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Maybe a choice shade of grey - the closest thing she had to mourning clothes - as a symbolic marker that her relationship with Victor was dead.
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Felicity Gallagher
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Played by Renny
Con Artist & Proprietor of the Golden Hearth Theatre
23 year old Half Veela
ft. in.
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Full Name: Felicity Gold Gallagher

Nickname(s): Phil

Birthdate: June 2, 1866

Age: 23


Occupation: Fingersmith/Thief/Con Artist and Proprietor of Golden Hearth Theatre (a hole in the wall vaudeville theatre type joint) under the name of Phil Gallagher

Blood Status: Half Veela

Residence: Hogsmaede

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Maple, 12", supple, single dragon heart string

Family: Mr. and Mrs. Gold and the other adoptees. She never knew her real mother, a veela, or her father, a wizard.
Brown hair, dark eyes, and skin as pale of the moon, there is something about this woman of the night that draws everyone in. Her build is slender, and her chest size is small though she is rather tall at 5 ft. 8 in. Her general flavor of dress is that of male apparel in public though on occasion she can be seen in the typical women's frock if she's not out for buisness. Her dominant wand arm is her right.
The Golden Globe Spectacular was considered quite the spectacle back in its hay day, and as such they hosted a menagerie of entertainment that drew in crowds from all around as they traveled from town to town. Their shows hosted, “freaks of nature,” seers of wonder, and even a bit of magic though who could say if it wasn’t just a trick of the eye hmm?

One night while packing up to head to the next town William, a half giant, found a small babe swaddled in moss. He gently picked the child up and brought it to Mr. and Mrs. Gold. There was a bit of a scuffle as to what should be done with the wee bit but seeing as a happy life required a happy wife, Mrs. Gold was alas able to keep the baby.

Felicity’s early childhood was not an easy one, but it was a rather pleasant one as she learned how to entertain and con the people who came to their traveling show. Sometimes she was dressed like a small boy singing and dancing on stage much to the delight of the crowd, other times she was weaving through the crowd snatching up their coin purses as they remained rivetted by the spectacle up ahead. Regardless her family and way of life maintained that of a gypsy. She learned math by learning to count coin, reading and writing by making up large banners, and listening to Mr. Gold talk about the Good Book on Sundays. It took a village to raise her and the other children, and certainly everyone pitched in. She loved and respected the odd and eccentric, and believed a penny pinched was a penny earned.

This all changed of course when the gag was up in 1877 and anything that might resemble that of enchanting became taboo. At 10 years old Felicity woke up to a nightmare. The wagons had caught fire, the tents had gone up in flame and amongst all the chaos a massacre occurred. The few who managed to survive, including herself and Mr. Gold fled to the nearby woodlands, and only when the ash settled, and the smoke eased did they dare to review the wreckage. Those who survived took what was left and made headway to Hogsmeade. It would be their final trip, but not their final show.

Mr. Gold did his best to bring back the magic him and his wife had, but unfortunately the space he was able to secure within the slums of Hogsmaede didn’t cut the cake. He fell into a depression and ended his life three months following the massacre. Felicity feeling down herself was quite literally picked up by William and pulled into one of his marvelous hugs before saying, “Gots this for you.” There it was, her Hogwarts letter.

At first she was worried about going, who would take care of the others, all outcasts in their own way, but William assured her they would survive, and Silvertip, part goblin, insisted she needed to spread her wings and fly if they were ever reach the height they once had under the Golds. So, Felecity agreed and was sorted into Slytherine.

She was quite a bright individual, but a bit too opinionated in the rights of half breeds for most people’s likings. Still she managed to learn a few things beyond the likes of magic at Hogwarts, like, “networking,” through her charms. Now some people would call this taking advantage of those with better means, but Felicity felt that everyone's time was worth something, and her worth just happened to be tied into a bit of coin. Over her duration at Hogwarts she found there was always some poor lonely fool who would fall for her charms and lend her a bit of coin. This coin she used to help her survive the next year while hunting down patrons of art to help her build a future.

Indeed, she made it to her fourth year in Hogwarts by the skin of her teeth and managed to carve out a piece of the pie thereafter for her own afterwards. Feeling like she had made enough friends at Hogwarts to draw their interest and their pockets for her needs, as well as learned all the magic she felt she could use, she dropped out. Her time, money, and work turned towards elevating her carnival family to something worthy of respect, and she ended up buying a small hole in the wall which they worked to turn into front of house (stage and bar), and back of house (dressing rooms and living quarters). Indeed Felicity had made a refuge for the odd, and a means of entertainment for the down trodden, with the help of various allied "donors," from Hogwarts, and her Golden Globe Spectacular family.

The Proprietor of Golden Hearth Theatre is not much of a title if any at all and the place is considered a bit of a seedy joint, but it’s something her and her own can call home, and something she is quite proud of if (though she owns it under her male alias name Phil, but the devil’s in the details now isn’t it?)

Ambitious, flirty, vindictive, temperamental.
She has a soft spot for half breeds regardless of the kind.

NPCs Felicity is associated with and can often be found throughout her posts and threads:

William – William is half giant and acts as the bouncer at the Golden Hearth Theatre. He is akin to an Uncle for Felicity’s and the two call each other, “Little Fella,” and, “Big Fella,” respectively. He often has back and joint pain due to his large size, but Felicity has made sure to master expansion charms so that at least he can have some creature comforts while in the Golden Hearth Theatre. After all the world doesn’t exactly cater to giants of any abnormal height.

Griphook – Griphook is half goblin and is Phil’s assistant manager, and at one point was Mr. Gold’s right hand man, no wonder Felicity trusts him so. He helps keep the place in check and often communicates on Phil’s behalf when Phil is away handling matters of business. He also helps balance the books and makes sure the coin passing through is genuine.

Silvertip – Silvertip is half goblin and is Griphook’s wife. The two met on the road working under Mr. and Mrs. Gold and have been inseparable ever since. While Griphook helps manage the business side, Silvertip takes care of the more homely matters: keeping fresh linens about, food on the stove for the patrons, mending costumes and the like.

TugNug – TugNug is 14 and Griphook and Silvertip’s son. He has a knack for coming up with, “grand” ideas which often get him into trouble, but he also has nimble enough fingers and is small enough that nobody tends to notice when their purse becomes a bit lighter by a coin or two.

Tookey – Tookey is 12 and Griphook and Silvertip’s daughter. She’s quite conscious about her appearance and dreams to someday be famous. If only she could find her talent. Each week she appears to be up to something different: juggling, wand swallowing (deck the stage with vomit), singing (anyone here a banshee?), dancing (with two left feet), the list goes on but if anything she will persevere.

Nanny – Nanny is 1/4th part hag and man’s the bar at the Golden Hearth Theatre. Though she was born among the upper class, she takes from her father’s genetics who was part hag, and thus life has not exactly kind to her. Ostracized from society both muggle and wizarding alike, she has managed to find a home and a family among those at Felicity’s theatre, not to mention she has a voice of an angel, shame she also has tremendous stage fright.

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