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Emeline Thorpe
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Played by Fox Spirit
Potions Master
27 year old Halfblood
ft. in.
❤   Widowed
Full Name: Emeline, Adele, Thorpe

Nickname(s): Emma

Birthdate: November, 6, 1861

Age: 27


Occupation: Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Blood Status: Emeline is a half blood born of a magical father and a muggle mother. The marriage was arranged by her father's parents in an effort to clear the family name after a violent scandal involving blood prejudice. It was a loveless union resulting in the death of her mother when she was thirteen.

Residence: Castle Comb, England - When not at Hogwarts

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Cherry wood, 14 and 1/2 Inches, Dragon Heart String Core, Incredibly rigid

Family: Thomas Thorpe - Father,

Susan Thorpe - Mother(Deceased),

Marianne Flinn - Former Mother in law


Emeline is of average height for her gender. Her skin is pale with a slight olive tint that hints at her mother's ancestry. Her frame is a tad plump, but her shape is pleasing to the eye. Her right hand is dominant and she uses it for all her wand work. Emeline favors the color blue and often wears lacy dresses that fall just above her ankles. Her favorite cloak is a dark navy and she wears it as often as she can. Her hair falls to her waist in pale curly strands. Her eyes are a watery brown with green flecks near the pupil. She has a heart shaped faced with soft features and slight dusting of freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Emeline is born to her mother's great happiness and her father's weariness.

Emeline is shunned in public for her family's past criminal behavior. Her personality alters because of this experience, causing her to be a bit shy and awkward around people who are magical. The person in question who insulted her was a boy a few years older than herself whose bloodlines were not pure in the slightest. The boy took her uncle's crimes as a personal attack on his own family and very publicly declared his hatred of Emeline herself.

Emeline overhears her parents fighting on the first floor of their home. After a sudden crash that sounds too much like the shattering of glass, Emeline runs downstairs to find her mother on the floor, staring angrily up at her husband with rage and tears in her eyes. Until that point, Emeline had done her best to construct a loving relationship between her parents in her mind despite the evidence that proved otherwise. After this incident, Emeline began to question her father's priorities and emotions towards his family. Emeline begins to realize that her father may hate her just as much as he seems to hate her mother.

Emeline begins her studies at Hogwarts. She is sorted into Slytherin house much to her peers dismay and her father's begrudging pleasure. She is immediately fascinated by all the knowledge at her fingertips and begins learning both in class and independently with a fervor.

Emeline's mother dies of pneumonia after three months in a muggle hospital. Her father was away on business at the time, and was unable or unwilling to have his wife treated at St. Mungo's. Emeline is never able to answer her father's intentions, as he becomes angry whenever she mentions the subject. Emeline slips into a state of depression due to her mothers death that lasts until October of her fourth year.

Emeline requests that she remain at school during breaks and tells her father that she refuses to be near him when she must come home. Beginning that summer, Emeline's only company in her fathers house is a hired nanny.

Emeline graduates from Hogwarts with high marks and severs all ties with her father. She manages to secure help from her friend Rose until she finds a position in London in order to support herself.

After a year of working as an underling to a potioneer in Diagon Alley, Emeline manages to secure a position at a local research lab studying pneumonia and its effects on the magical community.

Emeline makes a slight break through in her research that gains her a small amount of press in local news. She discovers that pneumonia has managed to evolve in the lungs of magical populations, causing it to take on certain properties that allow it to infect Witches and Wizards as well as muggles.

Emeline's best friend, Rose Hallow, moves to China for her research. Emeline once again falls into a rather deep state of depression at the loss of her one and only best friend.
Emeline meets August Flinn at his tea shop on the outskirts of London. They become friends and spend time together often. They married in September of that year due to August's mother's persistence.

August dies of a fever leaving Emeline a widow.

Emeline applies for the position of Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Emeline is kind and rather shy. She has a tendency to speak only when required and only ever says what she believes must be known. She isn't one for small talk and is disgusted by anyone who talks often, but has very little to say. She enjoys the company of people much like herself and avoids people who are unnecessarily cruel.
Emeline despises heat and is known to spend her summers near a large boy of water.

Emeline's uncle killed a pair of muggle sisters in an alley in downtown London in 1857 due to his prejudice. The story made headlines in both the muggle world and the magical one. He went in trial in late 1858, shortly after the union of Emeline's parents. While being prosecuted, Emeline's uncle Jacob reportedly admitted to his crimes and expressed no remorse in the slightest. Her parents relationship was very public in the hopes that it would help quell some of the dramatics of the situation and save an inkling of the family's reputation.

Emeline has had only one friend she deemed to be completely and totally trustworthy in her life. Rose Hallow was in the same year as Emeline at Hogwarts and was a fellow Slytherin. The two became quick companions from their first year and were almost inseparable until graduation. Rose traveled to China in 1884 to study ancient Chinese magical theory with her husband and love of her life, Sekir. Rose has been in China ever since and Emeline misses her dearly.

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