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Thom Pettigrew
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Played by Lynn
And since I have to be in love with someone,
Maybe I could be in love with someone like you.
Owner of Quality Quaffle & Snitch; Sponsor of Puddlemere United
34 year old Pureblood
ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Thomas Arthur Pettigrew

Nickname(s): Thom; pronounced Tom but always spelled with an H.

Birthdate: 19 July 1855

Age: 34

Occupation: Owner of Quality Quaffle & Snitch (Inventor, Entrepenuer, Manufacturer); Sponsor of Puddlemere United

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: A small but lavish home on Ruby Road in Wellingtonshire. His country estate in Lancashire, near the sea, has been in the family for several generations and is currently occupied by his mostly estranged wife.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 13" alder and phoenix feather, stiff.

Family: Henrich Pettigrew [1831-1884] Father
Lucy Pettigrew née Carrow [1838] Mother
Jane Prewett née Pettigrew [1856 – 1883] Sister
- Faustus Prewett [1850] Brother-in-law
- Edelweiss Prewett [1877] Niece
- Iris Prewett [1882] Niece
- Mezereon Prewett [1883] Nephew
Albert Pettigrew [1858] Brother
"—" Pettigrew [1859] Brother

Chastity Pettigrew née Browne [1860-1884] First Wife
- Odessa Pettigrew [1881] Daughter
- Alexander Pettigrew [1883] Son
Hannah Pettigrew née Echelon [1864] Wife
- Unnamed [1887-1887] Daughter

Ursula Black née Flint [1857] Former Mistress
- "Leo" [1883-1883] Lovechild
- Belvina Black [1886] Lovechild

Thom, much to his dismay, was never built for Quidditch. He hasn't grown much since the middle of his school years (a fact that used to bother him when he was in school, but he's since moved past), with a slim build and not much in the way of muscle. He has thick, dark brown hair that he wears short. He alternates between being clean-shaven and wearing a short, neatly trimmed beard; the change between the two is rather sporadic, as he opts to grow a beard when he tires of shaving and opts to shave when he tires of maintaining a beard. He dislikes the look of stubble, however, and so uses a facial creme which disappears his hair during the two or three days of growth it takes for a beard to seem properly maintained. As such, the transition between the two styles is (from an outside perspective) instantaneous.

He has a reputation for being charismatic and is most frequently found smiling. He has very intelligent dark eyes and a quick tongue. He is not traditionally handsome, but is suave and confident enough to make people treat him as though he is. He is left-handed and currently stands at 5 foot, 3 inches.

(1855 - 1866)
The Pettigrews have their first child, a boy named Thomas, after Lucy politely negotiated around naming the boy Henrich Pettigrew II. Late into Thomas' first year of life, he is joined by the arrival of his younger sister, Jane, whom he sees very little of until the next year. When they are actually allowed to play together, they get along immediately, and spend most of their childhood playing games of make-believe in which Thom protects Jane from dragons, evil wizards, and manticores. The arrival of more siblings hardly phases him; he is quite content with Jane and pays the babies little mind.

Thom shows his first sign of magic in 1861 when he shouts 'up!' at a branch in the yard and causes it to hover for a few moments. When later retelling the story, he always states that his first act of magic was designing a broomstick, though it never carried him anywhere.

A sit down conversation with his father about 'how to be a man' shortly before heading off to Hogwarts fails to make any impression on the child; he has no interest in putting away childish things and dislikes the idea of ever pursuing a laudable career in the Ministry just on principle, because although he's only ten he's already a rebellious little shit who wants the opposite of what his dad wants.

(1866 - 1873)
Upon arrival at Hogwarts the Sorting Hat declares that he is rather ambitious and sorts him into Slytherin, where he is delighted to find several pureblood play-mates of his have already been sorted. Although an incredibly bright boy, Thom's grades are from the start rather poor, because of his propensity for doodling and daydreaming during class. He is also quite impressionable, which leads to being very distracted by his friends.

During his third year Thom attempts to add every elective class, but is dissuaded by his teachers who are fearful of his grades. He still persists in adding four of them simply for curiosity's sake (the maximum number his professor would allow). He also becomes fascinated by Quidditch, and tries to try out for the team, but is too small, weak, and sickly to be much use on a broom. He makes another attempt the following year, and when he fails is somewhat placated by becoming the announcer for the Quidditch games instead.

Thom takes and receives most of his OWLs, which surprises all of his teachers, since his grades throughout the semesters have been so abysmal. Despite this, he decides to take NEWTs only in Charms, Potions, Arithmancy, and Earth Magic. When asked what he is planning on doing with such subjects, he only shrugs and says he'll figure it out later. Thom made one final attempt to join the Quidditch team during his sixth year, but to the surprise of absolutely no one failed once more. His sister was also betrothed this year, and although he went out of his way to find reasons to dislike her future husband, he could find nothing obvious.

Young Adult Life
(1873 - 1880)
Following graduation, Thom began using the allowance from his father to start a Quidditch business — something his father wholeheartedly disapproved of, but as careers went, it was at least better than playing Quidditch. Following a very successful seventh year for his sister, Thom gets tired of being compared to his more traditional siblings and moves out of his parents' house and into a small apartment in London.

Jane marries in 1875 and begins procreating the following year. Thom is still far too invested in his fledgling company to be thinking of romance, despite his position as the heir making it feasible to court much earlier than he might independently. He does take the opportunity in 1877 when Hogsmeade is being established to purchase a more lavish house, though the family remains ensconced in Lancashire. Business continues to grow with the more condensed magical community, and Thom indulges in a hobby by becoming the sponsor of Puddlemere United.

After a year or two in Hogsmeade, Thom begins to feel more comfortably estbalished both personally and in his business endeavors, and begins attending social events with an eye towards wife-hunting. At the Coming Out Ball in 1879 he meets Chastity Browne, a middle class girl who does not at all dislike the money and position she could aspire to as his potential bride. Although vaguely aware that her feelings are not quite as romantic as he might wish, Thom falls quickly in love with her. The two begin courting by the end of the season and are engaged by spring of 1880.

Marriage To Chastity
(1880 - 1884)
Thom and Chastity marry in the summer and are expecting by New Year. Their first child, Odessa Minevra, is born in October of 1881. Although at first enthusiastic about the birth of his daughter, Thom soon tires of having children. While still rather doting by most standards—he does purchase a baby hippogriff for the infant!—he contrives to spend as much time away from home as possible. This results in both a minor expansion of business, and, in time, an extramarital affair with someone Thom knew from Hogwarts, Ursula Black née Flint.

Thom's affair with Ursula expands into a friendship with her husband, as well; while at first more for appearance's sake, Thom finds he and Phineas Black have similar opinions on politics, and the two continue to be friends. In Spring, Thom receives news that his wife Chastity is once again expecting, and also the unwelcome news that his affair with Ursula Black has also produced a pregnancy. He assists her in obtaining a potion which will abort the baby, an action which grieves them both sorely. Afterwards, the two stop seeing each other, though Thom still mourns what he will always think of as his first son. At the same time, Jane's health fails her while she is delivering another baby. The dual mourning drives Thom away from his wife and his friends for some time. The arrival of his first living son occurs in October of 1883. While glad to finally have an heir, Thom was secretly convinced that, like his sister, pregnancy would prove the death of his fragile young wife. Although from the beginning Alexander is not a particularly healthy child, the couple do not immediately attempt more children.

The summer of 1884 brings with it the arrival of a plague, which at first Thom thinks himself and his family immune to; he is too concerned with business to pay the sickness much mind until one of their servants catches the virus and dies. Completely reversing direction, Thom now insists on relocating himself and his family to the home of his parents in the country, doing so just before the quarantine takes effect. This serves only to bring the sickness to them; although he was unaware of it, Chastity had already been exposed, and falls ill shortly after their arrival. Not long after, both Henrich and Lucy Pettigrew fall ill as well. Thom's father is the first to die, followed by his wife, Chastity, in July. His mother eventually makes a recovery, though her nerves and her wit are never what they were before the illness. Whether her frequent bouts of hysteria are symptoms of her past illness or the result of the loss of her husband is anyone's guess, but in either case Thom feels responsible, for bringing the illness into their home. As such, he insists on his mother coming to live with him when he returns to Hogsmeade. He shuts up the old house entirely and leaves it with nothing but a skeleton staff, after removing both of his brothers from their childhood rooms (not maliciously, but because they really ought to be established enough to support themselves at this stage, and if they aren't, they probably won't ever learn to!)

And Then There Was Hannah
(1884 - 1888)
Four months after the death of his wife, Thom was still technically in mourning, but began to attend limited social events and to closely follow the Quidditch season. Without really meaning to, Thom met and subsequently fell for Miss Hannah Echelon, a cousin of his dear friend August's. Also of note is the departure of his assistant that fall prior to her marriage, which Thom is a little bitter about even though he knows that obviously makes no sense.

After several months of flirtation and while still in half-mourning, Thom asked Hannah's father for permission to court her. Mr. Echelon attempted to negotiate a sale price for his daughter, which offended Thom so greatly that he lashed out and threw a paperweight at the man's head, resulting in his untimely death. Thom fled, and in a fit of emotion confessed what he'd done to Ursula Black, with whom he had recently rekindled his previous affair. Following his death, a whole myriad of illegal activities Hannah's father had been engaged in came to light, and the suspicion for his murder fell primarily in that direction. Although Hannah felt incredibly conflicted over his death, her family dutifully enters the required mourning period. Thom, still believing himself quite in love with her (and feeling rather guilty about her father), promises to wait for her.

A sudden opportunity overseas takes Thom to America for most of the first half of the year. He purchases a Quodpot manufacturer in Virginia called Ravenhurst Industries, and then returns to England in June—shortly after the birth of his daughter with Ursula Black. Hannah has exited her mourning period whilst he was abroad, and Thom loses no time in proposing. The engagement is brief and the two are married in November. Following their honeymoon when the two actually have time to breathe for the first time since the earliest days of their flirtation, things begin to grow strained and Thom begins to regret having rushed through their engagement and entirely skipped their courtship, though keeps these feelings to himself.

Things continued to grow cooler between him and Hannah, and people outside his marriage began to notice that he was drinking more than he perhaps should be. An accident in the spring resulted in his memories of the last several months growing fuzzy, which adds further strain. The two manage to reconcile long enough to conceive a child, but after the disaster at the World Market sees Thom with a temporary crutch and Hannah feeling fragile, things once again grow difficult for the pair. Following the announcement that Hannah is pregnant in mid-summer, he and Ursula Black end their affair for the second time. Thom briefly endeavors to be a good husband, something he felt he has not done since the first few months of his marriage with Chastity, but when Hannah's pregnancy ends in a miscarriage the two are driven almost irreconcilably apart. Wanting to avoid conflict with Hannah and also avoiding his own feelings of grief of the miscarriage, Thom moved back to Wellingtonshire and left her in the country — a fact that did not go entirely unnoticed by upper class society.

Thom prefers to think of himself as far more liberally minded than he is, which causes some affectionate but exasperated eye rolls from August. He has no qualms at all about hiring women, halfbreeds, Muggleborns, etc, as long as they bring a skill set that benefits either his company or his team, and sees this as proof that he holds no prejudice. However, when it comes to actually making conditions better for those groups — for instance, by giving women the vote or protecting halfbreed rights to education — Thom is entirely disinterested in change that does not personally benefit him. He is also rather prejudiced against partial veela in every instance because of his own poor experience with a veela in the past.

A lively and charming host, Thom makes a habit of casually flirting with all of his female guests. With a little encouragement on their part, this can very easily blossom in to feelings. Thom falls in love quickly and thoroughly. He is quite the romantic while the mood suits him and enjoys lavishing gifts on those he is fond of. He is somewhat less changeable with male friends, though is still rather opportunistic and would downplay or even entirely forsake a relation should the cost of standing by them seem too high in the moment.

— Sex Life —
Thom is very heterosexual and rather disgusted by the idea of anyone being otherwise. He lost his virginity shortly after graduating Hogwarts to an expensive whore, and has visited them on and off throughout the years (but only the classy kind). He falls in love quickly and easily and has engaged in extramarital affairs during both of his marriages.

— Languages —
Thom has an entire shelf of introductory language books in his study, and although he frequently needs to brush up before going on out of town business, he can passably speak French, Russian, and Italian. He knows a handful of phrases in other languages where his company does business, but is not comfortable holding conversations in them.

— Transportation —
Much to his chagrin Thom has never been particularly graceful on a broomstick, and in order to avoid showcasing this fact prefers to floo most places. He can also apparate. He owns a pair of connecting cabinets which can be used for speedy trips from the Wellingtonshire home to the Lancashire estate and vice versa, though because these were procured in order to better conduct his affair with Mrs. Black no one else knows of them.

— Miscellaneous —
Thom owns a pensieve, which is kept in a small closet type of room behind his study in the Wellingtonshire home. He often bottles memories immediately after they happen so that he can go back and 'replay' them later for analysis, however his catalog system is not the best and he can seldom find the memory he is looking for. This is most commonly used to rewatch old Quidditch matches instead of for any practical purpose.
— OWLs & NEWTs —
Ancient StudiesAcceptable
ArithmancyExceeds Expectations
Care of Magical CreaturesAcceptable
Earth MagicExceeds Expectations
History of MagicPoor

Earth MagicAcceptable
PotionsExceeds Expectations
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