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Travel Writer

39 year old Halfblood
6 ft. 2 in.   ❤   Courting
played by Willow
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Arven Fisk

Full Name: Arven Fisk

Nickname(s): Arv

Birthdate: June, 14th, 1851

Age: 39

Occupation: Travel Writer

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: High Street, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Blue spruce, 13", sturdy, hippogriff feather

Grandparents: Henry Fisk, Vivian Fisk née MacBranian, William Dunn, Thomasina Dunn née Addington
Parents: Sullivan Fisk, Saralynn Fisk née Dunn
Aunts & Uncles: Brannon Fisk [x], Brianda Allen née Fisk
Cousins: Ari Fisk [x], Julian Fisk, Katia Meadowes née Fisk, Konstantin Fisk [x], Roslyn Ross née Fisk [x], Leonid Fisk, Xena Fisk, Dorian Fisk, Nemo Fisk, Zelda Fisk [x], Stephen Allen II
Siblings: Winifred Fudge née Fisk [x]
Half-Siblings: Henry Allen, Vivian Allen
Nieces & Nephews: Somersby Fudge [x], Holliday Fudge [x], Irene Fudge, Paxton Fudge, Sunday Fudge, Marisol Fudge
 hair eyes

He’s a handsome bastard, this one. Very tall at 6'2", very strong, very lithe — every inch the great adventurer. Arven’s golden hair is currently short, with eyes as green as the Amazon. He is right-handed and well-balanced. With his disinterest in propriety, Arven has a carefree dressing style but has been known to put in the effort for his family. Lucky them. Although roughhewn and rugged, Arven appears younger than his years, as agile as ever, an unconquerable magnet to any soul with a lust for adventure.

Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 185 lbs.
Physique: Athletic
Play-By: Paul Bettany

Despite having absorbed swathes of the world’s knowledge on his adventures, Arven can be tremendously ignorant. Much of this is on purpose, given his profound lack of interest in society and civilisation, but there are also conspicuous gaps in his knowledge that could be filled by a ten-year-old. Having spent his adulthood overseas, Arven has become a foreigner in his own country. But this doesn’t get him down; not remotely. He’s a bright light, affable and liberal, steeped in humour and charm. While he can be brazen and selfish, he draws the line at arrogance, able to perceive — and express — the fine traits in those around him, be them prince or pauper.

A life mixing with global citizens has stripped him of prejudice, including any bias towards “pure” wizarding blood. He is ethnically Jewish. Arven respects all religions and practices none.

Most of all he is adventurous. There isn’t a closed door he won’t open or a beaten track he won’t stray from. Although ultimately a loner, Arven will sporadically pull others into an adventure, including pretty ladies drawn to his bold and valiant way of life. So watch out for that, miss.

Patronus: Timber wolf.
Amortentia: Pine needles, rainforest, coal embers.
Boggart: A cage.

Voice: Soft, steady, low.
Accent: English.
Languages: English. Bits of French, Turkish, Arabic, Mongolian, Spanish and Swahili.
Pets: Virgil (ferret).
Weird Skills: Arven possesses an exotic range of worldly talents, from fire juggling to cliffside bouldering.

Sullivan Frisk, destined to irk, was born in Ottery St Catchpole as the middle child to Henry and Vivian Fisk. As a wayward young Gryffindor at Hogwarts, he was expelled for heavy petting and later impregnated a messy tanner’s daughter, Flora, who he married in a rush. As if that weren’t enough of a scandal, Flora deserted their resultant offspring. Although by now estranged, Sully beseeched the aid of his siblings, Brannon and Brianda, and thus Brianda agreed to adopt the children. Sully, in the meantime, sought to finally grow up and scrape together some integrity. His brother Brannon found him a post at the Ministry, and carefully he remarried: this time to a clever debutante named Saralynn. By the time Sully and Saralynn had their children, Arven and Winifred, he had reintegrated himself with the Fisk family and finally earned the approval of his father, Henry.

And then reality bit back. Owing to an offhand comment from Henry, Saralynn discovered that the children being raised by Brianda were in fact Sully’s from a previous, scandalous wedlock. And not only that, it transpired that in his youthful foolery he had failed to properly divorce Flora and they were technically still married. Shaken by the offence, Saralynn’s father forced her to abandon the family and start afresh with relatives in America. The heartbroken Sully ran after her, leaving Arven and Winifred in the care of their grandfather Henry. Sully never found Saralynn. By the time he returned to Ottery St Catchpole, his son Arven was six-years-old, and there and then he exhibited his first sign of magic — tipping up the carpet so Sully felt flat on his face. Arven distrusted this strange man.

The boy grew up — Gryffindor, Keeper, outdoorsman, rogue, romantic — and never learned to trust his father. He always preferred his grandfather, Henry, and missed the old man long after his death. But short of following his family into a creditable Ministry profession, when Arven graduated he wasted his stellar grades by leaving his home, his country, and civilisation itself. He became an explorer, the wind in his hair, the world in his wake. And so passed the next twenty years — Persia, Turkey, Iraq, Brazil, Chile, Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, darkest Siberia. He earned money by publishing papers in muggle journals and stories of foreign discovery in the Prophet, but rejected opportunities to lead expeditions and jobs with Natural History institutions, content to roam forever as a lone wolf. But every year, he roams right back home to catch up with his cousins, half-siblings, Winifred, Brannon, Brianda and their abundant broods, bringing exotic sweets, vibrant tokens, and tales of the great beyond.

1851Born to Sullivan and Saralynn Fisk in Ottery St Catchpole, England.
1852 Acquires a baby sister, Winifred.
1852 Saralynn discovers that the children of Sullivan's sister are instead his children, the offspring of a previous, scandalous wife from whom he'd never been properly divorced. Saralynn's father forces her to leave Sullivan and move to America. Sullivan gives chase, and doesn't return for years. Arven and Winifred are raised by their paternal grandfather, Henry.
1857 Sullivan returns, but his broken ties are irreparable. Father and son remain estranged.
1862 Arven starts at Hogwarts, sorted into Gryffindor.
1863 Selected Keeper for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.
1869 Graduates Hogwarts and embarks immediately for travels abroad, starting with Persia. Over the coming years, he returns home intermittently.
1870 Publishes his first travel article.
1870 Ambles in Amazonia.
1872Enters Egypt.
1873 Henry passes away, and Arven returns to England for a time.
1874 Arven migrates to Mongolia.
1875 Travels to Turkey.
1876 Embarks for Europe.
1879 Progresses to Papua New Guinea.
1881 Wanders through West Africa.
1883 Chills in Chile.
1885 Returns to Amazonia.
1886 Isolates in Iraq.
1887 Sets out for Siberia. Here he is given a little ferret he calls Virgil, henceforth his loyal companion.
1888 Roams across Russia
1889 Returns to Turkey.
17/06/89 [x] [x] Arrives in Great Britain for the beginnings of his sister's campaign to settle him. That evening, he meets Robin Ashdown, a pretty young gentleman who lingers in the memory.
25/06/89 [x] A mysterious temporary affliction lands him briefly in St Mungo’s. He recovers, but the mystery remains.
01/07/89 [x] Returns to West Africa.
19/02/90 [x] Investigates a Pictish curse placed upon his friend Porphyria Dempsey.
28/02/90 [x] Encounters a vampire during a temporal anomaly in the forest.
09/03/90[x] Promises his sister to consider a more settled life.
14/03/90[x] Meets and finds himself profoundly attracted to Dove Ashdown, rebellious twin sister of Robin. Arven and Dove begin an unconventional courtship.
Member of the Fisk family, which is connected by law to the current Minister for Magic. But Arven only returns to Great Britain once a year, spending the rest of the time adventuring across the globe. If you’re a maven of overseas travel and natural history, you may have read some of his stories in the Prophet, or papers in muggle journals. In terms of propriety, he scarcely resembles the rest of his family.
Son of Sullivan Fisk, a twice-scandalous figure in his youth. Like his father before him, Arven is something of a Casanova.
Nobody yet has unravelled his secrets.
Played By: Willow

Contact: PM

Plot Preferences: Anything! I love plotting, experimenting, and just winging it.

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June 18th, 1889 — Home of Brannon Fisk

On one hand, Arven Fisk had put in the effort — clean-shaven, straight-backed, relatively well-dressed — but on the other hand, he’d brought a ferret to dinner. The Fisks had never met Virgil before, but he was was a good pet and a fine friend. He was long, cuddly, and didn’t smell nearly as bad as he had before Arven had cast a fragrant little charm on that floofy caramel coat. As Arven ascended the steps to the handsome house of Brannon Fisk in high North Bartonburg, Virgil wrapped himself about the tall fellow’s neck like a curious scarf.

Arven pulled the doorbell, cutting a lone figure against the early sunset behind him, and a faint smile twinkled in his eyes. It was perhaps difficult to believe that a man who came home no more than once a year could miss his family, but he did. He missed his family, always — just in his own, peculiar way. Thoughts of them did not follow him around the globe, but when the time came to see them once more, there was nowhere he’d rather be than right here, right now, on these sunlit steps in North Bartonburg, awaiting the sight of their faces.

@Brannon Fisk @Konstantin Fisk @Zelda Fisk @Ari Fisk @Dionisia Fisk @Roslyn Ross @Justin Ross — All family likely to be invited by Brannon Fisk’s household for dinner are welcome to jump in this thread any time. Smile

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