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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Hope Weston
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Played by Elaine
Widow & Mother
39 year old Pureblood
ft. in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Hope Weston née Lukeson


Birthdate: June 5, 1850

Age: 39


Occupation: Widowed Mother

Blood Status: Pure

Residence: London, with additional manor homes in northern Scotland, Norway, and the south of Italy.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Poplar, 11⅜”, single unicorn hair, sturdy

Father: Jason Lukeson [1810-1875]
Mother: Nora Lukeson née Dunn [b. 1824]
Brother: Ryder Lukeson [1842-1888]
    — Sister-in-Law: Guinevere Lukeson [b. 1848]
            Nephew: Ace Lukeson [b. 1869]
            Niece: Avril Lukeson [b. 1871]
            Nephew: Leroy Lukeson [1872-1887]
            Nephew: King Lukeson [b. 1873]
            Niece: Jolie Lukeson [b. 1875]
            Niece: Sybille Lukeson [b. 1877]
            Niece: Roselle Lukeson [b. 1888]
Brother: Lucas Lukeson [b. 1845]
    — Wife: Theodosia Lukeson [1850-1876]
            Nephew: Myron Lukeson [1870-1872]
            Niece: Lavinia Lukeson [b. 1873]
            Nephew: Giles Lukeson [1874-1881]
            Niece: Thelma Lukeson [b. 1876]
Paternal Uncle: Icarus Lukeson [1806-1863]
Maternal Uncle: Henson Dunn [1826-1872]

Husband: Orville Ephriam Weston [1843-1884]
Son: Percival Sterling Lukeson Weston [b. 1871; disappeared in late 1875, Transfigured to stone in early 1876]
Son: Theodore Mortimer Lukeson Weston [b. 1875]
Daughter: Miriam Gwendolyn Lukeson Weston [b. 1879]

Standing just a hair above the average height at five feet, six inches tall, Hope is no longer the fair and slender maiden she once was, now softened with the gentle curves of motherhood. With fiery hair, just like her eldest brother, crystalline blue eyes, and fair skin unblemished with neither freckle nor scar, even now she is a striking woman. She has moved beyond the customary mourning period for both her husband and her brother, but this does not mean her wardrobe has fully done so yet. Her attire tends to be in darker tones, from rich amethysts and dark sapphires to true black chased through with red or white, and she is never seen without the pendant containing a woven braid of her husband’s brown hair. She is right-handed.
1850: Hope is born, the third surviving child of Nora and Jason Lukeson, joining elder brothers Ryder and Lucas. As their only daughter, she is doted upon, and treated as one might expect a princess.

1853: Ryder is off to Hogwarts.

1854: Hope’s earliest memory is of Christmas in this year; the first time she rode a horse. The clarity of the memory has waned as time has worn on, but she remembers the sheer joy.

1856: Lucas goes off to Hogwarts. In the days after, left alone with the nanny for the first time in her life without her brothers there, Hope was initially distraught. She’d never been without her brothers for too long before. Eventually, she acclimates, but it is a tense few days.

1858: Hope’s first display of magic comes on August twenty-ninth, when she and her brothers get into an argument over the fact that she will be unable to join them this year as well. Luckily for all three of them, none of the injuries from the unexpected storm of animated knives were too severe.

1861: Finally, Hope joins her elder brother Lucas at Hogwarts, after Ryder graduates in the early part of the year. She is almost immediately sorted into Ravenclaw — a fact which confuses her at first, before classes begin. She takes to the magical education like a fish to water, learning spells and potions with remarkable ease.

1863: Hope selects Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies for her OWL courses. In November, she temporarily departs school for her uncle’s funeral. He and her father had been quite close. Before Hope returns to school, a portrait of her father and his brother is moved to the upstairs corridor of their home from a family friend’s. Hope dislikes the painting, as they tend to comment on her excessive bookishness of late.

1865: In April, Hope departs school to attend her maternal uncle’s wedding. It’s his fifth, and she accidentally overhears her father and a few of his friends bantering and betting on how long this bride will last. The winner of the bet is, rather morbidly, her own father, who was the only one who placed a bet on “between eight and nine months,” as within seven, she falls terribly ill and is dead before the ninth month of marriage. At the start of her fifth year, Hope is named Ravenclaw Prefect. The portrait of her father and uncle has the most...disturbing reaction of confused pride. The rest of the family is very proud of her, however, and she takes to it well.

1866: Hope’s OWLs scores arrive, and with them, a note from the Head of Ravenclaw House, suggesting she take up the offered course in Gobbledegook that the professor has already recommended her for. She ends up taking it, alongside Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

1867: In the summer between her sixth and seventh years, Ryder is courting a rather lovely woman named Guinevere Rey. Hope likes her immensely; the two had been in some classes together over the last few years, and had heard rumors of her massive brown bear patronus spreading like wildfire through the end of her fifth year. Not too long later, she and her brothers were making their way home on a full moon night when they were accosted by a werewolf. The creature managed to sink its teeth into Ryder, before Lucas and Hope managed to, through a combination of stunning spells and knockback jinxes, get the beast off of them. Working together, the siblings manage to find a discrete healer, who takes care of the injuries and swears to help keep this grave secret — making an Unbreakable Vow for the healer to never reveal any werewolf-related injuries to anyone not already in the know of the secret.

Hope and Lucas nearly get into a duel themselves before this Vow can be made, however, after Lucas briefly makes threats to reveal the injuries himself, and eventually, the healer oversees an Unbreakable Vow between siblings, that neither speak of the secrets of this night to anyone not bearing the Lukeson name.

1868: Hope debuts. Her first season is a near disaster, after she accidentally insults a potential suitor. She picks up embroidery as a way to distract her mind from the whole mess, and then Ryder and Guinevere are married in December. Hope is extremely relieved by this development, as it means she can finally talk about the whole Ryder’s-a-werewolf thing with her new sister-in-law.

1869: At a Christmas ball, Hope meets Orville Ephriam Weston (an occurrence arranged, quite ironically, by her uncle Henson), and the two hit it off quite well.

1870: In late January, Orville asks permission to court her; the first couple months of courtship are frustrating for Hope, as she comes to terms with the fact that marriage will prohibit Lucas from speaking to her regarding the werewolf situation, though she will be able to speak of it with him. He simply won’t be able to respond without grave consequences.

By the beginning of summer, Hope and Orville are engaged, and in late October, they are married.

1871: Hope gives birth to her firstborn child. With a little persuasion, Hope manages to convince Orville to give him a second middle name. Thus, Percival Sterling Lukeson Weston enters the world.

1872: Uncle Henson passes away at the age of forty-six. Among the stranger things in his will is a portrait of himself, painted when he was a much younger man, that he rather bizarrely bequeaths to Hope. She hangs it in the dining room, where he makes very unusual remarks about the kitchen’s choices of meal preparation and worse, Hope’s choices in furnishings and china — this results in the portrait being removed to the kitchens before a month is out, where he can bother the staff instead.

1873: Hope experiences her first miscarriage; she will never forget the abject fear of the pain.

1875: Hope’s second son is born a few weeks after her father’s death. Hope again persuades Orville to agree to the same second middle name, and so the second child is named Theodore Mortimer Lukeson Weston. Not long after, Percival disappears while on a walk with the nurse. The nurse is promptly fired and a search made for the boy, but he is not found. Hope momentarily, desperately, considers asking Ryder to take the risk of tracking him on a full moon night by scent, but sees sense before the full moon comes around.

1879: Hope delivers a healthy daughter, and this time does not even have to convince Orville to implement the secondary middle name. In fact, he lets her name the child completely. Miriam Gwendolyn Lukeson Weston becomes the last of their children.

1880: Hope has a second miscarriage — and this time, she does not even disclose to Orville that she was pregnant at all.

1883: In late July, Orville falls ill. The affliction is a familiar one to Hope’s eyes — the very same that had killed Henson’s fifth wife. She does not reveal her knowledge, instead sitting faithfully by his bedside.

1884: Orville Ephriam Weston passes away peacefully in his sleep on March sixth, plunging the family into mourning.

1886: Theodore begins Hogwarts. September first of this year is the last day Hope wears full mourning, feeling that to do so is the only real way Orville can have some sort of tangible presence in his son’s departure into education.

1887: Summer sees the death of her young nephew, Leroy. Though there is no clearly-defined mourning etiquette for such a circumstance, she observes the same mourning duration as Leroy would have had the circumstances been reversed — two months.

1888: Another tragedy plunges Hope into yet another deep mourning period — two, actually, though one is later proved to have been a falsehood. Ryder’s death shakes the foundations of her world, and then Guinevere apparently dies in childbirth. Hope is utterly inconsolable, and retreats from society for a full six months before showing her face again.

1889: In February, Guinevere is rescued from an unusual captivity; Hope is overjoyed with the news, but continues to wear full mourning for an extra couple of months beyond the social requirement of a year for a sibling, as “mourning the time lost with her sister-in-law.” And then, with the revelation of the stone children in June, a small spark has been kindled within Hope — very miniscule, barely anything, but a spark nonetheless — that maybe, just maybe, her firstborn son might be among them. If she ends up taking in additional children as wards out of the kindness of her heart, well, that’s just good charity.

As if a family tradition, Ace is bitten by a werewolf while accompanied by his newlywed sister Avril, who fends the creature off with expert wandwork. Hope is incredibly impressed, though she cannot directly divulge why — instead taking the roundabout path of telling Guinevere her side of that old story.
Tolerant, selfless, reliable, indecisive, charismatic, idealistic
Patronus: A crow — as a younger woman, her Patronus took the form of a dappled mare, which matched quite nicely with her husband’s stallion when they married, but following his death, her Patronus has changed.

Boggart: A skeleton, dancing of its own volition, with a wand in one hand and a blade in the other, representing her fear of death.

Amortentia: The smell of horse-stables, Orville’s favorite Irish whisky, and lavender

Star Sign: Gemini

Hobbies: Riding, reading, and embroidery.

Pets: Hope considers herself to have somewhat of an arsenal of pets, which includes the pair of stallions that pulls the family carriage when traveling by road outside of the city, Aethon and Phobus, her personal steeds, a Granian mare named Llamrei for those leisurely days in the wilderness and a perfectly ordinary mare named Epona for those more urban rides, three hunting hounds, Smoke, Phantom, and Shadow, and two cats, Hera and Aphrodite.
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such a heavy broken heart, can't take the weight of all these scars
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