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Discovered today that spotted dick is a pudding with raisins in it. But more importantly that "dick" was the victorian word for pudding. — Fallin
His sister and her group were not yet performing, however. Instead it was a plain looking young woman that he did not recognize. She seemed to believe she was singing.
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Con-Artist; Barkeep at The Hog’s Head
27 year old Halfblood
Con-Artist; Barkeep at The Hog’s Head
5 ft. 3 in.
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Full Name: Hestia

Nickname(s): Essie

Birthdate: 21 December 1865

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Occupation: Con-Artist; Barkeep at The Hog's Head

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: A room at the Hog's Head; Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: N/A

Holly, 12 1/4 in, Phoenix Feather, Slightly Supple
Vine, 11 in, Dragon Heartstring, Resonably Brittle

To Hestia, family are those who have been lost and those who have shown loyalty to her and whom she trusts. 
Hestia's figure has always been slight and willowy. Though by no means malnourished, food was sometimes hard to come by for the traveling festival and so her frame, though curvy, is slimmer than most. With being part of a carnival, Hestia had a host of skills to learn at her disposal and spent little time delaying her education. Being slight of figure in addition to learning hand stitching contributed to the deftness and slenderness of her fingers when lifting a treasure from an unsuspecting subject. Even after the festival, Hestia continued to stretch as she learned from The Contortionist, which gives her an air of possessing a keen sense of awareness of her person.

Being part of the traveling circus, Hestia's physical appearance was always something of great attraction. With no knowledge as to who her parents were, it's anyone's guess as to which ethnicity she belonged to, and it was often capitalized upon. With bronzed skin kissed from days out in the sun, what could be considered fairness of complexion is completely lost on the witch. Her once rounded features have slimmed since adulthood with a mane of black waves to frame them. It's rare that Hestia's shrewd, almost black eyes miss anything in a crowd, particularly a trinket waiting to be plucked.

1865 | The exact ramifications of Hestia's conception and birth are unknown. She is found on the grounds of a magical traveling carnival and taken in by those who she now refers to as her family.

1867 | In traveling with a wide array of people from various parts of the world, Hestia quickly starts developing a vocabulary consisting of English, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish and Italian.

1870 | At the age of 5, Hestia has a decent hold on English, Italian and Russian. She befriends a multitude of carnival members including a burlesque costumer, magician, and hippogriff trainer, all of whom attempt to teach the little girl tricks of their own trade. As impressionable as she was, her lisp had her pronouncing her name as "Essie", which her family called her as a pet name.

1871 | Ever equipped with a malleable mind, Hestia has learned how to sew and aids The Costumer by creating garments for the performers. In addition, she learns how to make clothes herself. She begins to learn from The Magician (against the better judgment of The Costumer) how to pick pockets from those of wealthier status at the carnival. She also learns how to disguise herself and blend in with those around her.

1875 | Her first act of magic comes in the form of taking after The Magician and producing an endless amount of silk from his pocket during a performance as his assistant. Soon after, she's working as his assistant full time in order to save up for a wand.

1877 | During one such visit to Hogsmeade for the Summer Solstice Festival, she comes across a family known as the Foxes, who are quite the band of people. At first, observing them from the performance stage, she takes note of their dynamics. As targets, they don't seem likely to have much to trade, but after tailing one of them she finds her interest piqued. After orchestrating an incident where-in she  befriends "The Hound" and takes a liking to him.

1878 | Looking back now at her younger self, Hestia is extremely reluctant to admit that it was puppy love that eventually motivated her to stay in Hogsmeade. Her infatuation with not only “The Hound” but his immediate family made her strive to make them impressed with her. Under the guise of wanting to follow in The Magician’s footsteps, Hestia trains with him to learn more tricks of theft and con-artistry. In her younger years, it was a certain type of fascination that drew her to The Magician’s tricks. Now, it is a method of survival and a desire for independence. Once she leaves, Hestia knows she’ll have to rely more on her tricks than anything.

1879 | Each year they come back, Hestia finds herself falling more and more in love with The Hound. She finally reveals this infatuation to her family who don't receive the news well. Many attempt to dissuade her from telling him her feelings. Eventually, they do however, Hestia makes it clear that she will eventually branch out on her own and leave the traveling festival. All convince her to wait until she is of age to make the final decision. Unbeknownst to the others, Hestia's been given an offer to work for Fox & Sons; a moonlighting job that would allow her to make more money.

1882 | A few of the carnival members get sick with an illness that near takes their lives. Realizing she can't simply leave her family behind, Hestia delays her plans to stay in Hogsmeade. Though many make a recovery, their near-deaths make Hestia want to stay a little while longer. 

1884 | Though two years have passed between the carnival's illness, this summer it comes back with a vengeance. The Laughing Plague hits the carnival taking a greater body count with it including many of those who'd managed to survive its weaker counterpart. It's when many if not all of Hestia's family pass away that she decides its time to leave the carnival for good.

1886 | After making her home in Hogsmeade, Hestia employs some of her entertaining skills and manages to secure a position as a Barkeep at The Hogs Head while moonlighting for Fox & Sons. This is the year the World's Wizarding Fair comes to town, where Hestia takes to employing a few tricks The Magician taught her. She uses her newfound treasure to send for some good fabric to make herself some new garments.

1887 | When disaster strikes at the Fair, Hestia finds herself among those stuck amid the chaos with "The Wolf". A flying tiger takes a swipe at her which she blocks successfully - unfortunately Hestia's wand is lost in the fight and she must start saving for a new one.


A once naïve mind, Hestia's trust is carefully placed amongst those she chooses, which may not be evident from the get-go. Customers find the witch amiable and sharp-witted; one who knows her world upside down and inside out. She is not disillusioned by her status in life, and so chooses to go about it willingly and with as much ease as she can. Many who come across her find her genuine, casual and playful, however, they miss the fact that her eyes never linger in one place for too long. Always on the watch, Hestia has learned to be quiet when the time comes for it but often forgets when she has no need for stealth. As a result, she has the habit of appearing at one's elbow as if by apparation (which is impossible for her seeing as she's never learned). Those close to her may have told her repeatedly to wear some sort of trinket to signal her arrival lest they succumb to cardiac arrest.

While rarely troubled by her standing, Hestia's purpose in life stems from the ability to help and be useful. Her stealth and skill-set define her as someone to be kept around, so when she falls on hard times, her mood can get the better of her. In those instances, she can often be found, quick-tempered, and tinkering away at her flat with things she's "found" in hopes of finding a use for them. Having grown up on the rougher side of life, Hestia's outward appearance rather matches her character. With no protections around her, she can make split-second judgments of a new person in her life. Oftentimes those first assessments are right, but sometimes they can be very wrong, an aspect that she is not eager to admit to many, aside from those she trusts the most. As with many who have seen harshness and reality of life amongst the lower class, Hestia's experience has hardened her shell, and when cavorting with "The Wolf", her moral compass can lean towards the appalling. When protecting those she loves, the Hestia does not hesitate to pull out all the stops in order to get the outcome she wants.

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lovely set by the incomparable stef <3
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