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Sixth Year & Music Club President

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Cordelia Fawley

Full Name: Cordelia Hermione Fawley

Nickname(s): Cora, to her close friends and family; Corny to a very select few

Birthdate: November 18, 1872

Age: 16

Occupation: Fifth Year Gryffindor

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London; Westminster

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 11 ¾ in, Ash, Reasonably Brittle, Dragon heartstring

Hermione Aspasia Fawley nee _______; Mother [b. 1832]
Kenneth Alexsandr Fawley; Father [b. 1828]
    Cassia Clio Fawley; Sister [b. 1875] Claus Alexio Fawley; Brother [b. 1875]
    Athesia Rose _____ née Fawley; Sister [b. 1862]
    Alexsandr "Alec" Rowle Fawley; Brother [b. 1862]
Though still prone to growth, Cora stands at 5ft. 2in. When not done according to proper hair styles, her hair extends to below her waistline in a glossy black curtain. Often refusing to cooperate with a curling iron, her hair is frustrating and at the same time one of her favorite features. Despite it's ineptitudes with a curling iron, her hair can take on a blue or red sheen depending on a cool or warm light source.

Her eyes are a deep brown - almost black - while her skin is a light tawny color with golden undertones. During the Summer months, Cora takes care to decorate herself with elegant parasols lest an un-even tan attach itself to her. She attempts to dress in the latest styles, preferring light earth tones over dark ones. She is right-handed.

☙ Language & Literature ❧
Cora is well versed in language and literature according to her status in society; she excels at speaking French and some Italian. She is extremely good at many musical instruments, though prefers piano and violin, and has absolute pitch due to her synesthesia.

☙ Animagus / Patronus ❧

☙ Amortentia ❧

☙ Boggart ❧
Being ridiculed by her classmates and students for her Synesthesia

☙ Pets ❧
A Barn Owl named Persephone

☙ Scent ❧
Cora wears perfumes scented with her favorite flower; Gardenia
{ 1872 - 1882 }
Cordelia Hermione Fawley was born with an assault of colors and scents upon her tiny person. She was born the third child to Kenneth and Hermione Fawley at precisely 12 pm in the afternoon. Her condition made her rather disagreeable as a child. She was rowdy, fussy and never happy unless she was set upon the ground and left to her own devices. While being unable to answer properly in her first years, the many colors and tastes acted as a bit of a barrier between her and the world. She remained as such until three years later when a second set of twins was graced to the Fawley family. Her relationship with her existing siblings, Athesia and Alec, was....fair, but with Claus and Cassia, Cordelia knew it would be different; when they were born they didn't make a peep. Cora's senses had finally calmed down. While other's voices could be grating on her brain, Claus and Cassia's coos were soft and smelled like honeysuckle.

From then on the three were playmates and developed a close relationship. Throughout the years Cora had always struggled to relate to her perfect older siblings. The age gap, though not unusual by any means, provided more than just a gap in years but a lack of understanding. Athesia and Alec did their best to relate to Cora, but together they would discuss how Cora's oddities and complaints of headaches (from seeing and tasting sounds) made her drift more apart, try as she might.

While Cora and her older siblings grew closer as they all grew older, sometimes she still felt that she had to work more in order to gain her parent's approval. That tension was eased when both Athesia and Alec got married within her first few years at Hogwarts. When Thesia had her first child, Cora found herself taking to the role of aunt like a fish to water. Each Christmas and holiday she takes care to send special treats to her family.

While Cordelia's magic had already amplified her condition from birth, it officially showed itself in the form of an unintentional protective charm whilst she and Cassia were playing in the garden. With their maid off fetching refreshments for the two children, a snake slithered out from a nearby bush. The youngest Fawley's scream alerted nearby help but by the time help arrived, Cordelia had already managed to paralyze the snake where it lay in wait.

Her Hogwarts letter came the next day.

{ 1883 - PRESENT }
Having been part of a family of Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, Gryffindors and Slytherins, there was no telling which house Cora would be in until the Sorting Hat shouted its name. The eleven-year-old was then (disappointedly) sorted into Gryffindor house, despite her having preferred her mother's house of Ravenclaw. It was thus that she attempted to make friends in both houses, and succeeded quite well. In integrating with other people of different backgrounds, Cora came to realize that her ability to taste sounds was not common, and would thus not be widely well received by society should she ever make her abilities known to the public. It was then that she started attempting to blend in, rather than stand out.

With new friends came new enemies, naturally and Cordelia found herself throughout the years being particularly off-put by a few key Ravenclaw students; a pity, seeing as she was so inclined to be kind to all members of her mother's house. To her glee, their intelligence in her opinion would never match her's or her mother's; they would never be truly worthy of the title.

Her true ire was provoked when one particular Ravenclaw - the meekest, in Cora's opinion - went and got herself bitten by a werewolf. What followed was a display of sympathy and affection on the mass public's behalf. Witnessing this open sympathy rather than ostracization ignited fury in the Gryffindor's heart, knowing that should she ever reveal her own afflictions, she might be labeled as odd immediately. As events calmed down Cora realized her fury was in fact jealousy, that Topaz had gained so much sympathy so quickly. Her kinship and empathy thus established, she found it hard to voice her slow change of heart to her friends, as they all still felt great disdain for the Ravenclaw group.

Finding herself in too deep at this point has Cora voicing her opinions slightly less than usual. She's searching for a place to belong; growing up feeling like she's had to occupy herself when things were strained, she still doesn't have a good sense of what she wants to end up doing. In school, Cora does her best to excel in every subject she can, often seeing it as a competition between her and her best friends. Her best subjects are potions, transfiguration and magical theory, her worst are care of magical creatures and herbology.

☙ Cordelia is a synesthete – sounds often produce colorful illusions for her, and voices provide different tastes and flavors
Played By: Lady

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HOGWARTS EDITION (some ported from the previous list, some added)
— Character falls asleep in potions and misses the instructions, so their potion goes horribly wrong
— Character loses textbook(s)
— Character is late to class because they were held back by their previous teacher/they slept in
— Character's wand starts acting up for no specific reason, chaos ensues
— Character is practicing a spell for an exam and it hits a random passerby
— Character calls out for their friend in the hallway and it turns out to be a stranger.
— Character was so engrossed in a book/was studying and didn't notice it was already past curfew, so they have to sneak back to their common room from the library.
— Character is insulted by a painting.
— Suit of armor falls on your charcater
— A painting has given your character the wrong directions and they are late for class
— Your character finds a discarded wand and tries to figure out whose it is
— A book from the restricted section was left among your character's books.
— Someone's cast a spell on all your character's quills and they are all running away. Quick! Catch them!
—  Your character plans to surprise their friend, however they end up surprising the wrong person.
—  Musical instruments have escaped from the music room and are wreaking havoc!