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Proprietress of the Sanditon and Amateur Beautician
Proprietress of the Sanditon and Amateur Beautician

36 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 4 in.   ❤   Complicated
played by Kelly
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Winifred Fudge

Full Name: Winifred Dianne Fudge née Fisk

Nickname(s): Freddie

Birthdate: July 4, 1852

Age: 36

Occupation: Proprietress of the Sanditon and Amateur Beautician

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Sanditon Resort in Sussex, England

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Spruce, 13", springy, unicorn hair

Husband: Hebert Fudge (1849)
Son: Somersby Fudge (1871)
Daughter: Holliday Fudge (1873)
Daughter: Irene Fudge (1875)
Son: Paxton Fudge (1877)
Daughter: Sunday Fudge (1878)

Father: Sullivan Fisk (1827)
Mother: Saralynn Fisk née Dunn (1832)
Brother: Arven Fisk (1851)
Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunette

Height: 5'4"

Clothing: As an amateur beautician, Freddie tries to keep up with the latest styles, when her family can afford it. Nothing too expensive of course. Her favorite item of clothing is her engagement/wedding ring.

Dominant Hand: Right

PB ~ Meghan Markle

Amortentia: The smell of the sea breeze, chocolate, and Hubert's scent.

Patronus: Can't cast one

Boggart: A troll

Star Sign: Cancer

Hobbies: Mostly reading.

Pets: A cat named Shell

The Sanditon Resort
Est. 1883

Located in coastal Sussex, the Sanditon Resort was opened by Herbert and Freddie Fudge, who had themselves experienced the drama associated with a family vacation featuring magical children. Envisioned as a place where magical folk of all (but mainly MC and UC :P) walks of life could experience the sea, it has grown to include a bustling boardwalk, several cottages for let, and even a small zoo!

Come to the beach and experience the pound of the surf, with the temperature tweaked within the marked buoys to be closer to that of the Mediterranean. The beach itself is open to anyone, though use of the bathing machines is restricted to guests.  You may even get to meet one of the four merfolk that reside among the rocks offshore! 

Pick up a snack or souvenir from the boardwalk, where everything from balloon animals to beauty products are available. Guests in the summer months can also enjoy a sundae from Fudge & Son Sussex, typically open from May through September. During the high season, the boardwalk is also open to various performers—though none, we assure you, are infected with the laughing plague!

Lose yourself in our labyrinth, with twists, turns, and exquisite landscaping and décor. Find at its heart our new roller skating rink, opening for the first time in the 1887 season!

Experience the magic of our menagerie, currently home to golden snidgets, a pair of unicorns, a trio of Cornish pixies, as well as muggle creatures such as lions and zebras. It is small in size, but sure to be an enjoyable experience!

Come to us for your next event, and let us help make it a memorable one by hosting it in one of our ballrooms. 

Spend your evening by the fire in one of our comfortable rooms or, if you need more space, hire a cottage for the week-end! 

Our suites (14) feature a small parlour and two bedchambers, as well as a room for bathing.  Our cottages (7) feature a large parlour, bathing room, conservatory, and two-to-four bedrooms. Our new series of bungalows (10) offer the same amenities as our suites, but with more privacy.  Our new series of flats (8) are located in the same building as our two ballrooms, featuring each three bedrooms, two small adjoining rooms for personal staff, a parlour, bathing room, and balcony. Finally, even your personal staff might stay in style with ten double rooms available to each sex in our lodging house. All bookings include complimentary breakfast at the main house, half-price admission to the zoo, and use of the bathing machines. 


Single suite, 1-2 occupants: Affordable to all MC persons who aren’t destitute. 
Single suite, 2-4 occupants: Affordable to comfortable MC persons. 
Two-Bedroom Cabin: Affordable to comfortable MC persons. 
Three/Four-Bedroom Cabin: Affordable to Upper MC persons. 
Bungalow: Affordable to comfortable MC persons. 
Bed in Lodging House: 1G per night—includes all meals. Available to staff of guests.
Flat: Affordable to UC persons.
Zoo admission (for persons aged eleven and older): 2s
Zoo admission (for persons under eleven): 8k
Roller skate rental: 5s per pair
One-day rental of small ballroom: Affordable to comfortable MC persons. 
One-day rental of large ballroom: Affordable to UC persons

Rates, of course, do not include snacks, lunch, dinner, or souvenirs. Tickets for special events may incur further charges.
1852: Winifred is born, only for later to be practically abandoned by both parents due to her mother, Saralynn, finding out that the marriage is a bigamous one and Freddie's father runs off to find Saralynn. Freddie and her brother are then raised by their grandfather and aunt, on their father's side.

1855: First sign of magic comes about when she accidentally turns a food she doesn't like into sweets. She can't recall this, and various relatives say various answers as to what food it had been to begin with.

1857: Her father comes back, though contact is kept limited. Freddie shows hesitation to get to know the man at all.

1863: Her time for Hogwarts has come, and she is sorted into Ravenclaw. She takes pride in this placement.

1866: Choosing only one elective, Freddie ends up needing a tutor anyway for Care of Magical Creatures. The tutor? Oh, he sets her heart aflutter. Of course, her friends get the pleasure of hearing her dreamy rants on the matter.

1868: After completing her OWLs, she leaves school and begins working for her father. Not her ideal arrangement, as she still has no interest in getting to know the man. She does take interest in becoming a beautician.

1869: Freddie is delighted to be reacquainted with Mr. Fudge. By the end of the year, both would be happy to officially court. Both his and her family's opinion? He's too young.

1870: But the heart wants what the heart wants, and the couple elope and move in with Uncle Jeb, a good friend of Hebert's father. No actual relation.

1871: Litte Somersby is born, and word is sent to their family with the good news. Fences are mended, over the whole elopement matter.

1872: Bertie publishes his first book, and Freddie couldn't be more pround.

1873: The first daughter is born, and named Holliday. Freddie's grandfather passes away, which saddens Freddie greatly.

1874: Bertie misses their son's first sign of magic, which Freddie is quite disappointed by. Though he brings home plenty of gifts.

1875: Irene is born.

1877: Paxton is born.

1878: Sunday is born on a Sunday.

1880: A very eventful family vacation has the Ministry getting involved after Holliday and Paxton desplay some obvious signs of magic. Goodness, too many children for family vacations.

1881: Bertie's father dies, his mother moves in with them, and he inherits money due to his father's passing. Partially used to make room for the mother-in-law, the rest is invested.

1882: An investment pays off and the Fudge family moves to the home by the sea of her dreams. On top of that, the couple begin making it into a resort. Their eldest son is off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Freddie is pleased with this year.

1883: The resort opens in May, being featured in the Daily Prophet.

1884: Freddie's mother-in-law marries Uncle Jeb! An interesting development, Freddie is happy for the couple. The plagues of this summer do the resort no good. Holliday goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw, just like her brother.

1885: A more successful summer, Freddie is still oblivious to her husband's habit of sleeping with other women.

1887: Hebert dies. Actually dies. Only to come home as a ghost. While shocked, she stands by her... husband? Are they married? It hasn't really been addressed by either of them yet.

1889: Somersby graduates. Where has the time gone?

August 28, 1889: Winifred and Herbert got married once more, without that pesky 'till death due us part' to mess things up. A good and proper wedding this time, one with their family there.
  • Her husband is a ghost, but they go about their day with little difference than before he died.

  • On August 28, 1889 Freddie and Bertie got married again.

  • That she and her husband founded the Sanditon Resort.

  • That she has six children.
  • She and her husband eloped because both families felt that Hubert was too young for marriage.

  • About the scandal surrounding her father.

  • That she tries to avoid her father whenever possible.

  • That her brother travels a lot.
Played By: Kelly

Contact: PM/Skype/Discord

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