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Bragi Holm
230 Posts
Played by Willow
Intern for the Department of International Magical Co-Operation
20 year old Pureblood
ft. in.
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Full Name: Bragi Holm

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: May, 26, 1870

Age: 20


Occupation: Intern for the Department of International Magical Co-Operation. He is also a Landlord.

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Bartonburg North, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: N/A (went to Beauxbatons)

Wand: Cypress, 10½", flexible, unicorn hair

Parents: Alberte Holm, Søren Holm
Brother: Thor Holm
 hair eyes

Bragi is a pale young Dane with searing orange hair, slate blue eyes and a lithe and limber frame of 5'3". While naturally left handed, he was forced in childhood to write and cast spells with his right, making him ambidextrous. Bragi dresses in appropriate upper-middle class attire, with a special fondness for crisp white shirts and cosy winter scarfs.

Height: 5 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 102 lbs.
Physique: Slender
Play-By: Oliver Hayes
Based in Odense, Denmark, the Holm family once mixed with aristocracy, but the last of their connections died out in the 40s. Alberte and Søren Holm seek to reignite their elite legacy.

Their son Bragi was born in 1870, and after falling in love with English literature developed a dream of moving to Great Britain. The parents fused his ambitions and their own after he graduated Beauxbatons; they had him schooled in property management and arranged the purchase of two properties in a well-to-do area of Hogsmeade — he would live at Foxglove Cottage in Poplar Grove, and manage Number Four Orpington Way.

Evidenced by their handsome investment, Alberte and Søren have high hopes that their son will cultivate their family fortunes overseas... hopefully with an exemplary wife before too long. The Holm family has another son, eleven-year-old Thor, with similar potential.

26/05/70Born to Alberte Holm and Søren Holm in Odense, Denmark.
11/11/77Reads 'Wuthering Heights', the catalyst for his lifelong love of English literature and Great Britain.
13/05/78Acquires a baby brother, Thor.
01/09/81 Starts at Beauxbatons.
20/09/83 Selected Seeker for his house Quidditch team.
02/08/87Acquires a kitten as a gift from his parents for his final year. He names her Maid Marian.
31/05/88 Graduates Beauxbatons.
26/05/89[x] Fulfilling his dream, Bragi moves to Great Britain, taking ownership of two Hogsmeade properties.
29/05/89[x] Maid Marian, Bragi's cat, goes missing; only to be found with kittens.
06/06/89[x] Shown the British Ministry of Magic by Aldous Crouch, Head of the Department of International Magical Co-Operation. This sparks in Bragi an ambition to join the Ministry.
08/06/89[x] Buys a horse, Galahad, from Benedict Sterling.
17/06/89[x] Acquires a tenant, Mundungus MacFusty, for his second property.
09/07/89[x] Discovers a horrifying Thing in the woods. It is taken to the Department of Mysteries, and Bragi never hears of it again. To this day, he suspects it was a dream.
04/02/90[x] Witnesses Benedict Sterling and another gentleman in a romantic embrace and discovers he is sympathetic to such inclinations.
18/02/90[x] Encounters a Boggart for the first time, realising the depths of his fear of ruin.
13/04/90[x] Starts as an Intern for the Department of International Magical Co-Operation.
Influenced by his ambitious family back in Denmark, Bragi can be a touch vainglorious. But in his heart he's good, creative and curious, on the brink of blazing his own trail. A fan of English literary romance, Bragi enjoys afternoon tea, riding his horse on the moors, and gazing surreptitiously at handsome men.

Patronus: Caracal cat.
Amortentia: Spring rain, horse hair, fresh heather.
Boggart: A mirror reflecting everyone he's ever admired jeering behind his back.

Voice: Androgynous, light.
Accent: Queen's English with a subtle Danish inflection.
Languages: English, Danish and French.
Pets: Galahad (black horse) and Maid Marian (chonky tabby cat).

[Image: bragi-sig.jpg]
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