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Bellona Zabini

Full Name: Bellona Akosua Rosemary Zabini

Nickname(s): Bella

Birthdate: July 7th, 1867

Age: 23

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status:
Though everyone—including her family—believed her to be a pureblood for the first half of her life, it was eventually learned that her great-grandmother was a muggle, rendering Bellona a halfblood.

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumna (1878 - 1885)

Oak, 8 inches, with a nundu barb at its core. Firm.

Cosmo Zabini, Father [1830]
Ama Zabini née Ayodele, Mother [1835]
Domitian Kofi Algernon Zabini, Brother [1854], and family
Lavinia Afia Margaret — née Zabini, Sister [1857], and family
Camilla Ama Cosmina Zabini, Sister [1864]

Zelda Zabini née Goyle, Stepmother [1860-1883]
Sebastian Zabini, Half-Brother [1883-1884]

Calliope Zabinie née Browne, formerly Riley, Stepmother [1863], and family
Bellona’s complexion has always favoured that of her mother—where others might wish for the lily-white skin of a traditional English rose, Bellona herself considers this a blessing, something that sets her apart. Her chestnut hair is long and thick, and her eyes a deep brown.

At five feet, four and a half inches in height, Bellona has a long, lithe canvass to dress and does so favouring fashion over comfort. She is right-handed.

Face claim is Zendaya Coleman.


Bellona Zabini has always been the sort to adapt to survive in whatever social situation she finds herself. Even from a young age, she recognized that while those at the top received prestige, they also had the furthest to fall—thus, she takes to surrounding herself with the successful, but strives to remain slightly closer to the ground herself.

Though she has burned a few bridges in her past (and is especially gifted at holding a grudge), her loyalty, once earned, is difficult to lose, evidenced by the fact that she could not cut her mother altogether from her life.
  • Languages: Bellona speaks English, French, and Italian fluently, and is proficient in Asante Twi, her mother’s tongue.
  • Animagus: Her animagus form is a dormouse.
  • Womanly Skills: She has them, but is not particularly gifted in any of these fields.

  • Boggart: Herself, poor and alone.
  • Amortentia: TBD
  • Fears: TBD

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Ancient Runes P
Arithmancy E A
Astronomy E E
Charms E E
Defence Against the Dark Arts A
Herbology P
History of Magic P
Potions E A
Transfiguration E E

Bellona attended the Pendergast School for Young Roses from 1885-1887.


A Legacy of Globetrotting

It was regarded as quite the honour when Alonzo Zabini, younger son of an affluent Ventian merchant, was appointed as the city’s ambassador to the British Ministry of Magic—an honour that the ambitious Incantima graduate was hardly about to squander. Within six months of his arrival, he had set his sights upon Margaret Rosier, an orphan under the care of her widowed grandmother—and, more notably, sole heiress to a substantial sum. The two were married by year’s end, raising some eyebrows among the upper crust of British magical society.

Thiers was not a fruitful union, producing only one living child: Cosmo. The more superstitious in Alonzo’s family posited that this was his punishment for “securing a wife using nefarious means”, though he simply shrugged this off, insisting they were merely put out by his decision to remain indefinitely in Britain. Regardless, Cosmo grew healthy and hale into adulthood.

Like his father, it would seem one nation to be not enough for Cosmo who, without a need for employment, spent the first three years after leaving Hogwarts travelling the world. It was not until he returned home to London, though, that he met her: Ama Ayodele, a Ghanian beauty visiting the city with her mother and eldest brother—reportedly in search of a husband that would bring their family prestige back home. In four months, the pair were wed—he besotted with her, and she doing an excellent job, at least, of faking it. Unlike his own parents, Cosmo and his bride proved very fruitful indeed, solidifying in his mind the fate of their union.

Everything is Awesome

1867 | Bellona is the fourth child produced by Cosmo and Ama Zabini. Sunday-born, her first given middle name is “Akosua”, a traditional name of her mother’s culture, while her second, Rosemary, hails from her paternal great grandmother.

1870 | In her first act of magic, Bellona silences her sisters, having been irritated with their squabbling—or so she maintains. Just over three at the time, she cannot actually recall this event, and her brother suggests it’s more likely she just wanted to get a word in.

1876 | Lavinia is the first of the Zabini children to marry, doing so on her nineteenth birthday to a man of her father’s choosing. Not long after, Camilla departs for Hogwarts—Bellona has lost both her sisters in the span of a month!

1878 | June sees Domitian marry one of the Longbottom daughters. In September, Bellona departs for Hogwarts hand in hand with —, her closest childhood friend. The pair join Camilla in Slytherin. It is here that she first meets her betrothed, Septimus Yaxley, presently in his seventh year. Understandably, he does not share her eagerness to ‘become friends’, which puts Bellona out considerably.

1880 | Now in her third year, Bellona adds Ancient Runes and Arithmancy to her roster of courses, and Antigone Baudelaire is added to the twosome, making them a trio. This probably would not have bothered Bellona so much, were it not for the fact that this interloper seems to usurp her from her rightful position at —’s right hand.

Everything is Awful

March of 1881, everything seems to go from “tolerable” to “sweet Merlin just kill me now”. One of her father’s cousins back in Italy, for motives Bellona is unclear of, decides to do some genealogical research into the British Zabinis. Through this, it becomes known—highly publicly, unfortunately—that Ama (or rather, her mother) lied about her background and, in fact, her great grandmother was a muggle.

By the time Bellona returns home for the summer holidays, her parents have divorced, the betrothals arranged for she and Camillia in their earliest years have been dissolved, and the family is mired in scandal.

Everything is Awkward

1882 | Cosmo remarries on Christmas day to Miss Zelda Goyle, whose pedigree has been thoroughly vetted. Bellona—who has kept in touch with her mother—does not care for this union one bit, suspecting the new Mrs. Zabini of trying to usurp the status of her stepchildren with a child of her own. This suspicion only solidifies when she announces on new year’s eve that she is expecting. She resolves then to do everything in her power to prove she is far more deserving than any child Zelda might produce, and starts by attempting to become an animagus.

1883 | Bellona sits her O.W.L.s and does fine. In July, Zelda delivers a son, Sebastian, though has the decency to perish in the process. Lavinia and her husband relocate to Italy.

1884 | Sebastian follows suit, dying in the Laughing Plague. Cosmo, Camilla, and Lavinia’s entire family also take ill; Bellona, who was summering with — and her family, remains entirely unscathed, though spends the majority of the season fretting after her family’s well-being.

Once the dust settles, she is hit with quite the blow: — will not be returning to Hogwarts in the fall, but will instead attend the Pendergast School for Young Roses. She begs her father to be allowed to attend as well, but he insists that, between mourning and the freshness of her mother’s scandal, it is simply not the right time.

1885 | Bellona completes her time at Hogwarts—with Antigone Baudelaire as her primary companion, it was far less than ideal—before finally completing her animagus transformation. Not long after, Miss Baudelaire becomes Mrs. Lestrange (a move that Bellona, without any immediate prospects, is rather envious of) and the fall sees her at last join — at PSYR.

1887 | Thoroughly “finished” (and with Mrs. Pendergast now dead anyways), Bellona leaves finishing school to a lacklustre first season. After all, when your father has purist standards but you yourself cannot compete in that arena, your options become limited...

1889 | In July, her father announces that he is, once more, to be married. Bellona is decidedly not into this revelation, especially given how close she is in age to her new stepmother.

1890 | Her father marries early in the new year. Joy.
  • Bellona is spotted most frequently with some combination of her sister, Angeline Malfoy, and Antigone Lestrange.
  • Her father recently remarried someone more apt to be in her peer group than his.
  • In spite of the circles she runs in, Bellona was revealed to be a halfblood in 1881.
  • After leaving Hogwarts, she spent the better part of two years at the Pendergast School for Young Roses.
  • She still exchanges letters with her mother.
  • She actually quite dislikes Antigone.
Played By: Kayte

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