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Intern for the Department of International Magical Co-Operation
Intern for the Department of International Magical Co-Operation

19 year old Pureblood
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played by Willow
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Bragi Holm
Det stille Vand Har den dybe grund

Full Name: Bragi Holm

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: May, 26, 1870

Age: 19

Occupation: Intern for the Department of International Magical Co-Operation

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Bartonburg North, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: N/A (went to Beauxbatons)

Wand: Cypress, 10½", flexible, unicorn hair

Family: Son of Alberte and Søren, older brother of Thor.
Bragi is a pale young Dane with searing orange hair, slate blue eyes and a lithe and limber frame of 5'3". While naturally left handed, he was forced in childhood to write and cast spells with his right, making him ambidextrous. Bragi dresses in appropriate upper-middle class attire, with a special fondness for crisp white shirts and cosy winter scarfs.

Play-By: Oliver Hayes
Influenced by his ambitious family back in Denmark, Bragi can be a touch vainglorious. But in his heart he's good, creative and curious, on the brink of blazing his own trail. A fan of English literary romance, Bragi enjoys riding horses on the moors, fencing in town halls, and gazing surreptitiously at handsome men.
Bragi owns a black horse called Galahad and a fat cat called Maid Marian. His languages are English, Danish and French. He speaks the Queen's English, quite androgynously, with a subtle Danish inflexion.
Based in Odense, Denmark, the Holm family once mixed with aristocracy, but the last of their connections died out in the 40s. Alberte and Søren Holm seek to reignite their elite legacy. Their son Bragi was born in 1870, and after falling in love with English literature developed a dream of moving to Great Britain. The parents fused his ambitions and their own after he graduated Beauxbatons; they had him schooled in property management and arranged the purchase of two properties in a well-to-do area of Hogsmeade — he would live at Foxglove Cottage in Poplar Grove, and manage Number Four Orpington Way. Evidenced by their handsome investment, Alberte and Søren have high hopes that their son will cultivate their family fortunes overseas... hopefully with an exemplary wife before too long. The Holm family has another son, eleven-year-old Thor, with similar potential.
Bragi is a respectable young bachelor from Scandinavia, who moved to North Bartonburg in spring 1889 to develop a property portfolio. They say he has prominent looks: redheaded and fey.
The Holm family once mixed with Danish muggle aristocracy, but their last connections died out in the 40s.
Bragi is attracted to men. He hasn't yet confronted this truth about himself.
Played By: Willow

Contact: PM

Plot Preferences: Anything! I love plotting, experimenting, and just winging it.

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Hearts and Bones and Blood Bartonburg
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Bragi dismounted nimbly, and frowned as he inspected Galahad's shoe — Galahad being a very handsome black horse he'd purchased last year upon arrival in the country. "Poor fellow. And you didn't even complain once", the youth murmured to his equine friend, giving him a pat. A sizeable chunk of the shoe had been chipped off by something or other. Bragi wouldn't have noticed, but Galahad had started to trot a little strangely.

The young horseman sighed, and looked around, running a hand through his windswept orange hair. They were slap bang in the middle of nowhere, and the sun was fleeing faster than a hare from a fox. Darn.

But he recognised the area, and fidgeted nervously with his lower lip upon realising his options. Sterling Stables was just to the West of the hillock ahead. He'd found Benedict Sterling to be blooming wonderful, yes, but also quite intimidating. Regardless... Galahad's comfort was at risk, and the horse had been born there. It was a friendly place. And Mr Sterling wouldn't be at home anyway. There would be a stable hand to help.

With a determined nod, Bragi led Galahad up the hillock and West, and the lights of the house were immediately visible — the lights in the stable were lit as well, which meant a stable hand was in attendance. Feeling better already, the Dane and his steed approached.

A fateful gust of Winter wind heralded him, blowing open the ajar barn door to reveal — what? Mr Sterling. In a heated embrace with... well with what had to be his lady wife. In the world Bragi Holm lived in, there was no other option. It was ingrained in Bragi that a man could not kiss another man; ingrained more than the idea that a woman could not be so tall, rugged and bearded. The appearance of Mr Sterling's companion became entirely abstract in Bragi's befuddled brain as he took a hurried step backwards — and stumbled over Galahad's leg. "I am so... so sorry", the boy gasped from the dirt.