd afternoon.
Introverted. Loyal. Kind to a fault. Thinks books are better than most people. Would quite like to hide in the owlery on most days. Frustrated with herself whenever she makes mistake. Ball of anxiety.

1874: Helixa Hyslop arrives in the world as a quiet baby. Perfectly healthy she may be but she is silent, unnervingly so as far as the midwife is concerned, until eight minutes later when her sister Syna enters the world. Syna’s cries are loud, insistent and immediately echoed by Helixa’s. From that moment on there isn’t a single thing the sisters don’t do together.

1880: Whichever one of them it was that performed magic first no one will ever know. Despite logic suggesting that it is unlikely their first unintentional castings came at the same time, the twins do not tell another soul until both of them have exhibited magic.

1886: The twins finally get their Hogwarts letters and, with matching sets of everything, they set off on the train journey. It never occurs to either of them that they might find themselves in separate houses as their entire life thus far has mostly involved the two of them doing their own thing in their parent’s massive house. But separated they are and neither twins sleeps well for the first year of school.

1887: Things improve for Helixa in second year when an incident involving an exploding potions and some squirrels leads to her bonding with others in her house, notably Idunn Fraser.

1888: In her third year Lix picks up Ancient Runes, Ancient Studies and Arithmancy. #overachiever

1889: Another term beckons. Over the summer she and Syna bemoan their continued separation but begin to make plans for after their schooling.
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