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Moon Smith
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Played by Elaine
Second Year
12 year old Half
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Full Name: Moon Smith


Birthdate: September 28, 1876

Age: 12


Occupation: First Year Student

Blood Status: Half

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 9¾ of whippy sycamore wood, with an augury tail feather core

Father: Eric Smith [b. 1833 - Muggle]
Mother: Tiffany Smith [b. 1838 - Muggleborn]
Brother: Sun Smith [b. 1856]
Brother: Mercury Smith [b. 1862]
Brother: Venus Smith [b. 1865]
Sister: Earth Beck née Smith [b. 1866]
Sister: Mars Asteroid née Smith [b. 1868]
Sister: Jupiter Smith [b. 1868]
Brother: Saturn Smith [b. 1870]
Brother: Uranus Smith [b. 1871 - Squib]
Brother: Neptune Smith [b. 1874]

As a family, the Smiths are closer than one might expect from the average household of the era. They care quite a lot for one another, and often make a point to visit those that no longer live with the main household, including in-laws.

Moon and her eldest brother, Sun, are the outlying names in their family. The siblings born in the years between them were named, in order, for the (known) planets that stretch out from the sun, with total disregard for which names were more masculine or feminine. Most of the family have learned to accept or live with their names.

A bright eyed daughter of the Smith clan, Moon stands precisely four feet, nine inches tall, and still growing. Her hair is the darkest of the entire family, almost black with hints of a lighter brown under the light of summer’s sun. She is softer of feature than some of her siblings, but is always quick with a smile. She is left-handed, and prefers muggle attire.
1876: Moon is born, the youngest of the Smith children.

1878: Older sister Earth is off to Hogwarts. Moon is thoroughly confused by all of this, considering that she doesn’t understand where Earth has gone off to!

1879: Moon’s first display of magic comes early, and quite hilariously, as she starts to spontaneously glow after Uranus makes fun of her name for its “uselessness.” As if to say, “I am Moon, and I shine as brightly as my namesake” without the words to accurately convey this.

1880: Mars and Jupiter off to Hogwarts. Moon understands the reason and meaning behind going to Hogwarts now, but she is far more at ease at home, where her parents let her stay up late and stare up at the moon, learning all about her namesake.

1883: Mercury gets married. As the youngest of his siblings, Moon is happy, though she does find herself thinking a bit too heavily about the implications of marriage. She might be only seven years old, but she recognizes that the wording of the marriage vows seems to imply, at least on some level, subservience to the husband. It is at this moment that Moon decides she’ll delay marrying as long as she possibly can. She is too independent for it all, really, and will only marry if she absolutely must. Or if she falls in love.

1885: Earth graduates from Hogwarts, and Moon is still desperately jealous. She just wants to get on with her education!

1886: Earth gets married to a man from her church. Moon doesn’t understand this whole church thing, but she’s very happy for her big sister!

1887: Mars gets married, and Moon becomes an aunt to three little ones — Earth’s daughter Moondew (she’s very flattered that Earth chose a moon name for her firstborn), and Mercury’s twins, Helium and Nitrogen. Unfortunately, her sister-in-law dies in childbirth, leaving Mercury a widower with twin newborns.

1888: Finally! Joyous day! Moon Smith is off to Hogwarts on September first, where she is quickly sorted into Gryffindor. She takes quickly to Defense Against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration, greedily absorbing every lesson she can. She isn’t a stellar flier, but she gives it her best effort.

1889: Before the end of her first year of school, tragedy strikes, and a schoolmate, a roommate is found dead from a horrific potions accident. She’d rather liked Céleste and hoped they would be friends. In the aftermath, Moon finds herself curious about her eldest sister’s faith. Too bad Earth’s off on a trip to Africa. Moon would have inquired about joining the trip, but she was far more concerned about her education — if something were to befall the trip, resulting in a devastating delay in their return, she might not be able to continue on at Hogwarts!!
Inquisitive, accepting, loyal, outgoing, and always willing to lend a hand, whatever the circumstance.
Patronus: Not yet determined

Boggart: Not yet determined

Amortentia: Not yet determined

Star Sign: Libra

Hobbies: Reading, spell practice, bothering family members of known werewolves, and writing.

Pets: None, presently.
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