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Barkeep at The Three Broomsticks

32 year old Halfblood
6 ft 2 in   ❤   Married
played by Renny
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Greg Evans

Full Name: Greg Smith Evans


Birthdate: April 21, 1857

Age: 32

Occupation: Barkeeper at Three Broomsticks

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: 11 in., Dogwood, Supple, Unicorn Hair

Family: Mother: Mary Evans; Wife: Kate Evans; Daughter: Audrey Evans
Greg stands at 6'2 and has a rather bulky build to him. His age is reflected in his salt and pepper hair and the deep creases in his facial structure with dark brown eyes. He generally wares muggle garb, though it often simple in a appearance with colors ranging from white to grey. Beyond the everyday suite is a set of black robes. He is right handed.
Pious, Kind, Nurturing, Self Sacrificing
He's gay, but in the closet about it because he is in denial.
Greg grew up in a very religious household. His father was a vicar and his father's father was a vicar, and so on and so forth. How the man came to marry a witch would be a mystery til one met the man. He was a narcissist through and through and couldn't see beyond his own hand. He married Greg's mother only because she had become impregnated by him and he felt obligated, or so he said, to provide for her and the child, which happened to be Greg.

They didn't enjoy each other's company much, or so Greg recalls, but they stuck through it because that is what society expected of them and divorces were seldom. His mother managed to hide the fact that their son inherited her magical capabilities, or even the fact that she had them for quite some time.

His first display of magic was levitating his spoon, which she quickly grabbed and continued to feed him with. When his Hogwarts letter arrived she told her husband he had been accepted on full scholarship to a seminary school for theology. How she managed to keep the ruse up or supply the tuition was beyond him but he managed to make it to his third year before their financial means ran thin and he was forced to drop out.

He took the full blame for his failure to not complete the made up seminary school, and went to work doing various well reputable jobs, store clerk and the like, though he still very much attended church. As things became bad for magical folk in general and 1877 came around, he rescued his mother from his father after he had nearly killed her spouting, "Thou shal not suffer a witch to live!" He's not sure if the man found out, or just blamed her for all his problems and decided to call her a witch, but Greg insisted she move with him to Hogsmeade where he applied himself to various jobs from book keeper to eventually Three Broomsticks barkeeper where he met his wife, Kate, thanks to his mother's match making capabilities. Kate was a very religious woman as well and a half blood who believed sex was strictly for procreation, needless to say neither of them enjoyed the consummation much. Shortly after the wedding night, she was with child and feeling they had done their share of the Lord's work they had a rather platonic relationship thereafter.

His daughter, Audrey, now 7, is the light of his life, and it would seem that everything is going well for the couple, save for the frustrations that loom. Greg is unsure as to why he doesn't quite feel blessed, and seems to want more of what he can only depict as sinful. Needless to say he would do anything for his small family, including sacrifice his small family, though one only knows how much longer that will last.

- He's a good church going man.

- He comes from a line of vicars.

- He works at Three Broomsticks as a barkeeper.

- He has a daughter and wife.

- He enjoys theatre.
He's gay. He doesn't even know it honestly.
Played By: Renny

Contact: PM, DM, Skype

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